Jan 11

How to become a favorite author of the gloss?

"The man who can't write a letter so that it can be read to the end, can hardly cope with the article".
Olga Sevastyanova, editor of the magazine "cosmopolitan"

What do you think, what the author will order the text? The one who will send "beautiful" summary who ask for the job, promised to do his time and, most importantly, for free (!) or the author who will offer the editorial something a little more specific and fits the format?

In School, the authors of the gloss held a webinar Olga Sevastianova, editor of the popular women's magazine. An hour and a half Olga said:

  • what has changed in the gloss for the last year and what you need to be prepared authors
  • who is the perfect author with which you want to operate,
  • why is the first letter to the editor should be given special attention
  • what are the main mistakes that potential authors
  • some letters just do not need to send
  • what should be the text, so you want to publish
  • how NOT to write for magazines,
  • and who is the "Golden" author!
  • She also spoke in detail about all the intricacies of the genre "Cosmo" and gave advice on how to prepare texts for them.
  • And, of course, shared their experience!

This webinar is well worth a watch to anyone who wants/dreams/plans to start cooperation with glossy magazines!

To get access to the recording of the webinar "How to become a favorite author of the gloss",
email [email protected] an email with the subject "Webinar Olga Sevastianova".

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Dec 27

New year webinar with the editor of the magazine "cosmopolitan"

Creative, successful, cute, creative writers gloss, happy holidays!

To cheer you up, energize and give necessary and useful information BEFORE the New year, School authors gloss is organizing a special webinar!

29 December at 20.00 GMT. for the first time for you by the editor of "Cosmo" (Yes! that very magazine!) Olga Sevastyanova.

Olga has been a journalist since the age of 14. Started, like many regional Newspapers wanted to publish in glossy magazines, but did not develop.

Later, when I was in graduate school "media Management" at the Higher School of Economics, got a job as a editor at a trade magazine Fashion Report. Six months later he became chief editor of the magazine Shoes Report, but still regularly responded to jobs in your favorite women's magazines.

Letters remained unanswered.

In the spring of 2014 took over more active: tracked down the editor of Cosmo in Facebook. Sent him mail threads and finally got the first task.

After a few months of cooperation as an author came in for an interview and soon joined the magazine team as editor.

Olga says that the talented and the Executive sponsors are needed everywhere and always, and everyone has a chance!

On the webinar you will learn

  • what should be your writing, not to be left without a response,
  • as the requirements have been changed to the glossy texts lately
  • some letters just do not need to send
  • what should be the text, so you want to publish
  • how NOT to write for magazines,
  • and how to become an author, which will order articles again and again.
    Olga will talk about the main genres of Cosmo and how to prepare the texts for them.
    And, of course, will share their experience!

Want to learn what you need to do to get to the popular women's glossy magazines?
Come to the webinar Olga Sevastianova!

And now the details:

  • The webinar will be held on 29 December from 20.00 to 21.30 GMT.
  • The webinar will consist of two parts: theory and practice.
  • Olga will tell you what you need to do to get into glossy magazines, and then the examples will show how this can be done.
  • Plus bulk set of questions and answers.

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Jun 07

7 questions about the training "Glossy journalism"

