Mar 12

Diary of the author of the gloss — 2. Derive search of ideas for articles on autopilot

"The diary of the author of the gloss — 2" — reality project from the School of the authors of the gloss. All the entries here.

Exercise does not lead to perfect results,

it leads to stable results.

Warren Buffett

Last week I was very inspired by the creative charge: Natalia shared with us a very interesting admission, and since then I write everything down and record ideas for their articles, which every day arise almost out of nowhere.

But as it turned out it was just the beginning — in a very good way. And that the berries are still ahead, I realized when among materials of the second lesson opened the first webinar and read the headline "5+1 method of finding ideas for articles". What other ways can you? Look at the recording duration is approximately 1.5 hours plus more and more video lesson on one way. Well, then, just is!

At first I was surprised: in principle, a deficit of ideas on your topic of child safety I kind of don't feel, why did you waste so much time. But by the end of the webinar, I understand why the coach has given the issue much attention. Continue reading

Feb 09

Diary of the author of the gloss — 2. Creative charging or finding ideas for articles

For family reasons, the project participant has discontinued his studies, so that reporting posts was a break.

"The diary of the author of the gloss — 2" — reality project from the School of the authors of the gloss. All the entries here.

Breath deep, hands wider,

Do not hurry, three or four,

Courage, grace and plastic...

Determine the style magazines, I quietly folded his hands, and was going to rest until next week until the new lessons.

Sit so pleased, listen to the webinar "Question and answer" (they have, by the way, every week) and then see what Natalia posted in addition to the lesson two exercises: creative exercises and creative workshops.

Started to do. Creative me was especially like. And I this simple exercise, you have come up with two ideas. But just a banal everyday situation from my own life.

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Noah 11

Diary of the author of the gloss — 2. Define the format and style of the publication.

"The diary of the author of the gloss — 2" — reality project from the School of the authors of the gloss. All the entries here.

Whew! The first week was very eventful. Pleased and pleasantly surprised that the classes began with a master class of a psychologist.

Saul Utegaliev participant reality show "the Diary of the author of the gloss — 2"

Addressed the topic "Can I be the author of a gloss". You don't often see focused training opportunity study and even psychological aspects.

Was able to understand where my fears started. It turns out, I and grow. I myself constantly talking to the proverbial "no", because my friends and family I always and support.

I just now realized the value of this support, and doubly — no, desatura! — beginning to appreciate it. Parents never forbidden, not discouraged, want to go for it. First it was gymnastics and dancing; in high school courses in sewing, school of business and entrepreneurship. Now, already accustomed to, they quietly respond to my current interests: horse riding, skiing, infobusiness. Now writing articles in magazines.

But most of all I was lucky with my husband. He reads my texts, playing with my daughter when I need to finish the job, and firmly believe that I will succeed. That is certainly: "Believe in yourself, as I in you."

Gain even greater determination, I proceeded to the main topic of the week – how to determine the format of the publication, its style. Continue reading

Noah 07

Diary of the author of the gloss — 2. I got...

In School, the authors of the gloss starts a new project!

Last spring, the School sponsors of the gloss launched the reality show "the Diary of the author of the gloss". Project participant took individual training with Natalia Zhilyakova and described in detail its steps in the glossy world. To see the records, you can go to the diary.

Then, six years ago, Alina Vinogradova almost happened to reach the editor of Cosmo. Why "almost"? An order for an article she received, but delayed the response to the editor and collaboration suggested another author.

Unfair... Of Course! But the Federal magazines are not a circle of freelancers, and business. And if you want to get into this world you have to work hard.

Despite the setback, I explain the human factor, about the project I remember fondly. And this fall, figured it is certainly worth a repeat, but with one condition — the participant must play in the open! Alina Vinogradova, the alias that I came up with for a girl from the first project. Needed a real person, who was not afraid to openly talk about his path to the gloss, the steps, the difficulties, perhaps, failures and new attempts.

Now I am training "the author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article", in which we study ways of getting into the editorial, but are elaborating in detail the process of preparation of texts for glossy magazines. It would be ideal to invite someone from the participants. And this girl was found. Meet a new hero of the reality show the author's Diary of gloss! Continue reading

Jul 19

Diary of the author of the gloss. The final of the reality of the project

In March we launched reality project "the Diary of the author of the gloss" (first post). The time has come to sum up the finale! Today I'll show you how to create the project, why it involved is Alina Vinogradova and how it ended. Also talk about dreams and missed opportunities.

The idea was this: a girl who tries his hand at journalism and wants to write in big glossy magazines, comes to training in the school of the authors of the gloss, personally engaged with Natalia Zhilyakova and diary describes in detail the steps in the glossy world.

In this project it was important to me to prove that performing the right actions in a specific order, anyone can achieve the status of "the author of the gloss". I really believe that. Moreover, after the project, my beliefs became even stronger.

How to choose a heroine? For the role of Alina Vinogradova (this sonorous name was created simultaneously with the project) I invited my podistico, a girl who actively participates in the competitions of the site, does not ignore the group of "Glossy journalism"with which I am personally acquainted and who, of course, dreamed of becoming the author of a gloss.

We set a goal — from novice web writer to make of the author, who is cooperating with the Federal glossy magazines. The project was Continue reading