Jul 28

How to develop creative thinking? 15 simple exercises

In the last post, we found out that the process of creating new ideas in journalism or in other fields — it is possible to constantly develop, improve and bring to a new level. How to launch a mechanism called "creativity"?

photos of Ilona Kazachenko

This will help simple exercises, and the implementation of many of those you will not need to allocate separate time. Continue reading

Jul 23

Is it possible to learn easy to come up with ideas for articles?

What to write about if everything is already written? To offer editor, if you did not get anything to come up? With the challenge of finding new ideas face many authors. Meanwhile, there are ways that will help to give dozens of good topics for materials daily. But let's first look at whether it is possible to learn easy to come up with fresh ideas and how to do it.

Clean sheet. Dreams about a vacation to the movies, or at least the cool glass of Mojito repel. After all, you need to prepare another list of synopses for the editor! But the head did not come...
Is it possible in this situation to consider himself a man who has no imagination? Whether to give up handle and defer to the monitor? Or is it possible to get your brain to give at least a couple more great ideas a week?

Whither flew my thoughts?

Let's first understand the mechanism of emergence of new ideas. How does it happen? Continue reading

Dec 06

How to come up with an original idea for an article

What to write articles? Something to impress the editor? How else to come up with the idea for the story? Is it possible to come up with something original?

If you ever were worried about similar issues, then I think you will not believe me that the process of generating ideas can be done automated. Still don't believe? View a video in which I talk about the method of "Practical library".

Using it, you can for a couple of minutes to jot down dozens of ideas, among which definitely has something to interest the editor.

Video lasts 6 minutes. Just six minutes — and you won't have to worry about where your Muse hangs out while you grind out another letter to the editor. Continue reading

Saint 10

Creative charging. Summer!

Traditional creative charging Schools the authors of the gloss is back!
Monday, the start of the working day, and the editor is already prepared for you a list of jobs. The first is the material about summer. How to open this?

You need to prepare the material about the past summer in the famous glossy magazine. How to narrow the topic? What genre will take? Whether the text is serious?

From there: "How was your summer"
It's possible: "Your the brightest event of the last summer"

And for inspiration))
Natalia Zhilyakova


Jul 02

Creative charging. What's this article about?

To come up with ideas for the materials in different ways. One of the exercises in glossy journalism, we tested the method "from work". The point is that you can come up with the idea for the article, if you look at a painting, photo or any illustration. That is, starting from pictures.
Let's try today to imagine what text could stand this photo.

What do you think, what material would be this photo?

Let's discuss possible ideas!

Illustration of review of the Spanish numbers Cosmopolitan.