The history of the new author in glossy journalism

In the December issue of Cosmopolitan came out "first second" article graduate training "Glossy journalism" Lena Reshetnikova. About trying to be the author of the gloss, about how I got to the course and later in the magazine, like doubt and in what is sure now, says Lena.

— I a classic example from Natasha's brochure about the gloss – "I always wanted to be a journalist, but my mom said, infak!". It is not so categorical, however, because I equally love dearly foreign languages and 'writing'. In school I was always released some Newspapers, wrote poetry and stories.

And I love glossy magazines. There was a time when I bought, probably, all the gloss, which was only brought to our city. Third Tuesday of the month, when the market appears new Cosmo, has always been special to me.

The first test

7 years ago I wrote... and not an article and not a story that is an essay. That dreams always come true, it is only important to correctly formulate. In the Cosmo it was published in the category "Monologue". Wrote just for yourself, in one breath, and in some, apparently, a moment of madness sent in a favorite magazine. A response is not expected, and he came!

Almost the next day I said Tatyana Nesterova. From her letters I remember only one word: "masterpiece", in relation to my opus it struck me in the heart. 🙂 "Masterpiece" published in the December issue.

Tatyana wrote to me a couple of times and asked if there was any more work. I sent one (rare nonsense with the hindsight of 7 years!), of course, she was not accepted, and the more I tried. Then I was not familiar with Natasha, did not know the word "synopsis" and had no idea how to act to see his name on the pages of Cosmo.

Although the dream of writing continued to live somewhere on the outskirts of my subconscious – or why life is all the time offered me the job in the local edition of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" (and two weeks working there I got two great articles!), the publication in the corporate magazine, and even a real book! My former boss-the American wrote about his life in Russia, and I and his two colleagues were co-authors. The book was published and even sold on Amazon. But that was not it – probably because I really did not know what he wanted, that fate and had to turn dream then one side, then the other, that though as-that to please me. Alas!.. It was not that.

My doubts

But in June I saw an advertisement Natalino course glossy journalism. And realized it! What I need, what I always wanted. No, I did not immediately ran to register. I wrote "pros" and "cons" — the first I regularly read in my diary. I consulted with my husband. With my friends. The discussion took a couple of days. Replayed in my head several scenarios. The page for the online Bank and a couple of hours hypnotized the button "Send payment". Then exhaled, pressed, quickly closed, so as not to change his mind, and wrote her husband that I decided. "It would be better robot vacuum bought" — the answer came immediately. I promised that the robot cleaner can I buy for fees. And to buy one. 🙂

Course , without any exaggeration became for me the highlight of the year. So much positivity and inspiration I had. And so much useful information laid out on shelves! Have thought: Oh, if I had all this knowledge 7 years ago! But everything comes in its time, and every moment is right. Admire Natasha, who are so well-systematized their knowledge and gave them a form that even the most that neither is grandma's teapot in flower will be able to write the synopsis and get the first letter to the editor that will read. During private lessons on Skype I constantly learned and recorded something new – new ideas and valuable comments literally jumped out of the monitor!

Second attempt and again good luck!

My second "first letter to the editor" I wrote with much more fear than in 2005. In 2005, in General, I wasn't scared, and then felt all the same obligations before she didn't want to let her down. I sent several topics, several times altered, and the finished article a Christmas theme – at the time just about preparing the Christmas room, and Natasha suggested that such a topic can become a happy ticket. However, I was able to call "it" article, just when I saw the publication, almost two reversal!

At first I could not believe – it is very easy this article napisales, it's just advice at the end of the year. That's actually my favorite format – a list! 100 recipes how to become happy, 42 ideas on how to be the perfect wife, 56 ways to hijack a plane.

Answer this time I waited much longer – but wait! And again I could not believe that it worked. Yes, I was asked to improve some things, some ideas had to be removed and replaced by others, but in fact it turned out that removed only one of the old and new added. And added another – well, not my about what we need to get out of the house on new year's eve the streets and buy a pie and tea. The funny thing is that this "not my" idea caused the most complaints from friends and relatives. Every second made me claim that "how could such write, what are the cookies what were you thinking!"

While this publication only after completing the course. I wrote two more articles, one of which wrote long and in the end almost hated, but the result I really like! Until they are adopted, but, as I said Natasha, "good ideas always find its way", and I think that is a good article, in the end, will always find its reader.

I work full-time and write regularly, but still continue to send the synopses – in Cosmo every month, and in other journals periodically. And someday (soon, I hope!) I will definitely come up with a theme, which is waiting for the editor! And the ideas I have – after natashino of course I know where to take them and what to do with them.

And I'm sure I'll see my name on the pages of Cosmo. Because, as Coelho wrote, "what happens once may never happen. But what happened twice will surely happen in the third."


I'm very happy for Lena, she is very focused and I believe that very soon we will see her new publication.

For those who read the article until the end)))
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  1. The article is great! I am also a fan of this format so that article I immediately liked. The ideas we've read with a friend or rather I read them to her over the phone and over the 4 idea laughed for a long time. Go to a favorite cafe and restaurant time again we find we must amend the list to find the money to go there.

  2. I was so touched by new year's vanity, the completion of cases, the anticipation of the new that I almost shed tears of happiness reading this interesting and very festive. it often happens that thinking about something will not come up, and then the magazine open, and there is the answer to the question. this article is the case for me.

  3. Interesting article, I also tried to send their articles in the journals published but unfortunately not all.

  4. And my favorite format! And the article was very good, sentimental, very new year!