Kate lanphear: exquisite punk

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It is called the icon of street style. Its heraldic colors – black, white and gray. She is inspired by the style of heavy metal, iPad and Catholic iconography.

Kate Lanphear

Platinum side-swept bangs that hide half face, tight black jeans, she is, Kate lanphear, style Director of Elle magazine. A sloppy image of a teenage rocker hides extreme attention to detail.

Believe it or not, impeccable dresser she learned in the village. Girl from Virginia was fascinated by how carefully picked up the clothes her aunt and godmother, though to whom, it would seem, smarten up in the American heartland? Perhaps it was then that Kate felt that the style – derived from the state of the soul.

Kate started to collect fashion magazines. After high school she, contrary to family tradition, decided to learn not to be a lawyer and a journalist.

To break into the world of glossy magazines was not easy. Her way lay through London, and Sydney. Finally, Kate managed to get a job in Australian Vogue, then in the Australian Harper's Bazaar. The staff of the magazines was small, which allowed the initiative to the employee quickly to make a career. On the other hand, had to take on many responsibilities, up to financial planning. About a specialization of the question.

After eight years of work in Australia, Kate returned to the States. She first collaborated with Harper's Bazaar, then moved to Elle for the position of editor-in-chief of the fashion Department, and since 2008 she is the style Director.

Kate remembers how she tried to wear clothes that would correspond to the position of assistant in a glossy magazine. Not yet tired from having to pretend. Kate came in for an interview to the editor in your favorite acid-washed jeans and... got the job. However, she still kept a fiery red dress by Australian brand Scanlan & Theodore.

Despite an aggressive style, Kate speaks of himself as shy. She rarely gives interviews, but is incredibly popular with photographers who want to capture her every outfit.

A former Intern Elle remembered that Kate, unlike many other editors, sees the interns people. When her employees had to work at night, she ordered them pizza and soda.

Kate lanphear and her favourite black jeans

Life in the big city sets its own dress code. Street style requires simplicity and functionality. Kate lanphear brought him a kind of elegance, with black skinny jeans the same sign, which at the time was the little black dress Coco Chanel.

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