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Today "gloss for moms" is in the lineup virtually every major publishing house. And this is a great opportunity of cooperation for authors "in the subject."

Who can such be? Welcome authors for all journals on children and family relationships — professionals: neonatologists, pediatricians, psychologists, speech therapists, nutritionists and other important for the health and development of babies people. Their knowledge with readers can share experienced moms and dads. Although beginners and even potential parents can shape cooperation: neophytes carefully collect information, analyze it and are ready to ask experts the tough questions. Most importantly — interested in terms of issues that are going to cover.

Work schedule is in the monthly magazines "about the children" is the same as that of our colleagues — offering lessons, you should look far ahead and to give advice on the celebration of the first of the New year in early summer. About experts is also better to take care of themselves, thus it is necessary to choose truly literate people. After all, many moms literally perceive what they read, and apply from the magazine of knowledge in their families.

The most common in Russia, magazine about children, "Lisa. My baby" (website:, the publishing house "Burda", with a circulation of 250 thousand copies. Almost three hundred thin colorful pages for little money (the recommended price — 50 rubles) make this publication available to a wide readership. In the content — section for pregnant women, specific sections about newborns, older babies and pre-school age, "mom's class" traditional "health and beauty", and a section on family relationships. Traditionally, under the articles indicate not only the name of the author, but also his profession. However, there are "lesexpert" materials — about fifteen in number. When applying your theme, consider the style — crushing articles on the domes and podpevki with bold headlines that create a feeling of the digest.


"Publishing house "AFS" (Elle, Maxim, Home, Marie Claire) will release his "mom gloss" with a circulation of 200 thousand copies. Russian version of magazine "Parents — Happy parents" ( , devoted to problems of upbringing of children and relationships between parents and children, published since 1998. There is a full and mini version. The articles are grouped in the following areas: pregnancy, children's health and the health of mothers, child psychology, education issues. Most of the materials expert. Original texts can be found in different sections. For example, under the heading "health and safety" to share the experience of the organization of the trip to the clinic in the subject "psychology — how they grow" to highlight the competent organization of forced absences of mothers from the baby.


Externally and internally similar to the above edition of the magazine "Mom, it's me!" ( It produces CJSC "Edipress-KONLIGA" ("The", "Trendy crafts", "home sweet home") with a circulation of 180 thousand copies. All articles are divided into two major topics: children; mom and dad. About the children narrate articles in sections: health, first year, care, nutrition, development. Parent half is divided into sections: waiting for baby, childbirth, psychology, workshop, mother's health and beauty. Most of the materials in copyright, but in the edition of widely used materials of foreign colleagues (Ukraine, Kazakhstan).


Experts-professionals and parents are invited to cooperation two magazines, produced by LLC "9 months" — the same name "9 months" ( and "Pregnancy. The mother and child" ( In the journal about pregnancy regularly appear in the invitation email to articles gynecologists obstetricians, neonatologists and other specialists, and the site has a special form for those wishing to operate. Publication dedicated to the kids, welcomes the experience of mothers and fathers, authors of educational methods. On the pages of these magazines and literary experiments, and indicate not only the name and city of the author or story. To check how long ago was there a particular topic on the pages of these publications is quite simple – on the last pages of each number published bibliography for a couple of years.


In the "related" questions, for example about the purity of tap water, the environmental balance at home and on topical issues (new sanitary-epidemiological rules for school, rules for the calculation of benefits for pregnancy and childbirth) can be written in the magazine "My baby and I" ( His 2007 releases LLC "Forward media group" (Hallo, "Interior+design"), today with a circulation of 160 thousand copies. The scope is wide, pregnancy and childbirth, infant health. There are sections of "the man grows", "family and society". Materials writing as editors and authors-the freelancers. On average, the number is five copyrighted materials. Most written in collaboration with experts whose names are listed next to the names of the authors of the articles.


Stands out from the slim number of gloss for mothers magazine "My little" (, which bills itself as a "useful magazine for parents". With a circulation of 75 thousand copies. Publisher — OOO "IDR" ("Peasant woman", "TV7") — focuses on the abundance of photographs, including from readers. The prevailing topic — the health of the baby. Popular language, clearly and specifically highlights the different aspects of its conservation and restoration. Considerable space is devoted to the presentation of the parental experience — filed under the "workshop" and "theory and practice" you can find stories about teaching kids drawing, physical education. At least one material in the room dedicated to pregnant women, a couple moms and dads. Interesting detail under the author's name to indicate his profession and number of children.


An established team of authors (according to unofficial words of its editor) is working on a magazine Mamas&Papas ( from the family ID Sanoma Independent magazine (Cosmopolitan). With a circulation of 80 thousand copies. Recently, the journal has expanded its target audience and writes about children from 0 to 7 years. The range of issues traditional, but they are grouped in the "verbal" principle: get out and buy it, sit at home, develop, bring up. "Newbies" are dedicated to the separate heading "idiots". In the magazine you will find expert opinions and parent experience is published workshops, travel articles. Important detail – the writing style is different from all previous editions. Language more lively, colloquial, slang is allowed.

In any case, before proposing topics in the magazine, it is better to read a few of the rooms and, at the same time, to clarify relevant data about editors and their addresses.

Anna Minaeva for School authors gloss

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