Free webinar on journalism

PM me ask a lot of questions on journalism, so I decided to do a free introductory webinar.

You can add your own questions which we will consider.




In the comments ask me whatever you wanted to know. Priority is glossy journalism.

The webinar will be held on Monday at 19.30.

Link Monday you will receive subscribers to your blog. So if you have not already subscribed to my newsletter, please sign up then the reminder of the webinar will come to you in the mail.

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8 thoughts on “Free webinar on journalism

  1. Tell me, how to determine the taste of the audience? Some topics suddenly spark an incredible interest, but others are cold. Although the articles are equally good.
    How to write marketable material? What are the most frequent mistakes of journalists/authors?
    How to become a author cosmopolitan? Do you need authors?

    • Irina, I wrote down your questions. Will definitely consider them in the webinar.

  2. In what should be a portfolio? I have newspaper clippings from my notes, logs — I have to scan and how to apply?

  3. Natalia, how do I get editor to open your letter, when the offer of the theme? Because every day the editor receives a huge number of them. Thank you!

    • Daria, good question. Will touch on this topic in the webinar.

  4. Hello, Natalia! very glad I found Your website, but a little saddened by the fact that already was Your free webinar. Tell me, please, whether You plan to hold such events again? and also — how can you get Your training? thank you! With respect!

    • Events planned weight. There will be articles and interviews and videos. If you have subscribed to receive the free newsletter, you will learn everything in the first place.
      Training on glossy journalism is now. The next thread will be in January (mid — late).