Feb 12

How many publications can I submit an idea for an article?

Does the rule "one idea to one publication" or it can be avoided? How many magazines you can send the same idea? Is it permissible to alter a synopsis to send it again?

I often get similar questions. Fresh — appeal from Victoria:
Natalia, Hello! I read your tutorial about 10 steps to publish. Now I know how to pursue my dream to write for a magazine. Thank you very much for such valuable advice! I already had some ideas for articles. But I need advice. I chose three magazines in approximately the same profile. Can I send my ideas from all three? And how many better ideas to offer? Thanks in advance)

When it comes to the brilliant idea of the article, the first thing I think is super cool! it is necessary urgently where-that to attach. Looking for the address of the edition "conjure" over the letter out the options of treatment and fifteen times ruled by the synopsis. Still send a letter, and then the euphoria gives way to... greed.

What else would you call the desire to sell the same item to several buyers? Greed, not otherwise.

Imagine you go to the store, choosing a dress, try it on — it fits perfectly, just what you need for the release of the next issue for a corporate party. Buy the dress, and the One-day prepared to conquer the General!

But what is it?! Continue reading

Jan 29

How to order an article from Cosmo?

How to order an article from Cosmo?
The instructions are very simple. Just need to complete a few steps:

1. To come up with some original ideas for articles (offer to disclose topics that are not covered in the journal in the last year or two).

2. Choose editor and write him a little letter telling about yourself and your relation to the release (to praise not necessarily, the main thing is sincerity).

3. To send a letter and instead to terrorize the Inbox, start up new topics.

Follow these three steps each month and the coveted letter from the editor be sure to knock in your Inbox! That is what the apprentice School of the authors of the gloss, which in January ordered articles for Cosmopolitan magazine.

And this is a message I received this morning:

There are three steps that significantly help to speed up the process of receiving the order (but keep in mind that they are for the most stubborn!): Continue reading

Dec 30

Useful than glossy magazines in the New year's eve?

On the eve of the New year the glossy magazines are especially valuable:

  • they can read the horoscope for the year (and then it successfully forget),
  • to pick an outfit for a party (and still buy something that has enough money on the card),
  • watch the makeover (and before going to make the classic),
  • one can make a map of desires (and throw it in a box of magazines on the mezzanine),
  • read and prepare the script of the party (and all together bury yourself in a TV),
  • to take a page from fancy cocktails (and all night to drink a traditional champagne),
  • they can be read (if a holiday is not possible, but this is an extreme case).

And from glossy magazines you can make these unique Christmas decorations:

Or to build a symbol of the New year: Continue reading

Dec 06

How to come up with an original idea for an article

What to write articles? Something to impress the editor? How else to come up with the idea for the story? Is it possible to come up with something original?

If you ever were worried about similar issues, then I think you will not believe me that the process of generating ideas can be done automated. Still don't believe? View a video in which I talk about the method of "Practical library".

Using it, you can for a couple of minutes to jot down dozens of ideas, among which definitely has something to interest the editor.

Video lasts 6 minutes. Just six minutes — and you won't have to worry about where your Muse hangs out while you grind out another letter to the editor. Continue reading