Oct 08

How to collaborate with the magazine "Biography"

"Biography" — not a typical gloss. Not here to write about 10 ways to meet and 15 recipes of masks at home. Here and there about a dozen texts in one room. The harder it is to get into it, the better should be the article to have it accepted and published. A graduate of the School of the authors gloss Lena Golovina, whose "Biography" has already published two articles, talks about his work.

Elena Golovina:

— Article about Ariadna Efron is my second publication in the "Gala. Biography". The first text was about the Italian singer Robertino Loreti, and the hero was chosen by the editor in chief of the uploaded synopses.

When the text was adopted in the work, I said, "I wonder whether will have any suggested topics?" To which I replied: "For starters, let's wait for the release of the first text." Because categorical no sound, I actively set to work.

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Feb 22

Registration for the training workshop "Writing a story for a women's gloss"

What will happen in April 2017, the year?

Someone wakes up in the standard 7:00 popletutsya to "favorite" work. Someone will make another Plan or List-Most-Urgent-Cases, which, most likely, will remain only on paper. Someone tries to do something, but will postpone attempt, because will not know where to go.

But there will be those for whom this past April, will change EVERYTHING: job, schedule, life, goals, dreams. They will try their hand, they realize that they need to fix, what skills to develop, what to practice and how to proceed. They will be on the path of a man who will one day be able to call myself the author of a gloss.

This training is designed for those who want to see your name on the pages of popular glossy magazines who want to convey their thoughts to millions of people, to make journalism his life who have something to say to the world who are willing to Express themselves... In April 2017, your dream can become a reality!

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Feb 01

What will happen to the market gloss in 2016-m to year?

Having a difficult 2015, will now have to leap through 2016. Is unlikely to be easier. Therefore "survive" those authors who can adapt to new conditions and new formats, ready regularly to find customers, to constantly learn and master new niches. Let's look at what the situation is on glossy media market by early 2016.

Change of owners

At the end of 2014 was signed into law, according to which the share of foreign capital in the Russian media may not exceed 20%. These restrictions came into force from 1 January 2016. All of the founding documents of the editorial offices and companies must be brought into compliance with the law until February 1.

That is why for 2015 publishing houses with foreign partners, began to look for options for further business. Continue reading

Feb 26

The crisis in gloss

Magazine shelves in the shops and stalls are thinning with each passing month. Edition close or reduce their volumes. Edition reduce collectives. The crisis in the gloss has not only the employees, readers and shareholders, but also e-wallets and Bank accounts deleted of the authors. With whom to cooperate, if print publications are becoming less? How to survive the crisis in a glossy sphere?

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Dec 30

Glossy end of 2014

A difficult 2014 is over and we according to old tradition, summarize the results.

Let's start with the events that happened recently, events are extremely important and strongly changing the market media. Continue reading