Noah 20

In search of a theme

Perhaps, in every glossy magazine ever there was a topic "Where to find the man of your dreams", and you, as readers, know by heart the places there are real princes. But can you quickly answer the question "Where to find the history of your dreams?". For the authors of the gloss tips on the subject will never cease to be useful. After all, the story of a dream is the theme, the idea, the thought that will please the editor, to grow into the text and appear in the pages of the favorite publication. Let's see, where the atmosphere of inspiration and where you want to go searching for those texts.


An easy place to start is the Internet. In fact, any event, the news can develop into a "glossy" material. Don't have to be a good Internet surfer, it is sufficient, for example, to subscribe to our social networks in the public.

Recently I received an invitation from the group of one art cafe for a night of speed Dating. What speed Dating is not a topic for the author's material? It is possible and to carry out an experiment, and to make the top tips on how to behave at this event to get the maximum benefit.

Another place where you can find the idea of your dreams on the Internet is Continue reading

Oct 14

The book on journalism

Have been planning to assemble their knowledge into a single unit. I wanted to do something useful, brief, succinct. To those who are interested in journalism, could a couple of hours to learn the basics of the profession and find answers to their questions. In General, start writing a book.

Plan to finish in 21 days. Seems unreal, but... a week has already passed, some developments there. Plus I hope that will help my previous record. And you, of course))

We chose the name HERE.
Working version of "Journalism as a second profession. How to learn to write?"

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Oct 11

In any glossy magazines you can publish stories?

Sometimes, reading someone's real story, the author of the gloss and I want to finish it in their own way, to come up with the final or add new heroes. Imaginations lead us farther and farther, and the light appears a story or miniature, or maybe even a small story. In some logs there are rubrics for such works, and we will tell you where you can attach the result of his work.

On taste and color

If the heroine of your stories – Schoolgirls or students, they can come to life on the pages of the magazine "YES!". There is a heading "Tales", the volume of work – from 8 to 10 thousand characters, not so much. Some stories to the delight of the readers appear on the magazine's website, others in the release.

Of course, in addition to the formal requirements, it is important to get into the concept of publication. "YES!" — a bold, modern magazine, its audience is high school girls of all ages and students. So will not go here for the history of Continue reading

Oct 03

Natalia Sorokina (Kovtun) about how she became editor of "hearth and Home"

Like to receive such messages))
Natalia Sorokina (Kovtun), who was a student in my training "Glossy journalism", told about how she managed to find their place in glossy magazines. Publish her a letter without changes.

Last summer when I took your course and figured out what was happening in the freelance, began deliberately to write synopses and send them to 4-5 selected journals. The program-maximum for me was to establish cooperation with the Russian Cosmo.

Still don't know why Cosmo – me to this journal, especially Russian, and almost nothing in common. Well, for 7 or 8 months out of a magazine on my synopses responded only once. Olga Zilina said that everything is cool, but it was, and offered to write more ideas.

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Saint 02

Happy New year!

I congratulate you on knowledge Day and... happy new year!

Even though I graduated high school it's scary to remember how many years ago)), but the Sep I is still associated with the beginning of a new season, new school, and now a career year.

Usually in the fall I changed jobs or found a new hobby. So in my life occurred when casino, the Voronezh Association "Gallery Chizhov" (where I was almost dissuaded from journalism), and in September appeared first courses of German and then acting school.

By the way, September 10, I Continue reading