The second task of the competition "Getting in the magazine!"

Interview as a method of obtaining information is one of the main tools of a journalist. What kind of information it will be given in the text – qualitative kontekt or well-known facts – depends on how he formulates questions.

In the second task of the competition "Getting in the magazine!" you will need to choose one of the suggested characters and go to him for a virtual meeting. The editor was asked to produce "fresh and sharp", but you can only ask five questions.
What will it be? What is interesting to you? What else your readers don't know about this man? What you can tell?

Choose one character and ask him five questions (the answers of hero to write is not necessary! the assignment was to come up with interesting questions).

1. Marina, 28 years old, housewife, three children

2. Nicholas, 26 years, male stripper

3. Miley Cyrus

4. Angelina Jolie

5. Natalia Scherba

6. Dunya Smirnova

7. Svetlana Khorkina

8. Nikolai Valuev

9. Hamlet

10. Nikolay Baskov

The evaluation criteria of the jury:
— originality of the question
— the wording in which it is possible to obtain a maximum of information (not just the answer "Yes", "no", "don't know")
— the integrity of the conversation (ideally, if the questions complement each other, seamlessly follow one another, and do not resemble the children's questionnaire with, "your favorite color" and "favorite band").

P. S. Participants who choose more than one character – is estimated to be only one group of questions one hero.

The first task here.

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45 thoughts on "the Second task of the competition "Getting in the magazine!""

  1. 1. What roles do you like most to play? Any character, positive or negative, achievement or good girls?
    2. As you move to your success? Once you decided to become an actress or were there other options? Were there obstacles to your success, difficulties on the way?
    3. How do you maintain your figure? Follow any special diet?
    4. Do you have many free time, prefer to hold it?
    5. Your professional plans for 2012? Will we see new films with your participation?

  2. Angelina Jolie
    1. What roles do you like most to play? Any character, positive or negative, achievement or good girls?
    2. As you move to your success? Once you decided to become an actress or were there other options? Were there obstacles to your success, difficulties on the way?
    3. How do you maintain your figure? Follow any special diet?
    4. Do you have many free time, prefer to hold it?
    5. Your professional plans for 2012? Will we see new films with your participation?

  3. Marina, 28 years old, housewife, three children.

    1. Imagine that you are — Angelina Jolie, and you have time until midnight. What would you do?

    2. What do you need in order to become the perfect woman?

    3. Forbidden topics — sex, drugs, rock-n-roll. What have you told your children about this?

    4. You have the opportunity to change her husband, and there is a guarantee that he'll never know about it. Do you agree?

    5. Which is harder and why — to work three jobs or to educate your children?

      • Questions for Dunya Smirnova:
        1. You, the writer's daughter, a product of the father is the most close to you.
        2. If you write, the very books and on what topics? 3. How long are the transfer of "School for scandal" and easy to work with Tatyana Tolstoy?
        4 which of your interlocutors left the impression in "the School for scandal"?
        5. Do you have many friends? What subject, donated by friends dear to you? And you gave Chubais's birthday?

    • > 1. Imagine that you are – Angelina Jolie, and you have time until midnight. What would you do?

      Sex with Brad pitt, no options.

  4. Interview with housewife Marina, 28 years old, a mother of three children.
    1..Marina,tell me have You dreamed in his youth that will become the mother of three children?
    2..How do You feel in the role of mothers of large families?
    3.How do You deal with kids?
    3.What is the age of your children?
    4.Your budget enough that Prokom family of five?
    5.Are you happy?

  5. Nicholas, 26 years, male stripper
    1. Nicholas, when and how did you come up with the idea to develop such an unusual profession?
    2.As to your class are your friends and family?
    3.That gives you your job in terms of personal life?
    4.What will be the ultimate achievement in your career?
    5. What you plan to do in the future? After striptizera to retirement is unlikely to work.

  6. Marina, 28 years old, housewife, three children

    1.Marina, the housewife is forced to status and You plan to go to work in the future, or is it a choice that You are going to devote many years?
    2. Tell me, with 3 kids has time, the desire to carve out something for yourself to separate from the family of man; is there another life)))) but taking care of children?
    3. Do You use techniques, training systems, designed by different specialists — psychologists, teachers — on the organization of the educational process and the organization of everyday life, and why?
    4. What is Your opinion, in the future, society can expect an increase in families with 3 and more children (even without state support) thanks to this position, as You have, or we'll have it a unique phenomenon?
    5. How do You see your life in 20 years?

  7. Hamlet. (I hope talking about Shakespeare's hamlet, at that time, while he was still alive in the story:) )

    — Do you believe in destiny, that everyone has his destiny or man is himself the Creator of his own happiness?
    — How did you react to encounters with the Ghost of his father to stories about supernatural forces?
    — Have you already made a choice, what is more important: the triumph of revenge or triumph of love?
    — Perhaps you would like to make changes to the plot, the characters to be sure, interest readers to play?
    — how do you feel about the ironic statement of Thomas Nash of "a bunch of Hamlets, deteriorating handfuls of tragic monologues"?

