33 happiness

Actually, I'm your birthday is not very much, and, as a rule, try to pretend that 2 is a normal day. Except that with her husband in the restaurant in the evening to go.

Interested to know why. Maybe because if I ever seen better then "regular" me is not satisfied. For example, until 13 years I have never seen fireworks. I lived in a remote village, but we "color the sky" could be seen only on TV.

And so, in 1992 we move to Stary Oskol, where a year have a celebration in a big way — 400 years since the founding of the fortress Oskol. Dad at work was given tickets to the stadium, which hosted the main event. It ended with fireworks that lasted exactly 30 minutes. And I'm not playing a numbers game — the fireworks were really half an hour. And we were sitting in the stadium in the center, and it seemed that they were bright dome — the shots were aimed at the audience. The sight was amazing and inspiring, but to watch since the fireworks I have no desire — not amazing.

And happy birthday. When I turned 12, came all my best, closest, nicest friends. With me there were 12 of us)) And each brought a gift of a bouquet of roses. Armfuls. Many lived in the private sector, therefore not carrying the soulless "foreigners", which prepare for sale, and fragrant flowers home. Imagine that you are celebrating the holiday in the room, which is 12 lush bouquets of roses (one I brought grandma) with you close people that you please. You carefree and relaxed. What else could be the birthday after that?

Until recently, holiday is better I haven't had. Yesterday also marked, but what gave me gifts...)) will Save here to review and be inspired.

1. My favorite, the best friend recorded a video greeting.


Zhenya, Anya, Anya, Sonya, Olya, Alena, Nastya, Lena, Deluna Shine (get out to us often!). Us 11, in the first photo almost everything. Recently, our "gang" even had their own branded t-shirts. Now everyone knows that we Club Cyclists, and can't resolve problems with bikes))

2. Another unexpected gift was prepared by Irina Prozorov, the graduate course in glossy journalism, and the participants of the Master group.

Irina read my mind (I am, if anything, not being sarcastic, really thought about something like that) and gave me a media kit glossy magazine, first... be prepared this summer. Those who I have studied in MG or in training, look carefully! A special proposal for you.

Here is a journal offered to publish Irina Prozorova.

Ira, thanks for the idea and a kick in the right direction!

Now, in fact, offer to authorswho have passed my training, coaching or engaged in the Master group for glossy journalism.

This summer (planning for July) are invited to participate in the creation of the first online magazine on glossy journalism!

The publication will address the following headings (the name can be changed):

  • My experience publishing in glossy magazines
  • The evolution of the author of the gloss
  • Advice to the author of the gloss (theory)
  • The works of authors (in this heading will be published the texts of the graduates of my trainings on the topics "Relationships", "Your life", "Career", "Health", "Finance", etc.)
  • Debriefing (detailed editorial analysis of one of the sent texts)
  • An interview with a popular author.

The first issue will be devoted to the theme "Inspiration".

If you have texts which you would like to publish, if you want to share your experience or give advice, if you need the publication for your portfolio or you want to interview authors who have already published, send your ideas or finished texts that correspond to the above stated sections on mail [email protected].

Cooperation free, but the texts are edited and reviewed (!) — only those that will be published in the journal. Ie if your idea or material seems the wording is interesting, you will receive a detailed editorial analysis recommendations + publication.

Waiting for your ideas and suggestions on [email protected]. (until June 10, I'll be traveling, so to respond to the letters will start in a week).

Natalia Zhilyakova, School authors gloss

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7 thoughts on “33 happiness

  1. And I love June 2, because I have the same birthday 🙂 And ready to argue. The ability to enjoy each holiday as the brightest event — perhaps this has something childish. But who does not like us, creative people, have preserved this bit of immaturity, which gives us a special charm and is the reason our profession? And the joy of children over the holiday should not fade. I'm still trying to go to bed early the day before to the day of birth would hurry. I still Wake up at night in anticipation — and if there was a gift next to my pillow? I still have the question "what to give you" answer: "give the surprise". And this year (I turned 27) holiday, too, was bright in its own way memorable. Do not lose inspiration, especially for a holiday! Happy! :):):)

    • Nastya had a good one!

      How do you describe a great birthday... I probably just do not know how to celebrate))

  2. Hurray!!! Dreams still come true! Glad to be a member of the "parade of changes" in the school of the authors of the gloss:)))
    Natasha, thanks for the support, inspiration, and very timely "kick" in the glossy direction:)))
    With pleasure will take part in creating the first online magazine on glossy journalism!

  3. Yay! Congratulations on the new project, new inspiration, new purpose!!! If you can, I am also with you 🙂 And their birthdays I also do not like... nothing, I guess. 🙂

  4. Natalia Zhilyakova I also congratulate You happy birthday and prisoedenyayus to those who wished You nailuchshego, Rejoice every day,Human life is so korada and it should live so that in old age You could remember only good to tell to your grandchildren what a lovely life You have lived, I Wish You always look so young , beautiful and zhizneradostnoy, With respect