Elena Myasnikova: like "Cosmo you can't catch up"

One of the founders of the popular glossy magazine in Russia, a powerful media Manager, winner of the national prize of achievements of women "Olympia", the Russian woman, which defined the face of two thousand years (according to the New York Times), Elena Myasnikova was one of the originators of glossy press in Russia.

Elena Myasnikova

Elena graduated from the philological faculty of Moscow state University on specialty "Dutch language and literature" and until 1992 taught English and Dutch at the Institute of Asia and Africa. Journalism for her began with the work of the editor and then Deputy editor of the magazine "Europe". Myasnikov admits that for her it was a boring publication covering political and economic problems.

The decision on issue of Cosmopolitan in Russia Elena Myasnikova took with her friend Ellen Verbeek, Dutch journalist and wife of the founder of ID Independent Media derk Sauer. It was like an adventure: Ellen spoke no Russian, but understood fashion, beauty and women's psychology, and a philologist Elena was far from women's journalism, but a good command of the language.

They really wanted to get the right to publish it, the Cosmopolitan is the largest international women's magazine – and succeeded. As later told Elena, they have actually created a Potemkin village by convincing the owners of the brand, they have a huge office and a brilliant author's part to launch the magazine in Russia.

In fact, the first issue in 1994 they had to do just five of us in a rented apartment, typing the lyrics on an old typewriter. Helen and Ellen were appointed editors-in-chief, which, however, did not prevent them to skillfully share responsibilities – editing of the texts took on Elena, and the visual component engaged to Ellen. This helped them to avoid conflicts: the co-editors did not attempt to "territory" to each other, and on all important questions, such as what color to do the cover, searched for a compromise. Often one or the other had to leave on organizational issues, and then the other assumed control.

The first issue sold out in a week. Although Cosmopolitan was not the first foreign publication in Russia, with a female audience still no one spoke. Cosmo drew a new picture of life where women are independent and confident. For the first time in its pages appeared articles about sex and relationships with men.

Able to attract advertising helped the publication to pay for itself in just three months. In ten years, the editors brought it to a record run of one million copies, far ahead of such powerful competitors like Glamour and Elle.

In an interview, Elena Myasnikova said the secret to the success of Cosmo:

— To share the personal much higher than in other journals, which are more to do with fashion, cosmetics and perfumes. Still, looking at the truth, the lipstick may not be a matter of happiness and unhappiness. Relationships make life happy or miserable.

In 2001 Helen joined the Board of Directors of CJSC publishing The Independet Media. After spending 11 years in the role of editor-in-chief of Cosmopolitan, in 2005, along with Ellen Verbeek Elena handed over the position Jan Lacovou and Elena Vasilyeva, and she took the lead on all projects related to Cosmo: Cosmopolitan Beauty, Magic Cosmo (Cosmopolitan now-Psychology), Сosmopolitan Shopping and other.

Currently, Yelena is the head of the Russian office of an international publishing holding Sanoma Magazines International as the General Director and oversees the production of many magazines, including Cosmopolitan, Men's Health, Harper's Bazaar, Home, Seasons, Health Formula, Yes! Factory Of Stars.

Elena full of freshness and enthusiasm, ready to develop new projects, despite the height. And after work waiting for her family — husband Nicholas, son of Anton and cat. Elena likes to plant flowers and together with her husband they are resting, caring for the garden. She loves reading and she calls herself completely undermined by the reader, ready to swallow even the schedule of trains, if there would not books. Her third passion is travel. The ancestor of the Russian Cosmo loves to discover new places, to seek fresh experiences. Most strongly it attracts Asia, with its freshness, power and appeal that is hard to understand for Western people.

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