    Thank you.

  8. Marina, 28 years old housewife, three children.

    Good day, Marina! I represent a radio station "On a positive wave!", which helps people to stay on the Sunny side of life.
    Our listeners will be interested to know how you, the housewife with three children, manages an optimistic view on life.

    So let's go on to the questions!

    1.Marina, the profession of housewife is a forced situation or your conscious choice, you went into "clear mind and clear memory"?

    2. In my opinion, a housewife with three children is a juggling part-time. All the time have to keep the balance of attention, time and effort between the life, husband, children and the most beloved. How do you handle all this? It?

    3.The modern woman has to do so many things at the same time that Julius Caesar, the famous master of versatility, just resting... What keeps you afloat in this situation? What are the techniques versatility and efficiency you save?

    4. What secrets can you share with those women who are ready to repeat your feat?

    5. And now, Marina, I want to turn your attention on something more pleasant than life. Let's dream a little! Imagine your son in the Park, centenary pines, found a magnificent trophy — the magic lamp of Aladdin, and brought her mom. Gin can fulfill three wishes.
    Marina, what do you ask of the Almighty?

    Thank You, Marina. Though I am not a gin, but I want all your desires fulfilled. And may that happen!

    And you , dear listeners , I wish to stay with us: today, tomorrow and always, and remember that nobody went blind from looking on the Sunny side of life.

  9. Question 1: Good afternoon, Avdotya. To introduce You to our reader do not, however, let me remind you that Dunya Smirnova known as screenwriter, Director and author of numerous articles and essays, the author of the popular TV program "School for scandal" (with Tatyana Tolstoy). In the mid-80s, You were one of the leaders of the "new criticism", doing so also art management, performance new artists. He worked in the newspaper "Kommersant" magazines "Capital" and "Poster", since 1992, been writing scripts for documentary and feature films. Where do You see the Dunya Smirnova in the first place and some of these areas of your interests You give priority to?
    Question 2: Tell me, Dunya, after the news about your "almost secret" wedding with Anatoly Chubais was published on the Internet, have you changed your political views and how they will affect the degree they are quite provocative questions to your guests in SHZ (School for Scandal), You're quite a ruthlessly dealt with some "clients" from the other political camp?
    Question 3: the "SHZ" You managed to draw a clear demarcation line between the two musicians of the same generation, almost the same direction of rock music that divided even once in Leningrad single stage underground at private concerts. I'm talking about Andrei Makarevich and BG. The impression that You just personal rejection of one musician that You have not even tried to contain, and the absolute deification of the other. How do You explain such contrapposto?
    Question 4: who of the Directors make it easier and more interesting to work with Alex Teacher, put "the Mania of Giselle", "his wife's Diary", "Walk", with Konchalovsky in the "Gloss" or, if such alliances have not yet taken place, then who of the Directors do You associate your future creative implementation?
    Question 5: Well, the natural question to the eyeballs: what are Your plans, do you wish to realize an unrealized script "Charismatic people" or project brand new ideas?

  10. Natasha, I don't know how to put references in the comments, but wrote on their pages BB Contact and Facebook.

    Wrote about the contest CONTACT:
    Irina Valentino
    Participate in the competition “Getting in the magazine!” from School of the authors of the gloss. Details on

    2. Facebook on the page of our website "Continuous positive":
    School authors gloss | Glossy journalism: author..

  11. And can I ask one question consisting of several interrogative sentences? Or it will be considered two questions?

    One example of this question above. As another example, ask a question to You.
    "How would You formulate the fundamental differences of glossy journalism from the usual? Is it possible to say that there isn't glossy and not glossy journalism, and there are good and bad?".

    • If the questions relate to one theme and go as a clarification, it is likely, is another question. If, however, implies that each will be a separate answer, then they can be considered different.
      I would have shared journalism on normal and glossy. To divide it into good and bad too, in my opinion, wrong. The quality of the materials depends on the publication, from its requirements. For example, in the local newspaper with a circulation of 10-20 thousand copies of it can go rewriting articles from the Federal magazine, the publication that has a circulation of several hundred thousand, rewriting does not take place, there need deep study of the subject, which can handle not every author.

  12. Svetlana Khorkina:

    1. After finishing his sports career, you were seen and a Deputy, and presenter, and fashion model, and actress. That is the finding of themselves and their business or want to try?

    2. You are not afraid of the new, not afraid of difficulties. And what experiments You would not agree under any circumstances?

    3. Work in the Duma gave to You personally?

    4. You said that after the debut in a good performance ("Venus" Sergei Vinogradov) do not want to lower the bar and waiting for interesting offers. What would you like to play? What role or what genre You close?

    5. Recently Your name is not so often appears in the media. Affected the marriage or prepare a new unexpected project?

  13. Nikolai Valuev
    1. Nicholas, whom you feared as a child?
    2. But when the first time consciously hit a person? What do you feel?
    3. How do you feel about jokes and jokes about yourself?
    4. You would be afraid, if you are a night alone in a dark alley?
    5. The large man must have a big heart. What romantic things you have ever done for your wife?

