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What is a "glossy" finish? Here is an overview of the most famous fashion magazines that come out in Russia.


Vogue and fashion are synonyms! More than a century of history, the most stellar designers and models on the pages, and the head — the "iron lady" Anna Wintour.
After the release of the film "the Devil wears Prada" it was said, though the designers refused from episodic roles: Wintour has threatened that in this case I do not see them in Vogue publications. Although the editorial Board has denied the rumors, there is no doubt that the influence of Vogue in the fashion world is incredibly high.
Here won't tell us why he still has not proposed to you, will not advise you on how to survive in the women's team and not put the experiments in bed.
Vogue speaks mainly about fashion – but says! The world's best photographers will be honored for the privilege to present their work on the glossy pages of this magazine. But do not think that Vogue is just a beautiful photo shoot: there are the interviews with successful and extraordinary people, the stories of acclaimed exhibitions, and if it's about shopping, it is, of course, shopping in an exotic country!
Vogue came to Russia in 1998, is released every month with a circulation of 150 000 copies. For 12 years, his longtime editor Alyona Doletskaya. Only in 2010 at the Victoria Davydova, who previously headed the magazine Tatler.

Marie Claire

Marie Claire was born in France, flourished in America. The magazine, created in 1937, was extremely popular at home, however, the Second world war was severe adjustments to his fate – only in 1954, Marie Claire began to be published again. And in the 90 years the magazine has been reborn in new York.
The Russians were able to meet with Marie Claire in 2001. Today with a circulation of 230,000 copies. Chief editor Olga Zaretskaya.
The motto of modern Marie Claire — "More than a pretty face". Fashion magazine with character, substance and depth, this gloss is not for dummies!
His readers have their own opinions and sense of humor, she's sexy and confident, she is not afraid to bring something new to your wardrobe and in your life.


CosmopolitanShopping is a relatively young project. "Daughter" of one of the most popular Russian magazines, CosmopolitanShopping became a real guru for girls who strive to be aware of fashion victim.
I wonder what the Russian and American version of the magazine was released almost simultaneously in 2004.
The magazine is published monthly with a circulation of 145,000 copies. Editor – Alice Radlov, who succeeded Anastasia Fifths.
Here's a little of everything: the latest trends from the catwalks working life of supermodels and designers, interesting finds, street fashion.
In short, Cosmo while she travels, falls in love, builds a career, the girl CosmoShopping go shopping!


If you count from birth – Elle for 60 years! In Russia the journal started in 1996, its circulation of 260,000 copies, and the chief editor Elena Sotnikova.
ELLE has created a Frenchwoman with Russian roots, so it is not surprising that our compatriots had to taste it friendly and a bit philosophic mood.
Elle analyzes the trends of the season is carefully given to the system, to outfits hand-picked accessories, offers the finished look, take and copy. Elle refers to the authority – the opinion of renowned fashionistas and designers matters. Elle tells articles dedicated to a variety of life situations, from funny to serious.
The average age of the readers of this journal 34 years, so you can talk about choosing a face cream, and planning the family budget, and the recipes and about emotions. There are no sharp ambition, no excessive categorical and pathos – the world Elle is beautiful and unhurried.

Harper's Bazaar

Avant-garde and sophisticated. Harper's Bazaar magazine is not for everyone. Maybe that's why the popularity in Russia, he is noticeably inferior to the same Cosmo.
The circulation of the magazine – 120,000 copies, and ethe fall of the Russian Bazaar celebrated its fifteenth anniversary. Editor – Daria Veledeeva, which, despite his young age, already has a solid experience in fashion glossy magazines.
Less useful, but banal tips, more pretty pictures and names that are familiar to every woman, extravagant outfits and accessories...
The character Bazaar is a wealthy and successful woman, she does not dream of a beautiful life, she lives it.


Glamour have not had time to even celebrate its tenth anniversary — this monthly magazine is published since 2004 under the auspices of the same publishing house as the famous Vogue. However, he is not inferior to their glossy brethren – the circulation of 700 thousand copies. Since the founding of the journal is headed by Masha Fedorova.
What you can find in Glamour? All the fun is: high fashion and star style, valuable recommendations for maintaining health and beauty, the intricacies of building a career and secrets of a happy motherhood.
And most importantly, Glamour is open for communication – there are many sections devoted to letters from readers, and even readers (Yes, men too, sometimes I leaf through the glossy surface).

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  1. And Helen Marlen Magazine and Baby Marlen.
    In a "adult" magazine about the most interesting collections of the season, stories on fashion designers. In children — everything about children's fashion+tips for parents. Proud of the fact that they have reprinted articles and to work on issues that attract foreign stylists and photographers.

    • To be honest, even about such did not hear)) And for a long time in Russia published?

  2. The design is VERY evident in glaa. In the" former residence" and "the Worker" this was not.