That is capable of appropriate kick?

Spring had an effect on me pinochio.

As soon as the window minus changed to plus, got such a powerful kick that half of March has done more than January and February combined.

What a sad it was winter... All had been ill several times in the garden of the viruses, the nose on the street was freezing through about ten seconds. You yourself remember.

Do not believe, even had to hire pintora motivation. The girl motivated me to do a project. The project has not yet been completed, but some days I spent under the watchful eye of her Skype-eye, a new idea. From the series "can't go to the door, to get around and climb out the window". I squeezed out the window and hope that my Home-for-this-year project will be ready very soon.

By the way, the same pattern of frenzied activity and see friends among bloggers and speakers. Winter ProRAslept, and now... you yourself must have felt. Newsletters-you probably flunked?:))

From me in April also comes a lot of letters, just warning you)) Only in the coming months participate in three conferences + Master-group of glossy journalism + from April 8 to launch a new training "Humor in gloss".

Recently took part in a new project — became an accomplice to create a new course "Infobiz-blogging". What exactly you do and what it leads to, can be found on THIS page.

I'll see you in new projects!
With the spring mood, Natalia Zhilyakova

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3 thoughts on “what is capable of appropriate kick?

  1. Great feeling after reading! Thank You, Natasha! New achievements this spring You pinatero-motivator and all of us)) can't wait to see details of the new project!..)