APR 30

7 simple tips for aspiring journalists

Advice for budding journalists from Irina Golubeva, reader School the authors of the gloss.

If you have an event where you will be meeting with a public person, and want to combine business with pleasure, then these 7 simple tips for you:

1. Shoes. Choose the pair in which you will be comfortable. Heels, of course, make a woman sexier, but believe me, in the crowd of fans your legs no one will see, and the fatigue and heaviness at the bottom will remind myself constantly.

2. If you plan to photograph, come early and take your place! Very "green" reporters: remember to charge the battery of the camera and free up space on the memory card.

3. If you plan to record on tape, similarly to 2., come in advance and take your place.

4. Consider in advance the questionsthat would ask, and write them on slips of paper. To write these same questions, standing in the crowd, very uncomfortable. And if the excitement and the slight tremor in his hands, the result is very clumsy. Appears impromptu? Then write how it goes.

5. If you plan to take notes, don't forget a notebook (more comfortable than a sheet of A4 and takes less space, and cover him hard) and 2 handles (one is spare).

6. Flowers! Treat a guest to their attention.

7. If you have limited time and plan in advance your trip, throw an extra hour. The program of the event can be unexpected changes. Signing autographs at the end of the performance can be greatly delayed.

The list was rather short, but I think it's even better. What do you think?

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