Feb 17

Why is it important to be a loser?

Candid, touching, unusual and incredibly useful article by psychologist Olesia Garanina (here's her Facebook). Must read for all who doubt (that is all). To the end, please! — approx. Natalia Zhilyakova

To be a loser, or How I learned to draw
(and where is the gloss)

First, a little story about the painting. And then, of course, about the gloss.

I can not draw. Well, that is all. Round, square and even a house with a pipe, but the dog and the cat is already something of a schematic. When my younger sister was studying in the class fifth and sixth, I was in the tenth eleventh, I was doing my homework on drawing. And received five. It turns out that my level is now the fifth-sixth grade.

Olesya Garanina and her painting on fabric, February 2017

Now I live in Tallinn and study in art school. To learn 3.5 years. Seriously 3 times a week, in the program of study: painting, drawing, art history, chromatics, batik, ceramics, photography, computer graphics, plein air and something seems even. In addition, twice a quarter of the views the imposition of assessments.

And I started my journey in drawing from the fact that last winter I committed by accident Continue reading

Oct 03

Natalia Sorokina (Kovtun) about how she became editor of "hearth and Home"

Like to receive such messages))
Natalia Sorokina (Kovtun), who was a student in my training "Glossy journalism", told about how she managed to find their place in glossy magazines. Publish her a letter without changes.

Last summer when I took your course and figured out what was happening in the freelance, began deliberately to write synopses and send them to 4-5 selected journals. The program-maximum for me was to establish cooperation with the Russian Cosmo.

Still don't know why Cosmo – me to this journal, especially Russian, and almost nothing in common. Well, for 7 or 8 months out of a magazine on my synopses responded only once. Olga Zilina said that everything is cool, but it was, and offered to write more ideas.

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Jul 01

The author is an alarmist, or do you Need criticism?

Why some authors such alarmists? And can a person with low self-esteem to become a good journalist?

I never tell anyone that he is not worth it to try himself in journalism. Why?
Because I was very convinced for a very long time.

In Voronezh there is one popular newspaper. Urban news, rewriting-tips from the Internet, is the one who pays is the issue , and so on. The development of the layout and running many years ago I was engaged + coder Sasha. Texts were many, and they were mostly trained freelance writers. Why not herself? Did not have time. Over time, the newspaper's editor, who liked to "wander around the city in search of new themes", and I laid down the duties of the Deputy. That is, do everything – order the texts and photographs, edit, agree, confirm their comments, take photos, proofread the finished strip and a lot of little things, like contests and the Stripping of the TV program from someone who graduated early.

Why not write me? First, once. It is already clear. Secondly, I requested Continue reading

APR 04

That is capable of appropriate kick?

Spring had an effect on me pinochio.

As soon as the window minus changed to plus, got such a powerful kick that half of March has done more than January and February combined.

What a sad it was winter... All had been ill several times in the garden of the viruses, the nose on the street was freezing through about ten seconds. You yourself remember.

Do not believe, even had Continue reading