Useful materials on glossy journalism

Good day!
My name is Natalia Zhilyakova and I love magazines. If you suddenly drop in to visit me, you will find them on the shelf at the entrance, a few in the kitchen, some will be in the hall and the impressive stack — on shelf to the workbench. Ah, Yes, because there's a box under the table, three boxes on the balcony (about which husband forgot about) and two on the mezzanine (about which he seems to not know...).

But the magazines I read not just. I study them, proofread, seek out, dismantle and dissects the. I like to flip the glossy pages, hold it by hand, press the magazine in when are more of the stall home... (kinesthetic will understand me)). And I like to find interesting texts, unusual author techniques, metaphors, turns and stylistic images.

Your finds I share with students of the School of the authors of the gloss and the readers of this site.

When techniques and journalistic secrets was typed on several notebooks, I began to share them with those who also like the gloss. Over time, my notes took shape in the direction of "glossy journalism", and the School website of the authors of glossy magazines has become the first resource on the Internet, which is dedicated to a glossy journalism.

Here you will find many materials on how to become the author of the popular Federal log or a large portal, interviews with those who are already working with magazines and editors – people with whom you will need to work.

Glossy journalism is a great opportunity to publish their works in renowned journals, become a popular author, even if you didn't graduate from journalism school. Because the gloss creates ordinary people. Those who dreamed and dared to fulfill his dream.

Where to start?

Your guide to the world of gloss,
Natalia Zhilyakova