Deadlines: one cheat sheet for 2014

Are you fascinated in short, interesting texts, figures of speech. Looking for in your favorite magazines primarily material, which is forced to wonder, to argue, to admire, to be angry... But the gloss is a fashion page, beauty news and "Oh, what boots!". It is worth to remember when you plan your schedule.

"Why this room has no bags?" — shout girl on the Forum of your favorite magazine. "Why is this room so few articles?" — you lament. You think that trends and brands is just the app for your downhole texts. But thanks to the trends and brands that the magazine exists. First and foremost, the gloss is a fashion magazine (i.e. a magazine about fashion), as if you're not jarred.

Editorial business

If the magazine is made to brands and trends, the primary challenge to these trends and the brands appeared in this time. Better, of course — before all, or at least not later, than others.

Trendy schedule – here is the strict calendar for edition. To talk about spring trends in April, late March at the time, although you can start doing it in February (spring clothing collection at this time just go on the shelves).

Unveil it, it'll tell you the solution to one of the main problems: in a room now you need to prepare synopses and articles.

The tone for the season asking fashion Week. They are determined by trends in fashion and beauty sphere. The week ends and details immediately form a new number – so? In principle, Yes, but you need to know the nuances.

Trends are determined by 4 main fashion Weeks. They follow one another almost without interruption: new York, London, Milan, Paris. In the course of the year are two such fashion marathon: Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter. And here's the hint: when you go Week Spring/Summer – begin to write the theme for the spring and summer gloss, and as soon as the Week Autumn/Winter – it is necessary to consider autumn-winter synopsis.

As a fashion schedule will help you?

Imagine, begins the season of shows of the Spring/Summer. The first is the collection of the new York Week. It lasts, as a rule, eight days. As soon as the new York- to you it is a good incentive to start writing synopses for offer February, March, April, may.

But don't worry that you only have a week. You remember that to determine the main trends should be completed in all 4 Weeks, and time is sometimes stretched to more than a month.

After new York the fashion community moves to London, then Milan, and Paris becomes the last Week. The end Weeks, should signal that there comes a time for your synapses, because the room with the overview of the new trends have enough work.

Cheat sheet: Fashion calendar 2014

Remains to know when will these same Weeks next year (in 2013 they are already not expected). Now it is clear that it is a fashion schedule to help you work. Agreeing with him, you will be able to make your own schedule with deadlines.

Fashionable small calendar, because the seasons with impressions as you read above, only two: the Spring/Summer and Autumn/Winter.

Week Fall/Winter 2014-2015:

Already in February will be presented by defining fashion for Fall 2014 and Winter 2015. This means that, starting from March (when they will be finished) can send in edition material for August and September, from April to September and October and so on.

Week Spring/Summer 2015:

September reminds you that start Week Spring/Summer 2015. It's time to think of something for spring offer starting from February and March. These Weeks will fit in a 2014 year in one month.

Make your personal schedule taking into account your speed (how long you give yourself time practicing synapses: a month or a few days?) and work at their own pace with their personal deadlines. Good luck and success!

Julia Gnedin for School authors gloss

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