Analysis of errors in the design of texts

Recently in this blog was the competition the author of the gloss. It was received more than 30 works. Some of the texts were published without a single change, while others had them. In this contest, the aim was not to prepare ideal from the point of view of the corrector of texts, but when you send your material to the editor of a major magazine, you need to pay more attention to its design.

What is the text chosen by the editor? Interesting, any format and... written well

Of course, you may ask, why then you need concealer. It is a reasonable question, and your mistakes do have to correct someone. But if you look from the position of editor...

Imagine: two of the author sent him a the same complexity and style texts, with both he would not mind to continue the cooperation, but first the author makes a lot of mistakesthat have to be corrected to the editor (!), and the second sends a crystal-clear texts, which after a few modifications, go to the strip. In the next room there is an order in a single text. Who do you think will get it?

By submitting your material to the editor of a major publication, you must be sure that did everything possible to make your text was perfect in all respects.

A list of the main errors that were made by the participants of the contest "the author of the gloss" (and I admit, many journalists) in the video.[pwal id="10421559" description="to read the full article, press any of these buttons (if needed, refresh the page)"]


Basic errors in writing and designing text

1. Don't call the file with the article "the author of the gloss" or "Competition".
The text file gives the name of this scheme familia_rabochiy_zagolovok.
Not a magazine Editor and not the Text (and especially not the Microsoft Office Word Document), and Zhilyakova_Elena_Myasnikova or Zhilyakova_Kak_pomenyat_raboty.

2. Be sure to sign your text!
Only a few people at the beginning or end of the text specified data. And only one (!) the participant to name added my e-mail. In other texts the author has added itself...
The editor copies the file to the computer, opens it and, of course, does not remember who wrote it. He, sorry, a few rooms in operation and 20-40 authors. I think he will be happy that you gave him extra work?

3. Correct mistakes!
Word gives you a great opportunity to improve your text – do not ignore his requests to put another letter or add an extra comma. This applies to obvious mistakes, which, unfortunately, happens a lot in the texts sent to the editor. Sometimes the Word is wrong, but if you are good at spelling, you immediately identify his weaknesses))

They have to type. And, believe me, is slightly annoying.

5. Do the generally accepted standard design file
Font Times New Roman or Arial.
Font size – 12 points.
The writing is direct.
Don't make all the text in italics!
No need to stretch the field and reduce the line spacing!
Forget the desire for embellishment! A little "red" to make it clearer, the text sent to the editor of the city newspaper with a circulation of 8 thousand copies in a month, will delight coder. In serious publications, it is inappropriate.

6. Forget the letter E
In most fonts that use in the layout, there is no such symbol, as E. Instead, there is a box, decal or some other sort of image. The designer or just before the editor has to manually correct the "squares". And this, as we remember the extra work.
E can be placed only in proper names.

7. Use synonyms!
Instead of the name you can tell the girl model, she is. And even if you can't find a synonym, often helps the removal of the word. Just threw it out and all.

8. Foreign names are written without quotation marks.
And maintain uniformity in the writing. The magazine/company/store has only one name. If you use text BMW, then let BMW and not BMW.

9. Punctuation: much? – it happens!
If you are not sure whether to put a dash and how many commas you need (a Word treacherously silent), put a comma where the pause.
Dot put in place a long pause, or when the author wants the reader to think. But with this sign it is easy to overdo it. Dot nedostavat better than to move.

10. Don't waste time on the selection of illustrations.
Illustration not to pull back from the text document. And even more so, it would be impossible to use in the layout.

By the way, pleased that all submitted work was meticulously inscribed in the number of marked characters. It's nice.

And be sure to be careful as to the volume of texts that you send in edition. If you were asked to write 10 thousand characters with spaces, don't need "happy" editor's top twenty. He will have a hard time to cut! Thousand characters will be sufficient to be able to meet their need to throw out of the text.

Good luck texts that will capture the editor not only sense, but literacy!

Natalia Zhilyakova


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9 thoughts on “an Analysis of errors in the design of texts

  1. To type in a title written in Caps, is not necessary, because in the Word there is now a feature that allows you to automatically change uppercase to lowercase. "E" is also easy to remove in the text AutoCorrect. And extra spaces and the format is still the editor or proofreader automatically just in case corrected prior to placement of the text coder.
    So the main thing that I would advise to learn the rules of the Russian language. Give your friend the philologist the text, it will tell you what rules need to refresh your memory.
    For a suggestion to put a comma where a pause... I have several years of editing texts and see how the people according to this principle, put commas everywhere, just out of the blue. Concealer will still read your text, you still find flaws. You the main thing — not to impress the editor very much blatant ignorance in terms of spelling. First and foremost, please pay attention to the facts! The name of the specialist that you mentioned twice, and each time differently written, it is necessary to clarify the author of the article or in the search engine, it is much more time-consuming than error correction. The same applies to the names of the sites, institutions, etc.

    • Of course, you can remove all the excess to AutoCorrect, but why should an editor, not the author himself?

  2. About the illustrations : actually they can easily pull from a text file format doc, docx, rtf, odt, etc.
    Just click on the picture, right-click and save the image as a separate file.
    Another thing is that journals are unlikely to need these illustrations ))

    • It is clear that, technically, they can resave. I meant that the quality they are unsuitable for typesetting. Even if you put on the website.

  3. Thanks for the tips:)))
    Item No. 2 recalls that many authors, and the editor alone. However, the authors forget that.

    • Most likely, in September.
      In July, I certainly don't, and in August I will be on vacation.