Oct 08

How to collaborate with the magazine "Biography"

"Biography" — not a typical gloss. Not here to write about 10 ways to meet and 15 recipes of masks at home. Here and there about a dozen texts in one room. The harder it is to get into it, the better should be the article to have it accepted and published. A graduate of the School of the authors gloss Lena Golovina, whose "Biography" has already published two articles, talks about his work.

Elena Golovina:

— Article about Ariadna Efron is my second publication in the "Gala. Biography". The first text was about the Italian singer Robertino Loreti, and the hero was chosen by the editor in chief of the uploaded synopses.

When the text was adopted in the work, I said, "I wonder whether will have any suggested topics?" To which I replied: "For starters, let's wait for the release of the first text." Because categorical no sound, I actively set to work.

Doubt who will be my next heroine, was not. Continue reading

Mar 02

To turn the dream into a goal, or How to become the author of the famous gloss

As the author to establish cooperation with well-known publications? Is it real? The young author and beauty editor Les Symonenko told the School authors gloss as she became slick journalist.

A little over a year ago, Les began writing as a freelance writer. Quickly enough she managed to establish cooperation with such publications in Kazakhstan, as Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Mini, "Vintage", "Season", "Lisa", "Home". She now holds the position of beauty editor of PUBLIC magazine.

– Les, tell us a little about yourself: what you do, how did you begin to write?

– I am 25 years old, live in Almaty. Before beginning to work with glossy magazines, I worked 6 years in the field of marketing. Also worked as a model, now a scout and official representative of the international modeling Agency in Kazakhstan.

I always wrote, from age seven approximately, more for itself: prose, sketches, essays. But dreaming of the gloss! This work was presented to me by such beautiful, slowly writing, sipping coffee.

In fact, apparently, it was otherwise?)) But let's order. Share how you started to work with glossy magazines? What the editorial addressed? As soon as you answer? Continue reading

Noah 29

Over the ability to make jokes we can and should work!

In School, the authors of the gloss starts training "Humor in the gloss". Whether to learn to joke and what to do, says co-presenter of the course Nadezhda Vlasova.

Nadezhda – candidate of Philology, lecturer VUNTS air force "air force Academy" (Voronezh). He defended his thesis on "Anecdotal in works of A. Platonov of the late 1920s – early 1930s". Examines the poetics of the comic, that is versed in hyperbole, lithotech, metaphors, etc.

– Tell, please, about yourself. What are you doing now, what projects are.

– By training I the philologist, by occupation – teacher of Russian language. One of the projects that I'm associated with the creation of the Voronezh center for the study of the Russian language. Comic – my scientific specialty.

PhD thesis on Philology I defended it at the anecdotal component in the works of Andrei Platonov. He has a persistent reputation of a very dark writer. I was lucky: my thesis Advisor a great sense of humour, in the choice of topics, she supported me.

– Means of creating a comic sounds like a complex academic term. How can I explain in simpler words? Continue reading

Mar 07

Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn

About the job, duties, coworkers, ways switching, as well as assumed the position of editor-in-chief. Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn — exclusive School of the authors of the gloss.

Alya Badanina, chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitаn

— Ala, say, as during the work of the chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan changed your morning? (the feelings, the degree of confidence)

— I can't say that in my everyday life, in everyday life something has changed globally. Get up at the same time, charges spend about as much (i.e. little), grab a thermos of coffee and go outside, often with a wet head.

— How has radically changed your responsibilities?

— Strongly enough. I'd say to my past duties were added very much new. Still editing, do texts, read, correct, consult with our girls editors, and spend a lot of time in social networks, monitors the rest of the press – both Russian and foreign. I now read the entire magazine from cover to cover in the layout. And still quite a lot of work with all the contributors, their old and favorite, as well as Continue reading

Oct 12

The author Cosmopolitan Lena Losev: "I'm just so life speak"

If you opened Cosmo in some text and the first lines discovered his delight mixed with laughter, to be sure, the text is signed "Lena Loseva".

Lena writes in Cosmopolitan a few years, her style is easy to learn: foldable phrases, juicy turnovers, "household", all clear sketches and humor!

School authors gloss Lena told why writing in torment as she turns to jokes and the corporate magazine of the refinery may help in inventing the glamour.

Lena, Hello! When I read your article, I have the impression that you sit down for five minutes conjure over the keyboard, telling a story of life and can be sent to the editor. As actually work?
– I have something like this chart: arrives topic. I enjoy it always as the first time. And a swarm of thoughts fluttering in his head. Do not record anything except the obvious "quotes". Well, for example, from the November "General ward" – "Man at birth, as the woman in the war: in the words of inappropriate, in fact, necessary", etc.

Two days of joy are replaced by creative anguish: what to write, how to write. Quotes in my head all the shooting, the coherent text – zero... eventually, after about a week I get a quote book in his name and a bunch of absolutely incompetent ligaments between. And I'm starting all of this "sharpening", edit and rewrite a hundred times.

If you count how many times I hit the button delete, it becomes unclear why it has no holes. Continue reading