The author is an alarmist, or do you Need criticism?

Why some authors such alarmists? And can a person with low self-esteem to become a good journalist?

I never tell anyone that he is not worth it to try himself in journalism. Why?
Because I was very convinced for a very long time.

In Voronezh there is one popular newspaper. Urban news, rewriting-tips from the Internet, is the one who pays is the issue , and so on. The development of the layout and running many years ago I was engaged + coder Sasha. Texts were many, and they were mostly trained freelance writers. Why not herself? Did not have time. Over time, the newspaper's editor, who liked to "wander around the city in search of new themes", and I laid down the duties of the Deputy. That is, do everything – order the texts and photographs, edit, agree, confirm their comments, take photos, proofread the finished strip and a lot of little things, like contests and the Stripping of the TV program from someone who graduated early.

Why not write me? First, once. It is already clear. Secondly, once I was assigned to make a report about the performance of circus performers in the lobby of one of the shopping center. To write about the fact that the juggler juggled and acrobats were acrobatic, was bored, so I made emphasis in the text on the monkey, who staged his show: went to the audience, danced with them, redistributed the purse and phone that she could not hold, in General lit and was met with enthusiasm.

To write in a family newspaper about the monkey felt normal and I and the editor. But there was also "editor in Chief", which in professional schools didn't study and only played the role of the coordination of texts with the Boss-who-paid-the issue.

After the Chief saw the band with a monkey, I was called for a long conversation and began to convince that I can write children's texts, style no, you can't write perfectly. In General, it's not my business. Here edit – please. It goes. And about writing texts forget it.

I forgot. Not once, of course. Just this conversation repeated many times and with each successfully edited text to me was "you see, edit work, and writing – no, don't even try!".

And what is the result?))

From that newspaper I quit my job and decided to take the path that is specified in my diploma (I studied journalism, but a degree in "the advertiser"). Got a job in a casino to the position of art Director and began to plan an advertising campaign and to order business cards.

But his hands itched. And I still began to write. For yourself.
The texts never showed, as in I firmly drove my.
Not my – okay. But to knock on the keyboard is always possible.

And here appeared an unusual business magazine. DF surprised and charmed Voronezh. It was not just the texts in the style of "I'm the Director of this factory, I paid big bucks and therefore you are required to read a boring monologue about what our plant is cool." It was a provocation, research, analysis, innovation in everything – from the subjects prior to the filing of the text. And there was my favorite experiments!

The magazine gave one to a friend to read out holes, with lots of underlining and notes. Us precious room brought advertising Manager. Let me remind you that I was at that time the casino was frankly bored and write I wanted.

— You must have such cool journalists work! I said to the Manager when he brought another room.

— What! To write to no one! Looking for authors, but so far no one cope.

I hinted that I finished journalism and I have one tekstik, who may be interested. The text was written "just in case" and was a humorous gradation of casino visitors (two years of work as a croupier during the study resulted in a few sketches and neobychnogo the beginning of the novel). To their stupidity I assured this guy that writing did not know how, but if he can, then... let them show. So, just in case, I also "still will not take."

However, my "sketches" were interested, and I arranged for a meeting with the chief editor. Instructed to write a detailed article about the casino in the section "exposure of the business." We all have to make an assessment of the gambling business in the city, find out how much money in this area revolves, what are the gains and losses, who ever goes there and how the business began and evolved.

It was difficult to do, as I myself worked in a similar institution. Ask about such details in the open but could not. Helped friends who shared information. A little here, something there, he recalled the experience, took a couple of comments. The text, however, asked to publish under a pseudonym. But! After the piece came out with my article I immediately called the magazine a permanent job.

"Oh! – I was surprised. – I do not know how to write. Know me at my old job said. All of this happened by accident." Wrote another "exposure" and I set "condition" to work for a period of two weeks and presented to the editorial Board for the position of "journalist", which, by the way, they've never had.

And you say – does not work...


I occasionally meet students who in addition to counseling on glossy journalism need more psychological support. I understand – the support at the right time, capable of miracles, I myself with "kicks" faster but... will someone please tell me one thing: if a person is constantly looking for evidence that he did not succeed, why does he keep trying? I understand: either you want to do, or do not want. In the first case, you take and do, in the second do not.

