Jul 23

Is it possible to learn easy to come up with ideas for articles?

What to write about if everything is already written? To offer editor, if you did not get anything to come up? With the challenge of finding new ideas face many authors. Meanwhile, there are ways that will help to give dozens of good topics for materials daily. But let's first look at whether it is possible to learn easy to come up with fresh ideas and how to do it.

Clean sheet. Dreams about a vacation to the movies, or at least the cool glass of Mojito repel. After all, you need to prepare another list of synopses for the editor! But the head did not come...
Is it possible in this situation to consider himself a man who has no imagination? Whether to give up handle and defer to the monitor? Or is it possible to get your brain to give at least a couple more great ideas a week?

Whither flew my thoughts?

Let's first understand the mechanism of emergence of new ideas. How does it happen? Continue reading

Jun 25

I'm from the School of the authors of the gloss?

Their impressions about the training School authors gloss says the participant of the course "the author of the gloss" Alena Berezkina.

The first three weeks after I found out about the website "School of authors gloss", was in absolute euphoria from the fact that I found the source of the information, which has long wanted to explore.

Emotions have died down, but the first step has been taken and the planned future path is an important change in my life. That gave me the "School authors gloss?":

ability to take criticism (after the first comment to the synopsis I found it very hard, frankly, to deal with emotions and to think about the meaning of comments is now much easier)), I think that for a young journalist this is a very important skill); Continue reading

Jun 18

Read, watch and listen

The main course of our School is undoubtedly training "the author of the gloss". It lasts 10 weeks and includes full details for glossy journalism. Deciding to enroll in such a long learning can be difficult. Read the review participants of the training "the author of the gloss" Alla of Zaginailo that has been studying in this training:

— All presented in an accessible, understandable and interesting way. If in the first week I didn't know how to approach the search, however, now the ideas are born in my head. Want to know how to apply them in the right form.

Thanks to the webinars and tutorials I could look at the logs on the other side. While I understood only two. But what a joy it was when I one day opened the "Cosmo-psychology" and literally see its structure. And I'm every day it was opened and never noticed this.

Seeing the structure, it became easier for me to decide on themes and ideas that are worth developing, worth send. Continue reading

Mar 31

The dream became a reality — the story of one author

Still in doubt whether to try to write in gloss? Read the story of Yulia Prikhodko — the path of the author from finding the idea to a stable cooperation with glossy magazines.

More recently, I was an ordinary accountant in a large enterprise and the most miserable man in the world – at least so I thought. Every day coming to work, increasingly we began to realize – well, it's not mine. And imagine how after ten, and then twenty years still go to the office, I really became scared. This is not how I imagined my life.

Yulia Prikhodko, graduate School of authors gloss

Probably sounds weird, but I had Continue reading

Jan 28

Spring into summer

It is no secret that glossy magazine is preparing to release not one, not even for two months. When the outside is spinning the January snow, the author of the gloss it's time to focus on summer releases. The question immediately arises: what subject to offer for summer in response to the long-awaited "write"?

Own ideas seem brilliant, but the editor again chooses not us, and our super-topics continue to stand in the queue. Familiar? Then let's see what topics successfully "pass" in the log. And we start with summer and summer pure fact.

Having carefully studied the various glossy summer 2013, I can safely announce the list of the most popular seasonal themes. So...

Summer themes-the leaders

Health and beauty

Of course, this is the eternal theme for magazines. But note, the article about Continue reading