Jun 03

33 happiness

Actually, I'm your birthday is not very much, and, as a rule, try to pretend that 2 is a normal day. Except that with her husband in the restaurant in the evening to go.

Interested to know why. Maybe because if I ever seen better then "regular" me is not satisfied. For example, until 13 years I have never seen fireworks. I lived in a remote village, but we "color the sky" could be seen only on TV.

And so, in 1992 Continue reading

APR 25

Where and how to look for characters for an article in glamour?

Most of the material in the gloss we see examples and stories of ordinary people.

This is done in order to bring the magazine to the reader. Therefore, the search for heroes, the ability to talk, to obtain newsworthy information is essential for "glossy" journalist.

Recently, in the group Vkontakte "Glossy journalism" we conducted a survey among authors on the subject, what genre of glossy journalism they like. The leaders were real history (the voting results can be viewed here).

Genre real story very popular in the gloss, and similar texts is in almost every edition. The more authors it is important to be able to work with people, not just find them but to talk, to draw out the facts.

The preparation of the text stories can be divided into three parts: Continue reading

Mar 08

Greetings and gifts to the 8th of March!

Dear girls, congratulations with beautiful spring holiday!

  • We wish that every day you have had pleasant things that will cheer you up!
  • Let every day you get at least one idea for a new article!
  • And at least once a month let the editor that the magazine sends you the order at once on three texts!
  • A glossy publication with your posts, let out as often as possible!

Also the staff of the School of the authors of the gloss have prepared for you holiday gifts: Continue reading

Mar 07

Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn

About the job, duties, coworkers, ways switching, as well as assumed the position of editor-in-chief. Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn — exclusive School of the authors of the gloss.

Alya Badanina, chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitаn

— Ala, say, as during the work of the chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan changed your morning? (the feelings, the degree of confidence)

— I can't say that in my everyday life, in everyday life something has changed globally. Get up at the same time, charges spend about as much (i.e. little), grab a thermos of coffee and go outside, often with a wet head.

— How has radically changed your responsibilities?

— Strongly enough. I'd say to my past duties were added very much new. Still editing, do texts, read, correct, consult with our girls editors, and spend a lot of time in social networks, monitors the rest of the press – both Russian and foreign. I now read the entire magazine from cover to cover in the layout. And still quite a lot of work with all the contributors, their old and favorite, as well as Continue reading

Feb 19

Can I submit the same idea multiple times?

...and how to do it better? If you constantly force yourself to come up with new topics for articles, after some time ideas will crumble like sugar from a bag, which formed a tiny hole: slowly, but steadily.

And if you really really want to cooperate with a glossy magazine, you will get rule editor to send to each meeting a selection of the best ideas. Order — excellent! Nothing came — well, you can come up with a new one.

But if you have ever sent a list of topics, must have experienced the regret that some — special — topics was not interested in the editor. What to do in this case? It is clear that it is possible that the same synopsis to send in a new edition.

But if you want this idea to attach it in this magazine, if you believe that to reveal it will only be able here?

The answer is Continue reading