Oct 14

And I can be the author of the gloss?

Frank, tough and sometimes cruel, but... it is very important and acutely-important. Read the opinion of the psychologist Olesia Haradinaj on how to gain confidence and become a sought-after author of the periodical.

I remember on a course at Natalia Zhilyakova in the "School authors gloss" wrote his first serious article. Trial. For Cosmo (!). I confess, I thought it would be much easier.

No, not so. I had no idea that it would be so hard. I cried.

Crying, because it is impossible to write, because I can't do so that was nice, because Natalia in every letter, in every line finds something to complain about, but nothing good writing. I completely incompetence!!??

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Saint 22

5 rules of success in the gloss: secrets shares the chief editor of GEO

Last week journalism at Moscow state University with a lecture by Vladimir Esipov, chief editor of the popular scientific magazine GEO (comes out in Russia for 16 years). Our correspondent Tamara ermoshkina visited a meeting and found out what you need to do to succeed in the gloss and get to the pages of the iconic educational publications.

Best quotes from the interview especially for readers of the school of the authors of the gloss.

— Journalist for print there is only one criterion of effectiveness. This is the amount of time the reader will spend with your article. Callous as it may sound, but we sell audience room of the journal for a specific price, and this means that the reader needs to obtain a certain pleasure, corresponding to this price. In fact, we sell emotions, experiences, thoughts. The main competitor gloss is a movie. Because, at the movies, you know that for two hours you will get a variety of emotions.

Vladimir Esipov lectures: "the Magazine needs to decorate your life"

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Jun 18

Read, watch and listen

The main course of our School is undoubtedly training "the author of the gloss". It lasts 10 weeks and includes full details for glossy journalism. Deciding to enroll in such a long learning can be difficult. Read the review participants of the training "the author of the gloss" Alla of Zaginailo that has been studying in this training:

— All presented in an accessible, understandable and interesting way. If in the first week I didn't know how to approach the search, however, now the ideas are born in my head. Want to know how to apply them in the right form.

Thanks to the webinars and tutorials I could look at the logs on the other side. While I understood only two. But what a joy it was when I one day opened the "Cosmo-psychology" and literally see its structure. And I'm every day it was opened and never noticed this.

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APR 11

How is the Master group for glossy journalism

I'm often asked, how is the Master group for glossy journalism, laid out of recording sessions that it's all about.

Recorded a video in which the example of MG's "Search of ideas for articles," show you how we work and what you can get in this form of learning.

You can sign up here — http://nzhil.ru/wppage/master-gruppa-mart/

APR 10

What feature of the texts for the gloss?

In the gloss, especially in print, the reader is more attentive to the text, because he chose the magazine or website purposefully. Here to minimum of "accidental" hit, so the lyrics for gloss have the following features:

1. The volume

The reader willing to pay attention to you, because he spent some effort: looked into the stall, took the purse, poured himself a Cup of coffee or filled the bathtub with foam. You don't have to compete with hundreds of recruiting zamanuh with the advertising column on the website or from other magazines or videos. Continue reading