But if a person wants to achieve the goal, began to act, but it is constantly looking for reasons why it won't work, then I have only one definition: the man is a masochist. While admitting that he's just afraid to take responsibility for their decisions.

If you chose an area that you like, and set a goal you want to achieve, why do you need someone's approval or disapproval?

Just today received a letter with the phrase "I need to understand is, if my writing ability is below average, then I'm not even going to try on something "sculpting"".

How the teacher can assess the extent of our powers? And — should he do it?

I always thought that the teacher should just believe. To support, to guide, to explain, to fix and to maintain. The word "support" I mean encouraging phrase. For example, I am in each letter be sure to put "Good lyrics!", because they do you want.

Will tell you another story about "will – fail". In 2006-07 I taught acting at a modeling Agency (yeah, I'm diverse))). The pupils came to different. Someone tried to disrupt the lesson, wriggling and boycotting jobs, someone carefully carried out the exercises, flirting with the "revolutionaries", and someone sat on the bench and doing nothing at all. Girl Nadia belonged to the latter type. She could not do anything. Making sketches, blushed and went over to whisper, to show emotion didn't work, be creative, offer something new – especially. If a person absolutely nothing if they want him to "score" or should try next?

Somehow in the bitter cold, which the model apparently could not bear, Hope came to the class alone. And it burst! In the literal sense. The first half hour we tried to break the barrier and do at least one exercise. But when she even slightly turned... it was just different! With each new exercise, she was transformed – she had been a singer at a press conference, an alien, a monkey (I just followed these animals)). More Nadia was not a problem – with each lesson she grew more confident and... freer.

If she's had a long time getting certain techniques of acting, whether it was necessary to say to a girl that modeling is not for her? If the author could not write an article, if he should leave journalism?

Let's digress and discuss what skills one must possess to become successful in glossy journalism.

  1. The ability to form words into sentences, and sentences to make the paragraphs.
  2. The ability to come up with catchy titles and captivating leads.
  3. The ability to find the information you need, and preferably one which still has not been found.
  4. The ability to talk, to get his exclusive review.
  5. Ability to analyze, to generalize, to highlight.
  6. Observation.
  7. Self-promotion, job search, new media, in which you could be published.

I do not share these skills on a particular gradation. For some materials (reports) is more important to be observant and see what was seen by witnesses. For dimensions to get rare facts and be able to perform. For the interview, of course, it is important to gain the trust of the interlocutor.

So why, after simple observations that lead you need to make fun of or title to come up with more exciting discouraged? Why is a man who knows how to fill in the foldable keyboard, the text requires confirmation that his abilities are below average?

I have another version – I'm too hard on others))

If you want to become a renowned author and make a career in glossy journalism, you need to do to make their dreams come true?

I think you all already know))

What do you think? Share whether you personally someone else's approval, proof of your abilities? And let's discuss what qualities you consider most important for a journalist.

Natalia Zhilyakova

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26 thoughts on “Author-alarmist, or do you Need criticism?

  1. I agree that the teacher enough to believe in pupil. It is sufficient to guide and support at an early stage. Then everyone should find strength in deciding to bear the responsibility, not to shift the burden on others. In my opinion, the main quality of the journalist's powers of observation and courage. I came, I saw, I wrote.

  2. Oh, and I'm a little bit of an author-alarmist. And what happens when you suddenly find yourself in the wrong wave from several different people almost simultaneously say that you can not. I once sent an article to the journal, I wrote that it is incredibly boring and not even the suggested revision, just wrapped a chat with me. Then I sent a text to the competition, of course, nothing took. Given another text to read to her friend, she long soprotivlenie then and didn't want to say their opinion, and then confessed that he read with difficulty, so it was neinteresno difficult.
    After this I remember a long time did not write anything. Thought that wasn't mine.
    And then shot some passing tekstik, which I just showed in the "maybe". Besides that shot, and I was asked to write the same plan.
    But I still doubt myself sometimes! I think that here there is also the scribblers, over which all laugh, and in the offices they are blacklisted. Because I write tons of it and never learned anything. And suddenly, I'm the same, I just fear that the people close to say.

