Oct 08

How to collaborate with the magazine "Biography"

"Biography" — not a typical gloss. Not here to write about 10 ways to meet and 15 recipes of masks at home. Here and there about a dozen texts in one room. The harder it is to get into it, the better should be the article to have it accepted and published. A graduate of the School of the authors gloss Lena Golovina, whose "Biography" has already published two articles, talks about his work.

Elena Golovina:

— Article about Ariadna Efron is my second publication in the "Gala. Biography". The first text was about the Italian singer Robertino Loreti, and the hero was chosen by the editor in chief of the uploaded synopses.

When the text was adopted in the work, I said, "I wonder whether will have any suggested topics?" To which I replied: "For starters, let's wait for the release of the first text." Because categorical no sound, I actively set to work.

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Jan 11

How to become a favorite author of the gloss?

"The man who can't write a letter so that it can be read to the end, can hardly cope with the article".
Olga Sevastyanova, editor of the magazine "cosmopolitan"

What do you think, what the author will order the text? The one who will send "beautiful" summary who ask for the job, promised to do his time and, most importantly, for free (!) or the author who will offer the editorial something a little more specific and fits the format?

In School, the authors of the gloss held a webinar Olga Sevastianova, editor of the popular women's magazine. An hour and a half Olga said:

  • what has changed in the gloss for the last year and what you need to be prepared authors
  • who is the perfect author with which you want to operate,
  • why is the first letter to the editor should be given special attention
  • what are the main mistakes that potential authors
  • some letters just do not need to send
  • what should be the text, so you want to publish
  • how NOT to write for magazines,
  • and who is the "Golden" author!
  • She also spoke in detail about all the intricacies of the genre "Cosmo" and gave advice on how to prepare texts for them.
  • And, of course, shared their experience!

This webinar is well worth a watch to anyone who wants/dreams/plans to start cooperation with glossy magazines!

To get access to the recording of the webinar "How to become a favorite author of the gloss",
email [email protected] an email with the subject "Webinar Olga Sevastianova".

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Dec 22

12 reasons why I want to become an author of the periodical

Why do people want to become sponsors of the gloss? Read the reasons for Mary Race.

I always wanted to find a Real Case that would help me to grow in all areas of life. Then it hit me — Eureka, that's it! The author of the gloss is a true "magic" profession that will contribute to my success in everything!

So if I'm the author of the gloss, you will be able to:
1. To learn something new, for example, unhackneyed to think, to structure ideas, to obtain information to fulfill the assignment and release yourself to be creative.

2. Grow economically. Writing articles for gloss – it is a direct way to convert talent into money. I love to tell stories in the faces of her friends, and to do it for a fee, probably even nicer!

3. To make a prestigious career. Of course, being the author of the gloss is a serious chance to become, for example, the editor of Cosmo. Examples for inspiration enough!

4. To do good. To write articles is to help other people. Perhaps my article will get someone at the right time of life.

5. The family will be proud of me. Spouse casually (but with secret pride) will drop buddies: "Wife published in cosmopolitan" and the children tell that "mom-avtol!"

6. To be a creative person. After some time I notice that the words listen, as never before, and it was filled with imaginative metaphors. Continue reading

Dec 01

From the author the editors: how to build a career in your favorite magazine?

At the end of November St. Petersburg hosted the 3D journalism forum in which editors of well known magazines and Internet portals shared their secrets and tips with budding writers and young journalists. Julia Sonnova called for the speech of the chief editor "TimeOut Petersburg", Collezioni Russia, Psychologies and Apparat and prepared the report specifically for the Schools of the authors of the gloss.

photo — George Gusarov

  • How to get into glamour?
  • What you need to pay attention to?
  • What to write about and can I work in glossy magazines without special education?

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Oct 14

And I can be the author of the gloss?

Frank, tough and sometimes cruel, but... it is very important and acutely-important. Read the opinion of the psychologist Olesia Haradinaj on how to gain confidence and become a sought-after author of the periodical.

I remember on a course at Natalia Zhilyakova in the "School authors gloss" wrote his first serious article. Trial. For Cosmo (!). I confess, I thought it would be much easier.

No, not so. I had no idea that it would be so hard. I cried.

Crying, because it is impossible to write, because I can't do so that was nice, because Natalia in every letter, in every line finds something to complain about, but nothing good writing. I completely incompetence!!??

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