Feb 17

Why is it important to be a loser?

Candid, touching, unusual and incredibly useful article by psychologist Olesia Garanina (here's her Facebook). Must read for all who doubt (that is all). To the end, please! — approx. Natalia Zhilyakova

To be a loser, or How I learned to draw
(and where is the gloss)

First, a little story about the painting. And then, of course, about the gloss.

I can not draw. Well, that is all. Round, square and even a house with a pipe, but the dog and the cat is already something of a schematic. When my younger sister was studying in the class fifth and sixth, I was in the tenth eleventh, I was doing my homework on drawing. And received five. It turns out that my level is now the fifth-sixth grade.

Olesya Garanina and her painting on fabric, February 2017

Now I live in Tallinn and study in art school. To learn 3.5 years. Seriously 3 times a week, in the program of study: painting, drawing, art history, chromatics, batik, ceramics, photography, computer graphics, plein air and something seems even. In addition, twice a quarter of the views the imposition of assessments.

And I started my journey in drawing from the fact that last winter I committed by accident Continue reading

Dec 22

12 reasons why I want to become an author of the periodical

Why do people want to become sponsors of the gloss? Read the reasons for Mary Race.

I always wanted to find a Real Case that would help me to grow in all areas of life. Then it hit me — Eureka, that's it! The author of the gloss is a true "magic" profession that will contribute to my success in everything!

So if I'm the author of the gloss, you will be able to:
1. To learn something new, for example, unhackneyed to think, to structure ideas, to obtain information to fulfill the assignment and release yourself to be creative.

2. Grow economically. Writing articles for gloss – it is a direct way to convert talent into money. I love to tell stories in the faces of her friends, and to do it for a fee, probably even nicer!

3. To make a prestigious career. Of course, being the author of the gloss is a serious chance to become, for example, the editor of Cosmo. Examples for inspiration enough!

4. To do good. To write articles is to help other people. Perhaps my article will get someone at the right time of life.

5. The family will be proud of me. Spouse casually (but with secret pride) will drop buddies: "Wife published in cosmopolitan" and the children tell that "mom-avtol!"

6. To be a creative person. After some time I notice that the words listen, as never before, and it was filled with imaginative metaphors. Continue reading

Jul 07

How to cope with insecurity – tips for an aspiring writer gloss

Based on the questions asked by aspiring authors, it becomes clear that often they will slow their own insecurities and fear of criticism. How to overcome your fear? What to do for the beginner to raise their self-esteem and to stop being afraid readers? Consider a few simple but effective ways.

Uncertainty beginners – the phenomenon frequent. Find out why this is happening, you can from the lectures of psychologist Olesia Haradinaj. From myself to add, to solve the problem with uncertainty can help a new experience. Author doubters just need to experience positive feedback.

Of course, hard-won text you seems perfect. But if he liked the reader? You don't learn about it until you show it. Risk still have. And if you are willing to develop in this area, you have to try. Continue reading

APR 23

Selection of boring books about journalism

A vast array of professional literature on journalism, we have selected books that are worth reading for an aspiring writer gloss. This selection will allow you to learn a little more about the journalist in General, the features of the writing of journalistic texts and the specifics of the work in periodicals.

For convenience, the entire list of books we broke into thematic groups. The first group is the book with the title "Theory of journalism".

The theory of journalism. Collected here are not boring textbooks, and original works written by journalists. Some of them are more like philosophical reflections about the profession, others are a great benefits that includes a lot of practical examples and assignments.

Continue reading

APR 01

Time management in the life of the author of the gloss

Do I need a mode for a freelance writer? Is it possible to work effectively at home? How to plan my day and week: where to start, what not to forget? Parse the pressing issues of authors, freelancers, and also repeat the basic rules of time management.

Morning freelance writer gloss, like any other freelancer, usually good. (Of course, if he doesn't have a cat demanding Breakfast at 6-00). When and how to start the day, the author decides for himself. But don't ahead of time to enjoy and relax. Otherwise there is a risk that the work will stop, come the deadline, the customer will be disappointed and will cut the poor guy forever from my memory.

Without self-organization, planning the working day to perform the job in time difficult. Not necessary to be the guru of time management, read the hundredth book on time management or to enroll in another master-class to be successful, but to ignore the basics of time management still not worth it. Continue reading