    • I had been about the texts not ask the opinion of close people. Basically, they are not the target audience of the text. Because things strange: it's not like, it was boring. The texts should appreciate people for whom they were written. Oh, and editors, of course))

  3. In my opinion, in order to write something you just need to know how to look like letters. After all, to speak all, even lipoglycoprotein, each in their own way, so you need to write differently, if you know how to make thoughts into words and Vice versa. This is just immature Imbeciles, can't write don't understand the meaning of the word. The truth about their cognitive abilities no one knows anything. By the way, here's another topic for gloss. I'm all for the gloss will not write, just knowledge and experience you need to score from everywhere, useful. The lousy quality for a journalist is modesty a Modesty in all things, even with the lack of manners the cause of the greatest rudeness — not to be confused with timidity. Timidity (lack of courage, but not cowardice) easy kompensiruet arrogance and ostentatious bravery. Perhaps this is the main, the rest will come with time as the hernia once manifested, will torment the whole life.

    • * hence we need to write its
      — I agree. Personality and style are hard to find and easy to startle.

  4. I agree that the alarmists are usually willing to shift responsibility. From internal insecurity. But sometimes the truth there are times when it is not so: the editors are not responsible even though you head on the monitor fight article return to the mess, or even their creations are not pretty. At such moments, of course, want support professional — the question is from whom?

    I believe that to write, not everyone can. Exactly the same as to chat. If the person does not know the basic rules of communication: not me-Cach, think about the source, not to load his brain with the bureaucracy that I write to him? On the walls except)

    But support in the form of "Good texts," for me, to be honest not very supportive:) just like not encouraging memorized "thanks-for-buying-come-more" in the supermarket. Maybe it's sincere. But the letters somehow do not convey the emotions in this case. In my opinion, the best one individual "supportive" comments like "that's the description you're doing super!", than a hundred "good texts."

    • * want to support professional – the question is from whom?
      — Are all the editors at once do not answer all texts returned for revision? Surely there is something approved — this can be support.

  5. I write "for the money" a little over two months. I write a lot and about everything: travelling, cooking, fashion, games, various interesting, learning... Today I have bought almost 200 articles (no matter how loudly it sounded in relation to some notes 500 characters). Yes, that amount in two and a half months...
    At first it was scary. Very. It is very scary, especially when you start working with a new customer. Panic but I never did. Me are not afraid of a blank sheet of paper, do not shiver from the thought to come up with a title. I just write and enjoy it.
    As for the opinions of others... Even Pushkin do not love it. I calmly refer to the fact that someone doesn't like me as an author, I'm working in the wrong style or the wrong way kept the right mood. I'm also not all my "customers" like you. Yes, and apparently, with age, leaving unnecessary complexes, stop to reflect for each failure.
    Recently, I read an interesting idea. If you don't know if you should do anything and your decision depends on the opinion of others — better don't even start. Because from any private business you should get high. If you are haunted by negative emotions and feelings, then what's the point?!

    • How useful You have written. and Natalia, and comments. my mother, for example, never read my articles, so apparently "looked through". And recently told me about a book (on psychology), I brought her from an article that was written 5 years ago, it was almost word for word what she was told (she long ago gave nothing to read because "I like it because you are my child, but it's not about what), and so, the response was this: did YOU KNOW THAT? DID YOU WRITE THAT????. When you write articles about the problems, and humorous, for example, about Dating, a friend is reading with interest and laughing together. People nravitsya what they are interested in and what they care about.
      About scaremongering, I can say that sometimes it can even help when you do at the last moment and starts to panic, it spurs something. But still everyone has their own recipe for getting and themes, and in magazines. Say something terrible and we need to do is call. Marina, You are done.

      • Anna, about a panic at the last moment — straight I described))
        Also, sometimes if quickly and "right now", then after the panic the consciousness of something, the clearer it becomes. And faster it can do.

    • Marina, you have a great attitude!
      It is clear that this attitude and the results are impressive))

  6. And I — the eternal author-alarmist. Constantly think I'm a complete ignoramus, explanatory texts can't write etc. etc. And by the way, when I think I passed a completely idiotic text, the editor writes that he was funny!)))

    • Julia, does the editor not be for you proof of their abilities?
      Then you can cheer?

  7. Natasha, thank you for your amazing story! I think for many it will be supporting the "beacon".

    Early in his journalist career (I work for a newspaper), I wish my texts were well-liked. And I'm very pained by the criticism, the more so in journalism, I came from school and special education I had. But over time I realized most importantly to my texts I like! I graduated from the extramural Department of the faculty of journalism, because I wanted to learn to write professionally.

