Dec 30

Glossy end of 2013

The end of December – time to sum up the year. Shall we?

Major events in the market of glossy magazines this year are:

  • create mobile versions of magazines (iPad and iPhone)
  • the transition of the number of publications only online, avoiding print production
  • starting or updating web portals

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Mar 07

Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn

About the job, duties, coworkers, ways switching, as well as assumed the position of editor-in-chief. Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn — exclusive School of the authors of the gloss.

Alya Badanina, chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitаn

— Ala, say, as during the work of the chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan changed your morning? (the feelings, the degree of confidence)

— I can't say that in my everyday life, in everyday life something has changed globally. Get up at the same time, charges spend about as much (i.e. little), grab a thermos of coffee and go outside, often with a wet head.

— How has radically changed your responsibilities?

— Strongly enough. I'd say to my past duties were added very much new. Still editing, do texts, read, correct, consult with our girls editors, and spend a lot of time in social networks, monitors the rest of the press – both Russian and foreign. I now read the entire magazine from cover to cover in the layout. And still quite a lot of work with all the contributors, their old and favorite, as well as Continue reading

Oct 03

Gloss in Russian

What is a "glossy" finish? Here is an overview of the most famous fashion magazines that come out in Russia.


Vogue and fashion are synonyms! More than a century of history, the most stellar designers and models on the pages, and the head — the "iron lady" Anna Wintour.
After the release of the film "the Devil wears Prada" it was said, though the designers refused from episodic roles: Wintour has threatened that in this case I do not see them in Vogue publications. Although the editorial Board has denied the rumors, there is no doubt that the influence of Vogue in the fashion world is incredibly high.
Here won't tell us why he still has not proposed to you, will not advise you on how to survive in the women's team and not put the experiments in bed.
Vogue speaks mainly about fashion – but says! The world's best photographers will be honored for the privilege to present their work on the glossy pages of this magazine. But do not think that Vogue is just a beautiful photo shoot: there are the interviews with successful and extraordinary people, the stories of acclaimed exhibitions, and if it's about shopping, it is, of course, shopping in an exotic country!
Vogue came to Russia in 1998, is released every month with a circulation of 150 000 copies. For 12 years, his longtime editor Alyona Doletskaya. Only in 2010 at the Victoria Davydova, who previously headed the magazine Tatler.

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Saint 25

Daria Veledeeva: "I do not share my personal life and work"

Daria Veledeeva is not just an amazing woman and the story of a stunning career, but also a desperate workaholic who, every day through many small tasks goes to the global goal – to make the Russian Harper's Bazaar best in the world.

— First the book and then the movie "the Devil wears Prada" proclaimed that millions of girls dream of working in the gloss. Is it really so?

Daria Veledeeva

Yes, millions of girls do dream about it, but have absolutely no idea of what this work is. They think it's a good time, flowing from the editorial Board with champagne in celebration. I had a million assistants, and the best of them became editors.
But there are others. One, for example, got up in the middle of the day and told me: "Your work is uninteresting, I thought I'd arrange your meetings with the designers..." is This some kind of cosmic stupidity.
Our job is the same as any other. Yes, it is much more interesting because every day you have a lot, you hang out with amazingly talented people, see the most beautiful things in the world, know everything that's going on in fashion, in art, in music, and you always have the right of first night on possession of these knowledge. But very few people who truly realize that it is workand routine and bookkeeping, and a bunch of things nobody wants to do it, but they are part of our life.

— When did you start working as imagined this work?
— I imagined it as normal journalistic work, only slightly more embellished a glossy reality. By the time I was 17 and I became editor of Marie Claire magazine, Continue reading

APR 23

Scandals in the Russian gloss — 2

In glossy journalism, as in any field,there are things not to say. We already wrote about the scandalous dismissal of Evelina Hromchenko from the magazine L'officiel. Today is a new batch of "accidents".


In September 2007 because of the mutual claims between the publisher and the chief editor of Gala magazine just came out with blank pages. The room was saved, but the situation has got a great resonance in the media environment.

This was preceded by the following events. At the end of the 2006 Gala for the position of editor-in-chief came Masha Gessen and her team of writers. Masha brought his vision of the magazine and a lot of creative ideas that have endorsed the guide.

In early 2007, the newspaper conducted an advertising company, which, though improved his position but not very noticeable. When this became clear, the superiors began to look for the guilty, and the right candidate for this position General Director Gruner Und Jahr in Russia (founder and publisher) Christine Eibl seemed editor. In her view, circulation is not growing due to the fact that the creative activity Hessen companions do not correspond to the concept of publication (although in the past the publisher was all arranged). Editor-in-chief, by contrast, saw the cause of the problems in a bad business strategy, to which the editors had no relationships.

Since July, Christine Eibl became involved in the creative process, to demand to submit the materials for another "sauce", rather than conceived of Hesse, and even make the room ready texts, although this was discussed only by the adoption of the articles before publication. After Mary pointed out that such actions contradict the law "On mass media" (article 18), and changes refused to accept, on the editorial Board began a real persecution. Tightened labor discipline, demanded that journalists report about each step, pressure was exerted in other ways.

As a result, the day before the date of the September issue in print, Hesse, and several other authors were required to remove their articles. Negotiations with the lawyers helped to resolve the situation, but after the magazine's editor in chief left the publication along with the entire editorial team.


In the beginning of last year by the national circulation service caught several dozen popular magazines of Russia (all under review) in a clear overstatement of circulation. "Under the hand" got almost all the major publishers except for ID Burda.

The circulation of magazines overstatement polls: someone on a modest 30-40% (Cosmopolitan Shopping, "the Caravan of histories", Vogue), and some 10-13 times ("the Country of games", "Bully"). On average, glossy magazines exaggerate their circulation reaching 3.4 times.

HMRC has compared the claimed circulation of nearly four dozen publications with these numbers in customs declarations when importing rooms in the country (most magazines are printed abroad because it is cheaper and better), and gave the above mentioned results to the Federal Antimonopoly service.

The scandal began after the publication of these data has led to a reduction in the cost of advertising in some magazines, and, accordingly, to reduction of their profits. But tough sanctions from the Federal Antimonopoly service was not followed, as the statutory fines are too small and the logs are already punished themselves, having lost the confidence of the advertisers.

 Ekaterina Sazanova for School authors gloss