Greetings and gifts to the 8th of March!

Dear girls, congratulations with beautiful spring holiday!

  • We wish that every day you have had pleasant things that will cheer you up!
  • Let every day you get at least one idea for a new article!
  • And at least once a month let the editor that the magazine sends you the order at once on three texts!
  • A glossy publication with your posts, let out as often as possible!

Also the staff of the School of the authors of the gloss has prepared for you special gifts:

1. For those who are already trying to write an Advanced Kit for the author of the gloss
(4 webinars and useful benefits)

1) a recording of the webinar "How to secure orders in 2013" (plan of action)
2) the recording of the webinar "Trends in glossy journalism" (discussing current topics)
3) webinar recording - "Humor in gloss" (practice: learning to write funny)
4) online participation in the webinar "Key components of good article":
— analyze three successful text + you will receive recommendations on how to learn to write at the same level;
bonus webinar we will analyze a text from a potential author from the position of editor (as an editor sees your text and that it should be changed to receive the publication).
the webinar will be held on March 13 at 20.00 GMT. (60-90 minutes).

Each webinar costs 500 rubles. But only from 8 to 15 March you can purchase the whole set not for 2000, and for only 700 rubles!

The action is completed.

Only when ordering, March 8, you will receive bonuses
— a collection of "Advice to the author of the gloss"
— a collection of "questions to the editor"
— a list of all publications that came out in Cosmo in 2012 (useful for the analysis of their ideas).

If you want to get bonuses to a set of webinars, order now!
It can be paid will be within the next working week.


2. For those who want to learn how to write (waiting for discount)) — course "Glossy journalism"
(8 detailed lessons with examples and tips, 14 lectures and colorful presentations, records 8 webinars and thematic bonuses)

You will learn how

  • to determine the format of the publication
  • to draft letters which will be read
  • interested editor collaboration
  • to come up with original topics for articles
  • finding unique information
  • collect stories
  • competent to take comments from the experts
  • to prepare the text
  • and most importantly – how to get the second and subsequent orders.

The cost of the course is 4900 rubles. But only from 8 to 15 March inclusive you can book this course with a discount of 2000 rubles!

The action is completed.


3. For those who want to find my purpose, to change profession, to change yourself — a Collection of great thematic trainings, seminars and other educational materials.

Click the link to download the materials and , most importantly — use them and introduce! And your life will be as you dream!

Download free training

Good luck!
Natalia Zhilyakova and staff of the School of the authors of the gloss

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