Future authors cosmo.ru

...graduates of the authors of the gloss!

A week ago the editors of the site cosmo.ru announced a competition about finding authors.
Were asked to imagine their posts published on the service CHATTYCatty (blogs on the website) on the topic of psychology and career.

We wrote about this in the group Vkontakte.

During the week reader of the site left links to their posts, and yesterday finally announced the results.

Website editor Alina Krasnova selected eight girls, who will receive an editorial task. I was very pleased to see among the winners and graduates of the training "Glossy journalism".

Congratulations to Daria Lekomtseva, Natalia Kovtun and Yulia Sandovsky on winning the contest! Good luck texts! Waiting on the website))

P. S. among the winners also was me)) But my post, which was put out to tender.

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4 thoughts on “Future authors cosmo.ru

  1. That's right, Natalia, very "in theme". We are always so hard to give others ' goals! But I'm working on it. Your post helped me a lot:)))

    • Irina, that's for sure! But then in life really comes in handy)

  2. Natalia, I loved your article! Easy and enjoyable to read — impossible to put down!! Thank you)