    Unfortunately, regional press are not particularly in need of professional authors, the main thing — to thank the sponsors and to write to all the usual bureaucratic language. I faced, for example, that lively and interesting texts "brush" under some familiar patterns, well, as in the case of the monkey. )) Or the other extreme — to the type of discharge, super-duper good! And the higher my skills, the less my texts fit into the "rayonku", is that return!!! And instead send their clerical texts! But I'm not upset, do not sprinkle ashes on his head, as they say, "who are the judges?".

    I turned my attention to the other journalism — glossy, where there is a scope for creativity. And I think the texts have to work to fix them but to listen only to professionals, not "Baba mania". Learn to write well is perhaps the person with average skills, the most important thing was perseverance. This quality I believe is necessary for a journalist.

    And the phrase "Good texts" supports and inspires me. Thank you for her, Natasha!

    • Anya, it means you've already outgrown the district press. And boy, that moving on!

  8. Approval need for self-confidence. But these words I want to hear from the person whom you admire, whom at heart I want to be like. As it were, gives the strength and understanding that are moving in the right direction. From friends do not learn the truth.
    Most likely for a journalist main qualities: courage and regularity in everything.

    • Olesya, originality — this is the aerobatics!

  9. Sometimes still want approval and support from the teacher . But in General I agree that if you like to write and it turns out, what for approval? Sensible comments - Yes. But the "diagnosis" no one has the right to put.

    • Many authors, by the way, starting from their blogging — write for yourself, as I want to, and without regard for others. And then they are invited to conduct a column and to write texts. A vivid example — Alesya Petrovna from LJ.

  10. I several teachers at the University said that the texts I have about anything, the topic is not interesting, the style is terrible, the highlights of the articles and , in General, journalism is not my thing.
    When practice took place, all the materials were printed, the topics that I suggested were approved. Several times said that it is very good material.
    But still it seems to me that I write at the level of the students high school... And more seems to me that is criticism, not praise.
    I hope I will learn to write professional articles, because I really want to work in the profession.

    • Eugene, and if you collect positive feedback comments to the texts and when the attack of the "inner critic", you keep reading them?

      There is good reception at work with the team. In one store every day, hung two pieces — one green, put a plus sign when customers thanked for service, red on the other put cons when buyers complained about something.
      After changing all of the Department checked the leaves. In the first were about 30 pluses in the second, occasionally there was 1-2 red. Such exercises helped the sellers to tune in a positive way and not dwell on the negative reviews.
      To perform, find a bug, Yes. But not to dwell.
      I think this method is possible in any case to apply.

  11. My main critic is myself. Sometimes praise my text and I feel that he is not up to the desired level. And sometimes Vice versa: I loved the article with a sinking heart, I reread own lines, and the editor does not like neither the style nor the theme. But for me, criticism acts as a doping. If I swear and say that I'm not capable, I bend over backwards to prove otherwise. So, Natalia, I think you're right — either you want to write and do it no matter what, or looking for excuses in the form of unflattering reviews. To conscience was calm — that I do not because of laziness do not write, but because of brilliant talent have not.

    • Lena, what a useful response to the criticisms))

  12. Natasha, thanks for the post. True at the time )). I am a supporter, that in itself should be a sense of confidence that we are moving in the right direction. Doubt is as much a part of nature, and other qualities. Just new authors more of them, as it is not published anywhere and, in my opinion , of course, to worry or to fear. Especially when the author hasn't finished the profile of the Institute. And here wins and perseverance, even if you say in the beginning "no" ,you still write and knock. The more attempts the more chances. Here's how to develop "immunity" to not give up, and even getting rejection or criticism, to separate the wheat from Pleven - here is the problem. Criticism — this is also a result , and also great! There is work to do, there is something to develop! From this interest and inexhaustible energy. Inside I say to myself : I know I can and do make attempts, make mistakes, but they Do! And if you spend the time in constant doubt and do nothing, then he will show his distrust, is what you get in life. Or to justify their inaction or failure to the fact that someone said "no" or spoke negatively. In General, I believe that everything is in our hands))

    • "The more attempts the more chances!" — Alina, this line must to choose for the motto! Print and above the Desk.
      Simple math))