A woman who has conquered the world of fashion, hand made

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Every person related to clothes, knows the magazine "Burda Moden". However, not everyone knows that the history of the journal started with a family scandal.

Burda with the first Russian Burda Moden room

Anna (Anna) Magdalena Lemminger was born 28 July 1909 in the family of locomotive engineer in Germany. At the age of 22 got married. Her lover was Dr. Franz Burda, publisher and owner of the printing house.

The future "Queen of clothes" helped her husband in the family business, editing one page in men's magazine. This was limited to her experience in publishing.

In 1949, she learned about the connection of her husband with another woman — former Secretary of Alfredos Franz Breuer, who published the magazine about fashion, not having, however, commercial success. At the request of the angry wife relationship with the paramour was terminated, Mr. Franz returned to the family, buying for the couple is almost bankrupt business Breuer.

But Enna was sure I would be able to create something significant, and she succeeded. She didn't know how to sew, and very little knew about publishing. But she had a lot of energy, an innate sense of style and ...cheating husband. "If my husband loved me as I loved him in the beginning of our life together, I would never have created the Burda Moden, — said later Burda. — I would be enough of happiness of family life". Now she was filled with vanity.

In the difficult postwar period to buy nice clothes was difficult because of her lack or exorbitant prices. But quite accessible was the beautiful fabrics that the shop owners put in front of monetary reform, began to get on the shelves.

At the same time, Enna impressed with the New Look invented by Christian Dior. Instead of robes – a wide skirt with a narrow waist, instead of wool socks – silk stockings. And an aspiring publisher understand how to help the Germans, wishing once again be feminine and attractive. She began to do a fashion magazine.

Not versed in the sartorial arts, Burda has assembled a team of professionals, luring some of them from competitors, and set to work. In January 1950, the first issue of the legendary magazine. And in 1965, its circulation exceeded one million copies.

In Moscow edition appeared on 8 March 1987. It was the first Western magazine in the Soviet Union. Say his presence has supported herself Raisa Gorbachev.

First time to buy it in the sale was not easy — it was the queue for condensed milk, it was sold at a speculative price that is equal to 1/3 of the salary of an ordinary engineer, distributed by enterprises through trade unions. Women exchanged the precious pages were redrawn and copied a pattern, bought new together.

For them the magazine was like a breath of fresh air. In stores not sold clothes even remotely resembling the one that was printed in the pages of fashion publications. A pattern from the magazine for many became a guide to the world of fashion and style.

Itself Burda worked in publishing until the early 1990s. after retirement, he engaged in a favorite painting. And its offspring continues to exist until now.

For his achievements, the legendary woman has won many awards. In the town of Offenburg in honor of its 95th anniversary, was opened Alley "Enna Burda".

His bright career, she proved that "miracles are possible". 28 Jul 2009 the founder of the Burda Moden would have turned 100 years old.

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