Quick start in Cosmo

Years to dream, plan, think and get upset that someone already and you haven't yet. And you can send one good email, and after 5 months I maintain two columns in the popular women's magazine Cosmopolitan.

Listen to an interview with Daria Tregubova in which she incrementally reveals his secret falling into a pool of Cosmo-authors.

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Daria Tregubova, the author of the new Cosmo

Five hours after our conversation Dasha sent this message:

Natalia Zhilyakova for School authors gloss

In the interview mentioned materials Daria Tregubova in the June issue of Cosmopolitan magazine:
p. 148 "ordered Way"
p. 226 "over the hedge"
p. 228 "the Sea knee-deep"

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11 thoughts on “Quick start in Cosmo

  1. That is sooo interested in the beginning, but it is absolutely not audible that meets Daria (as( And therefore even more inflamed intrigue: what could she do? As it, all Thais, to hear?))

    • The player's left socket, where you can increase the sound (like a ladder). Try.

      • alas. This ladder cheat full. Increases the volume only your Natalya's voice. Daria is not audible at all((

        • Natalia, and if you download, also can not hear?
          I asked a few people, she can hear (worse than me, which is understandable, but audible).
          And if you look in the group in Vkontakte? — http://vk.com/club31727351

  2. Awesome interview! Right after a sense of excitement Dasha, such a great state of anticipation, opened its new doors!
    A huge success and her inspiration!))

    • Such "doors" of success and inspiration would like to wish everyone))

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