Noah 01

Intelligent gloss. Movie — 2

When a week ago I published this modest mind map about the gloss in the movie, I didn't even realize how meager my knowledge)))

Thanks to the readers of the site School authors gloss, as well as members of the group Vkontakte Glossy journalism , the map was expanded and now looks like this:

Or something forgotten?)

Oct 25

Intelligent gloss. Movie

Glossy magazines are so popular that periodically become involved in the movies, serials or news. I remembered a few tapes which somehow appeared in glossy magazines, editors or journalists.

Help add to the mind map! What have I forgotten? Please leave in the comments of your option. Thank you!))

Oct 11

Intelligent gloss. Where to get inspiration? — part 2

Another portion of the options of finding inspiration from the participants of the contest “Inspiration from Germany”.
The first part of their secrets see HERE.

Oct 05

What if you found out your idea in someone else's text?

Getting into the format at the idea stage — a sure sign
the early receipt of order article.
Unless, of course, continue to think in the same direction))

We had a very interesting discussion about stealing ideas. (you can read HERE).

On the question of what to do if the idea is still stolen, it was a lot of thoughts on the website and in my LJ. I gathered different opinions (including your blank)) and issued these tips in mind map.

Thanks for the tips Kriksunov Inna, Natalia Kovtun and Polina Volkova!

Saint 13

Intelligent gloss. Where to get inspiration?

Where to get inspiration, if tired, tired and nothing wants to?
If you occasionally have to find my Muse with a flashlight, try one of the recipes of the participants of the contest "Inspiration from Germany".
This map shows the first part of their secrets.

Save this page in bookmarks and at the right time you'll find a clue here))