The competition "Getting in the magazine!"

The website "School of authors gloss" launches the contest "Hit the magazine!".

Every month on the shelves, hundreds of new magazines, daily online publication of thousands of notes, articles and news. And all that someone writes! It is one thing to write obscure material on a gift website and quite another to prepare an article for a major Federal log.

The aim of the competition is to give chance to try to do the work that makes the creators of well-known magazines. And to evaluate, to understand, is it interesting, to find your way. Because until you try you'll never know if the direction you chose.
The creative tasks of the contest will help participants to reach their potential and to take the first step towards a major publication.

The main prize – participation in the training Natalia Zhilyakova "Glossy journalism. New format" (group "Party", worth 6900 rubles.).

Second and third place two prizes to choose from: participation in the training Natalia Zhilyakova "Glossy journalism. New format" (group "the Listener", worth 3900 rubles.), participation in training TC "Tvoy Start" value to$200

The timing from 25 January to 15 February.

Natalia Zhilyakova,
journalist, editor, lecturer , Institute of modern journalism, the author of the glossy magazines
Daria Korzh,
the author of the Cosmopolitan, curator of the literary community mi_pishem. Irina Loginova, author of portals,, magazines Cosmopolitan, "Women's secrets", "Best", "Interview", etc.
Daria Sachkov, chief editor of a glossy magazine "KRASOTA style"

Group competition Vkontakte. Join us!

Contest rules:

1. The competition is held in three stages on the main prize, eligible participants who complete all assignments within three weeks.

2. The competition is held from January 25 to February 15, inclusive. The winners will be announced no later than February 19.

3. The competition involved the responses left in the comments on the website "School of authors gloss" in the post, in which was stated the conditions of the next job. You can leave comments of your Vkontakte account.

4. The finalists are participants who have completed all assignments in compliance with the conditions.

5. Winners determined by the jury.

6. Cash equivalent of prizes is not paid.

7. Prizes must be activated within six months after announcement of winners (to take part in successful training).

8. The participant taking the first place, will be invited for free training Natalia Zhilyakova "Glossy journalism. New format" (in the group "Party", worth 6900 rubles.).

The participant taking second place, has the right to choose the prize: participation in training Natalia Zhilyakova "Glossy journalism. New format" (group, "Listener", value 3900 RUB.) or participation in training TC "Tvoy Start" value to$200.

The winner of the third place gets the prize, participation in the training, which is NOT chosen by the participant taking second place.

9. At the discretion of the head of the competition (Natalia Zhilyakova) and jury members possible additional prizes and mini-contests within the main contest "Hit the magazine." which will not cancel and will not affect the terms and conduct of the main competition.

10. The principal has the right to withdraw from participation in the contest of a man who in their responses, be rude, use foul language, insult other members or to place sponsored links to their resources.

The first task

The second task

The website "School of authors gloss"

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  1. Photo captions: 1.Oh, how hot! 1-a. Now do not be afraid and melt away! 1-b. Tenderness.2. This is not the limit.
    3. As the call, so the echo. 3-a. A token of gratitude.
    Participate in the competition “Getting in the magazine!” from School of the authors of the gloss.
    PS Natalie, I hope that the answers to the first task leave here? If not, please clarify. Thank you.

    • Oleg, transfer your answer here, please —
      And we also need a link to this contest page (where we are now with you). In the job the first day there is an item that you need to put status or to write a post about participating in the contest. And to insert a link in response.

  2. Hello!
    Offer these options (sorry if there are repetitions: other options have not read)
    1.Kiss: maybe it's an enchanted Prince?
    "And you're so cold..."

    2. Life is good, anyway
    Life is good, anyway

    3. Wait a minute: now motorcycle wash finish and you will be accepted!
    The motorcycle, unlike men, permanent...
    Queen of the gas station

    • Elena, I'm sorry, but the census in the empty magazine is not accepted. Replace the link, please.

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