Mar 14

The new format of the COSMO

In the last issue of the year Alya Badanina, chief editor of the most well known women's magazine in Russia, promised the readers that already the January edition of Cosmopolitan will be unlike any previous. We have studied the three issues of the magazine in a new format and made their opinion about him.

We will remind that this year the Russian Cosmopolitan will celebrate its 20th anniversary on the Russian market. It is not surprising that the editors waiting for this event, and doing everything possible so that the magazine looked to the anniversary bright and festive. Continue reading

Mar 07

Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn

About the job, duties, coworkers, ways switching, as well as assumed the position of editor-in-chief. Interview with Alya the Badanin, chief editor of the journal Cosmopolitаn — exclusive School of the authors of the gloss.

Alya Badanina, chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitаn

— Ala, say, as during the work of the chief editor of the magazine Cosmopolitan changed your morning? (the feelings, the degree of confidence)

— I can't say that in my everyday life, in everyday life something has changed globally. Get up at the same time, charges spend about as much (i.e. little), grab a thermos of coffee and go outside, often with a wet head.

— How has radically changed your responsibilities?

— Strongly enough. I'd say to my past duties were added very much new. Still editing, do texts, read, correct, consult with our girls editors, and spend a lot of time in social networks, monitors the rest of the press – both Russian and foreign. I now read the entire magazine from cover to cover in the layout. And still quite a lot of work with all the contributors, their old and favorite, as well as Continue reading

Jan 29

How to order an article from Cosmo?

How to order an article from Cosmo?
The instructions are very simple. Just need to complete a few steps:

1. To come up with some original ideas for articles (offer to disclose topics that are not covered in the journal in the last year or two).

2. Choose editor and write him a little letter telling about yourself and your relation to the release (to praise not necessarily, the main thing is sincerity).

3. To send a letter and instead to terrorize the Inbox, start up new topics.

Follow these three steps each month and the coveted letter from the editor be sure to knock in your Inbox! That is what the apprentice School of the authors of the gloss, which in January ordered articles for Cosmopolitan magazine.

And this is a message I received this morning:

There are three steps that significantly help to speed up the process of receiving the order (but keep in mind that they are for the most stubborn!): Continue reading

Noah 24

The history of the new author in glossy journalism

In the December issue of Cosmopolitan came out "first second" article graduate training "Glossy journalism" Lena Reshetnikova. About trying to be the author of the gloss, about how I got to the course and later in the magazine, like doubt and in what is sure now, says Lena.

— I a classic example from Natasha's brochure about the gloss – "I always wanted to be a journalist, but my mom said, infak!". It is not so categorical, however, because I equally love dearly foreign languages and 'writing'. In school I was always released some Newspapers, wrote poetry and stories.

And I love glossy magazines. There was a time when I bought, probably, all the gloss, which was only brought to our city. Third Tuesday of the month, when the market appears new Cosmo, has always been special to me.

The first test

7 years ago I wrote... and not an article and not a story that is an essay. That dreams always come true, it is only important to correctly formulate. In the Cosmo it was published in the category "Monologue". Wrote just for yourself, in one breath, and in some, apparently, a moment of madness sent in a favorite magazine. A response is not expected, and he came!

Almost the next day I said Tatyana Nesterova. From her letters I remember only one word: "masterpiece", in relation to my opus it struck me in the heart. 🙂 "Masterpiece" published in the December issue. Continue reading

Oct 12

The author Cosmopolitan Lena Losev: "I'm just so life speak"

If you opened Cosmo in some text and the first lines discovered his delight mixed with laughter, to be sure, the text is signed "Lena Loseva".

Lena writes in Cosmopolitan a few years, her style is easy to learn: foldable phrases, juicy turnovers, "household", all clear sketches and humor!

School authors gloss Lena told why writing in torment as she turns to jokes and the corporate magazine of the refinery may help in inventing the glamour.

Lena, Hello! When I read your article, I have the impression that you sit down for five minutes conjure over the keyboard, telling a story of life and can be sent to the editor. As actually work?
– I have something like this chart: arrives topic. I enjoy it always as the first time. And a swarm of thoughts fluttering in his head. Do not record anything except the obvious "quotes". Well, for example, from the November "General ward" – "Man at birth, as the woman in the war: in the words of inappropriate, in fact, necessary", etc.

Two days of joy are replaced by creative anguish: what to write, how to write. Quotes in my head all the shooting, the coherent text – zero... eventually, after about a week I get a quote book in his name and a bunch of absolutely incompetent ligaments between. And I'm starting all of this "sharpening", edit and rewrite a hundred times.

If you count how many times I hit the button delete, it becomes unclear why it has no holes. Continue reading