Feb 17

What portfolio is right for you?

"Cooperation is possible, please, send synopsis and a portfolio," answers to your letter to the editor of the gloss. Great news! Confuses only that portfolio you do not, and never was. How to be?

School authors gloss already talked about the importance of a portfolio for a journalist, and shared secret, as quickly as possible to fill it. Now let's consider the variants how to place their "works". Continue reading

Jan 28

Spring into summer

It is no secret that glossy magazine is preparing to release not one, not even for two months. When the outside is spinning the January snow, the author of the gloss it's time to focus on summer releases. The question immediately arises: what subject to offer for summer in response to the long-awaited "write"?

Own ideas seem brilliant, but the editor again chooses not us, and our super-topics continue to stand in the queue. Familiar? Then let's see what topics successfully "pass" in the log. And we start with summer and summer pure fact.

Having carefully studied the various glossy summer 2013, I can safely announce the list of the most popular seasonal themes. So...

Summer themes-the leaders

Health and beauty

Of course, this is the eternal theme for magazines. But note, the article about Continue reading

Jan 13

Glossy trend

If the lips are surely tempting, if the eyes are blue, if the fingers are thin... No, these are not standards of top models, it's cliché at first, are very common in opinion texts. How to recognize cliches? Is it possible to get rid of them and what to do? It can be removed, but have to work hard on his style of writing.

Why do I need your epithets?

Colorful language definition give the author special flavor or aroma. Agree, much more interesting to read not about some abstract girlfriend, and about the "voluptuous beauty." In addition, the author of the gloss very often to describe the life scenes, an unusual situation. As ever, we need precision and expressiveness of language, vivid definition, who will immediately give the main strokes of what is happening. Continue reading

Dec 26

New year's resolutions of the author of the gloss

Very soon will begin the countdown of the new year 2014. Under the chiming clock we will make a wish, but isn't it better at this moment to give yourself the most solemn promises, which are closer to the cherished goal? What? Aspiring author of the gloss will definitely promise to myself: do not eat after 19-00, get up early, to do fasting days, morning exercises and...

To write it all down. Well, it is all optional, but what about the profession – it is necessary. Ideas, articles, synopses, catchy phrases and shaped the headlines. Be ready! Romantic girl's diary under the pillow is not enough – the idea may come not only before bedtime. You can use the recorder or make brief notes in the smartphone.

Any method is good if it helps keep the thought came suddenly. Remember: if you're not recording, you lose almost half of their ideas. Continue reading

Noah 29

Deadlines: one cheat sheet for 2014

Are you fascinated in short, interesting texts, figures of speech. Looking for in your favorite magazines primarily material, which is forced to wonder, to argue, to admire, to be angry... But the gloss is a fashion page, beauty news and "Oh, what boots!". It is worth to remember when you plan your schedule.

"Why this room has no bags?" — shout girl on the Forum of your favorite magazine. "Why is this room so few articles?" — you lament. You think that trends and brands is just the app for your downhole texts. But thanks to the trends and brands that the magazine exists. First and foremost, the gloss is a fashion magazine (i.e. a magazine about fashion), as if you're not jarred. Continue reading