I am often asked in private messages, as will be training "Glossy journalism", whether it is necessary to be in Moscow, how much time you should devote to training, what about those who work, etc.
1. What if I live not in Moscow?
The training will take place completely remotely, via the Internet. At a private training website (login and password) we will be placing video tutorials, lectures, and other recordings. Below in the comments you leave their jobs, I'm correct, complete and give advice. This way you will be able to see the answers of other participants. It's convenient and allows you to avoid many mistakes.
2-3 times a week in the evening conducted webinars (online lesson via a dedicated website, you only need a headset or speakers, a comfortable chair, notebook and tea with candy)).
2. I work, I find time for training?
You will have access to materials, and you will be able to manage your time.
Webinars are held in the evening at 20.00 GMT. If for some reason you are not able to attend the session, you will have the opportunity to listen to the recording, which will appear on the website the next morning.
3. And if I don't make it?
You can work at their own pace. The tasks that are laid out late will also be checked and commented.
4. I don't know if I want to write in space,...
There are so many publications and Internet portals that require authors.
5. I can't write, but want to learn. Can I have training on glossy journalism?
June 11 will open sales training "Glossy journalism". On the same day, you can purchase the course "the Basics of writing a text". Unable to pass it, and 18 June to come to learn to write in gloss.
6. How much is the training?
Training costs from 3900 RUB This amount you can return with the first retainer. And — watch the mail! Sure there will be discounts and bonuses!
7. I just get in the log after the training for glossy journalism?
It all depends on you. I give knowledge, focus, a plan of action. Someone, for example, as Dasha Tregubova or Katya Isayev, began to work and receive orders immediately, even while training. Someone is watching and continues to try.

If you have any more questions, you can ask them in the comments.

And I remind you that the training "Glossy journalism" will begin on June 18.
Within three weeks you will learn
— what is glossy (entertainment) journalism,
— why it is easier to implement yourself than in other genres
— how to choose "their" edition
— how to contact the editor
— how to compose a letter to be opened and read,
— how to find information,
— where to take the history, examples and comments of experts,
— how to come up with ideas for new materials and more.

See you at the training!
Natalia Zhilyakova

Dec 06

Master class on achieving the desired


I have long been concerned with the topic of the achieve the desired.

How to make a wish? How to achieve the execution of the plan? How to understand whether your it, about whether you dream of?



Four years ago, I learned that in most cases the fulfillment of what you want depends on the correct wording. Yes, fulfilled or not, depends on how you will record what you want to.

It sounds implausible? Meanwhile, it is so.

During this time my life has changed dramatically. I will not say big words. If you want to learn one of the ways to achieve the desired — a proven and working method! come on Thursday 8 December at 19.30 on the webinar "translating the goals. From dream to realization".

On the webinar we
* reveal the secret desires that are fulfilled
* learn how to transform wishes into goals
* write a list of their goals
* will practice to work with this list (exercise performance).
And the New year you will have a plan ready to implement what you really want!

Prepare a notebook and pen! Right on the webinar we will record your wishes in a way that will lead them to fulfillment and practice to work with a list of goals.

There are different techniques to achieve the desired. Fits me this. I hope it will work for you.

The webinar is free. This is my gift to everyone who was with me the entire year who helped, supported, watched my achievements.

The record will be.
If you cannot come at this time, sign up, and then I will send you the recording for free.

Before the New year left nothing at all. You probably already begun to choose gifts, try on dresses and to think of what to put on the table except for Olivier. And myself you think? What do you want?

Will find out on 8 December at 19.30 at the webinar "Transformation goals. From dream to realization".

The webinar will be held in the framework of the project "learn to draw before the New Year? Yes!" from the Creative Workshop "follow the dream" (by Natalia Mastukova).

If you want to participate in the webinar or just get it on the record, fill in the form below and on Thursday I'll send you a link to the class.


Your e-mail: *
Your name: *
Noah 21

Free webinar on journalism today at 19.30

Today at 19.30 will host a free webinar on glossy journalism on the topic "the eyes of the Author editor: what topic to choose for publication?".

You will learn what you need to do to get to 1% of those who begin to cooperate editions with millions of copies.

Plan, please, hour to effective communication on the topics of:

— how to determine the format of the publication and why it is to determine

— how to focus on the media format, coming up with ideas

— how to write a competent synopsis,

— how to write a letter to the editor, that it drew attention

and to order the article.

If you are interested in promoting yourself as an expert and businessman, if you want to see your work on the pages of leading publications, please complete the subscription form and I will send you a reminder about the webinar an hour before the start and a link to the entrance to the room.

Your questions for the webinar, you can leave here.

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