Oct 09

Interview with the founder of the School of successful frirajdinga Sergei Troubadour

Copywriting, vibrating, pirating and other "reitingi" have flooded the Internet. To understand these concepts and to provide guidance on the most promising online professions helping us the founder of the School of successful frirajdinga Sergei Troubadour.

— Sergey, what is copywriting, I think everyone knows our readers. But pirating a relatively new phenomenon in Runet. Please, tell us what it is and why you decided to name your school.

Sergei Troubadour

– In fact, not everyone knows what is actually copywriting. With a light hand optimizers we have in Runet it became any texts (although offline it's all right). Well, it is, by the way :).

The term "freeriding" in relation to the web texts were used to me. But I gave him an extra boost. When he made his School, decided to arm themselves with a term that could become a brand.

And for me pirating has a double meaning. This freelance writing — writing freelancers. And some "free writing" — a term that means rather as a man than what he does.

Later, the term caught on, it picked up some other coaches — so pirating went to mass.

— Vibrating what is different (from the copywriting, paraitinga and conventional journalism)? What are the advantages of this profession?

Pirating is writing any texts for the Internet (in a broad sense — any freelance texts). That is, a modular concept.

He has two main areas: web writing — writing articles and web copywriting — creating promotional texts. Although both areas often interfere with one, they are very different and the tasks and structure of the texts and technology work.

Web writing is good because it is easier to enter. That is, do not need such a strong preparation, as with advertising texts. Articles easier to build, information is easily found and not have to think about marketing data. Continue reading

Saint 25

Daria Veledeeva: "I do not share my personal life and work"

Daria Veledeeva is not just an amazing woman and the story of a stunning career, but also a desperate workaholic who, every day through many small tasks goes to the global goal – to make the Russian Harper's Bazaar best in the world.

— First the book and then the movie "the Devil wears Prada" proclaimed that millions of girls dream of working in the gloss. Is it really so?

Daria Veledeeva

Yes, millions of girls do dream about it, but have absolutely no idea of what this work is. They think it's a good time, flowing from the editorial Board with champagne in celebration. I had a million assistants, and the best of them became editors.
But there are others. One, for example, got up in the middle of the day and told me: "Your work is uninteresting, I thought I'd arrange your meetings with the designers..." is This some kind of cosmic stupidity.
Our job is the same as any other. Yes, it is much more interesting because every day you have a lot, you hang out with amazingly talented people, see the most beautiful things in the world, know everything that's going on in fashion, in art, in music, and you always have the right of first night on possession of these knowledge. But very few people who truly realize that it is workand routine and bookkeeping, and a bunch of things nobody wants to do it, but they are part of our life.

— When did you start working as imagined this work?
— I imagined it as normal journalistic work, only slightly more embellished a glossy reality. By the time I was 17 and I became editor of Marie Claire magazine, Continue reading

Jun 05

Quick start in Cosmo

Years to dream, plan, think and get upset that someone already and you haven't yet. And you can send one good email, and after 5 months I maintain two columns in the popular women's magazine Cosmopolitan.

Listen to an interview with Daria Tregubova in which she incrementally reveals his secret falling into a pool of Cosmo-authors.

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Daria Tregubova, the author of the new Cosmo

Five hours after our conversation Dasha sent this message: Continue reading

May 30

"I wonder just write"

Interview with Ekaterina Issaeva, graduate training "Glossy journalism. New format"

— Katya, in March you have passed the course "Glossy journalism". Results share can?

— Immediately after the training and approved by you the synopses and ideas written in a number of publications and one portal has received an order for all three sent them a synopsis (littleone.ru). In the small magazine "Happy mom" took all the finished article (sent them six small texts), published one, and the rest were deposited in the vaults.

— It was difficult to find the first customer?

— Not at all. I got the idea to write and publish, sent my synapses in different magazines and on different websites. Where you have not received a response so far, and someone responded immediately. So much for "child themes". I also wanted to write about Scandinavia, is it related to my profession of teacher of the Swedish language. This topic was more difficult because basically, these articles need travel agents, and they have their own authors, as I understand it. But I became to myself a customer — created a website where you can now upload your own articles on those topics that I find interesting.

And generally understanding the whole kitchen communicating with the editors, to find customers should not be difficult, but your training in this respect — the fount of knowledge.

— How many emails were sent before they received the order?

In the same publication, I sent a few emails. That is, if I immediately responded to the first sentence — continue to communicate with them. If you do not respond — I somehow ceases to be interesting to them to knock. There is simply no such cult publications where I'd like to be published, I'm interested just to write.

— Cach, and the financial issue you discussed? Asked about the fees? For you do that was important?

— First, I just wanted to write and enjoy the fact that someone needs it except me. Then, when it appeared the opportunity to compare, in this matter, to navigate, to understand, is it worth my effort proposed of money. Once had a proposal to write a small article for women's website. My question is "what are your conditions?" the girl replied: "I haven't thought of yet". I do not understand, but apparently it happens sometimes. The fee I am interested in, but not always determines my decision to write or not to write.

— How did you feel after the first article?

— The first paper was cut, and the completely redesigned "Happy mom". Therefore, in addition to their names in the journal and a small first money, plus I this publication has not seen, nor friends, I haven't shown it, nor for portfolio it would not be suitable. But when he published the text in the portal littleone.ruthen evinced a desire to write and the belief in their strength. Probably. the more you write, the more inspiration and excitement to work on.

— What are you doing in journalism? Where else would write?

— Now, when I launched my website for me the primary task is to fill it. Children also do not abandon, has recently received the approval of the article from the magazine "Lisa. My child", and this is for me an important step.

Those who have plans to start writing lyrics, I want to say: to find a customer is not difficult, important to like what you do. And publishing definitely will!

Natalia Zhilyakova for School authors gloss


Noah 23

Six materials in the same room as Cosmo — is it possible?

When there is a first material in a popular magazine, with delight accepted to dance Lambada right next to your office Desk. Call up all the friends put a status on each virtual post proudly wear on the street and in public places casually open on the same page.

The second is perceived with the same enthusiasm, the fifth — Yes, nice, status set, but the output has already boasted casually "Yeah, well, the article came out... Where? In "Lisa" ("Home", Maxim, etc.)".

But when one room goes some of your posts... I Wonder how it feels, which was released on 6 texts in one of the most popular December issue of famous magazine — at Cosmo? And what to do to achieve the same results?

This will tell Daria Korzh, the author of the magazine Cosmopolitan and Creator of a community of writers.

In this interview, and the secrets of its success and detailed account of the preparation of each of the six materials, from idea to implementation (beginners to listen to be sure!).

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Daria questions you can ask in the comments.