How to find your calling in gloss?

October 20, my colleague and partner Daria cake ("the Book project") will be held in Moscow training meeting on"How to find your calling in gloss".

Journalism and writing are closely related. "How?" — you will ask. We communicate with Dasha for a few years, discuss their projects, share ideas, plans and came to the conclusion that we need to work more closely, because:

  • glossy journalist to develop their abilities, creativity, ability to find new themes need to be engaged creativity, especially he can help the stories (the creation of this short work you will not spend a lot of time, but the result can be seen to almost immediately);
  • the writer, in turn, can greatly help journalism — also in search of ideas, gathering information, developing literary techniques, creating images.

Open any glossy magazine. You will surely find a couple of articles, reminiscent of mini-stories. Gloss — it stories, images, impressions, and their feelings could be passed through the article and through the story.

But what is right for you? How to understand what kind of exercise you'll be more successful (and therefore earn more money), and what will be for you application, support?

Offer to meet on 20 October to discuss these issues!

  • Together we will examine the genres of gloss and define what it is you will be most successful;
  • will give you the idea to implement and jointly prepare all the necessary groundwork for its implementation;
  • analyze texts and discuss what mistakes should be avoided;
  • and find the answers to all the questions!

It will be a chamber meeting and workshop.

  • You will leave the training not only with new knowledge but with a clear plan of action!
  • You will know exactly where you should move on in glossy journalism, and more – you will have the groundwork: ideas, sketches, proven techniques that will help you to make your move and Express themselves in a Federal gloss.

It is important that the people who allocate Saturday for their education, left us not only with impressions, but with the result, so we take only 10 people.


Program training meeting on "How to find your calling in the glossy"

The close relationship of journalism and writing: the writer will help journalism and why should the journalist be able to write stories. (Daria Cake)

The differences between the "glossy" articles (parse features of the genre that the authors write-the-regulars determine what is right for you). Choose "your" genre. (Natalia Zhilyakova)

The main differences between the stories in glossy magazines (a genre features, how to find a suitable plot, determine the idea with your "strong" points). (Daria Cake)

Workshop "Article": find the idea, prepare it for revision, write synopsis, collect information. (Natalia Zhilyakova)

Workshop "the Story": we make the idea, draw up a brief plan/card is determined by the details. (Daria Cake)

The analysis of the published texts from magazines: learn from others ' mistakes, build a plan to work on your text. (Natalia Zhilyakova)

The analysis of the published story from the gloss: learn from others ' mistakes, build a plan to work on your story. (Daria Cake).

Go to a training meeting!

Time: October 20 (Saturday), from 10.00 to 16.00
Place: Moscow, 5 minutes from metro "Arbatskaya"

How to confirm the participation?

  1. Click on the "Go to a training meeting!"
  2. Choose a payment method.
  3. Make the payment until October 15.
  4. Come to the meeting on 20 October to 10am!

With us communication, creative atmosphere, coffee/cookies and gifts. With you – the desire to work and to publish in a glossy magazine.


Only this week you can bill and pay for participation in training meeting at a discounted price — 4000 rubles!

After the 15th of October the price increases to 5000 RUB.

You know that I will be able to return the cost of participation with one publication in the Federal gloss?)) Can you please stop delaying?)

Go to a training meeting!

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