What if you found out your idea in someone else's text?

Getting into the format at the idea stage — a sure sign
the early receipt of order article.
Unless, of course, continue to think in the same direction))

We had a very interesting discussion about stealing ideas. (you can read HERE).

On the question of what to do if the idea is still stolen, it was a lot of thoughts on the website and in my LJ. I gathered different opinions (including your blank)) and issued these tips in mind map.

Thanks for the tips Kriksunov Inna, Natalia Kovtun and Polina Volkova!

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6 thoughts on “What to do if you found out your idea in someone else's text?

  1. It turned out very positive! Indeed, in every failure lies a lot of lessons. But I, as a copywriter, I would suggest to continue to think about data protection. I'm on my mistakes learned how to send the finished work only in the form of screenshots of text when the customer will make full payment for the job. You know, it's out of place here, but suddenly someone come in handy 😉

    • Xenia, useful advice!
      I'm sure that someone of the readers would like it.

  2. Natalia, thank you for the inspiring mind map:) very positive and helpful. Remember, when I began my career as an Internet coach, had little ideas and training, and often it seemed that the idea "took", with the experience I have so many ideas, no time to implement all the time new ones come.

    • Natalia, another confirmation that ideas multiply other ideas!

  3. Personally, I would quietly wrote the lyrics to one of the online projects or in the free market and calmed down. A constant "propilivanie" who is who and what was stolen will not be full, as well as experiences.

    Tell a story unrelated to the texts. 5 years ago I "invented" to join a gym bodyflex with strength training of Pilates and yogic bandhas. You should have seen my face when one of the workshops came the miracle girl , one of the students of Marina Korpan and with the text "authoring Marina...blabla" I showed what I've been working on for three years)))

    It was a shame, to say the least, hard. However, out of the situation I have 2 of the lesson:
    1 If you got the idea that you can sell, not idle talk about it on every Internet forum and not write about this copywriting 50 rubles per 1000 Zn
    2. Whoever came up with "author's idea"...money she can get anyone

    • Linen, and once at the seminar, didn't you say anything? It would be interesting to see the response-face))