  14. Nicholas, 26 years, male stripper

    What brought you to this profession (job) did you have a choice? You would repeat the same thing in a different country, a different society?

    How long is this period for you personally and then what? How you treat your peers (or so), friends, acquaintances by this time, already held in life, standing firmly in business, social, political and those who are barely afloat or went to the bottom, if there is any?

    You will be able to tell my kids about this time and about themselves, their work? And how do your parents feel about your studies. Condemn, indifferent, your hope for a different future? Or just happy with what we have?

    How do you feel about tattoos on girls and guys, and myself too. Whether it helps the formation of personality. This Declaration or the subject of a kind of boasting, your inner world would be poorer without them? You yourself already took place as a person in the eyes of friends and their own?

    What do you think about the inner world of those who come to the institution where you work and who comes to see (to talk) to you specifically, do you have friends (real) are among them to fire and water they are for you and you for them? And that means friendship for you personally? Many real friends do you have? Or is this the only one?

  15. Marina, 28 years old, housewife, three children
    1. Marina, You're still so young, and already three children! Tell us how You ventured to take this step? How's Your husband taking it? Do You plan still to give birth?
    2. Nowadays women prefer to make a career, and not doing the housework and raise children. You have become a housewife. Is that a deliberate choice or a forced necessity? You can say that fully satisfied with his life? Or would like to change something?
    3. Your name in Latin means "the sea." Sounds very romantic. How You live up to your name? What feminine qualities help You, in Your opinion, to build effective relationships with husband, children?
    4. Children, cleaning, cooking... every day! Are You able to find time for yourself? If so, please share your secrets with our readers.
    5. "Children are flowers of life", "children are our everything"... please Describe in a few words, what do You have for children?

  16. 1) Hello, Nicholas. You have a very interesting profession. Downright joy for a woman's heart. I once watched a report. There to say that bodybuilders before a competition so exhausting — are not stronger than a kitten. The performer of exotic dances also have to be careful. In the gym, such as walking. Here your muscles are also they like to dance can the girl protect? Or at work so tired in a dark alley only to fall on enemies you can?
    2) is there to protect someone in a dark alley (well, except for his own honor and dignity)?
    3) dancing Girls dancing Striptease in special shoes — strips. Say terribly uncomfortable (not to fall, you have to hold on to the pole). And as a male stripper using special shoes? Or maybe some clothing (except small panty)?
    4) what did you wanna be when you grow up?
    5) do you Plan to do it again for a long time? And in General — is there some kind of professional experience for men-male strippers?

  17. Interview with Marina, a housewife, 28 years, three children.
    The attitude of the Housewives has always been different. Some believe that to be a housewife forever give up the dream of his career. The opinion of others is different, because the housewife, she manages her time. Also it is not just relevant to large families. People give different interpretations of the children is the most common, but controversial view is the lack of family planning, or a sign of stable relations. Anyway to run the household and raise children is not easy and not simple.

    1.Marina, how do you think three kids is a feat demographic women, or exploit men in a crisis economy?

    A big family always demands the organization of power, argued that in such families the menu based on baked goods
    2. Which menu are given preference in your family? What is included in your menu of "Italian" or "Caucasian" kitchen.

    Economics requires the ability to plan the family's expenses.
    3. What proportion of the family budget you can spend on yourself personally?

    A common way of Housewives Bathrobe, curlers,apron. The second option — "the Queen" on the cover of the magazine.
    4. How much time do you, Marina, devote yourself to keeping in shape and beauty?

    Caring for the family requires education in itself organized, and able planning, commitment, attention and care to the children. The end of the day — time focus on yourself.
    5. What do you think about when you are alone?

  18. Dunya Smirnova

    1. Avdotya, do You share career and personal life? What is the impact on relationships with loved ones?
    2. You grew up in a family of famous creative people, was it difficult to make contact with their peers? What do You do to Your son with this problem encountered?
    3. How You consider, today, to get recognition, whether higher education or enough talent? Maybe you need something else?
    4. You are so versatile, working in different areas at the same time. And if any of Your interests activity that You set for yourself or all on the same level?
    5. What is your prize? This is just another reward, some incentive to continue or some kind of indicator of success, an indication that this work found its audience?

  19. Angelina Jolie.

    You got a lot of different bloods: German, Dutch, Slovak, Iroquois, French-canadian. How do You think what the national characters You have the most manifested? And in General, whether a notion like "national character"?

    — Russian saying "Not born beautiful, and born happy." You seem to have managed to combine the beauty and happiness. Not afraid of what haters will do to You something bad or just a jinx?

    — How do You react to the tough lunge in Your address in the animated series "South Park" (a series dedicated to lice)?

    Now, thanks to the development of Internet technologies, users are able to see a lot of movies. The question arises, what to look at first, second, and what you can not see. And what movies you must see on the big screen. What tips and advice would You give to the audience: how about specific films, and even by the criteria of the selection of movies?

    — How often do You watch movies? Which way of viewing is most often selected? Watching any movies with her participation?

  20. Questions Angelina Jolie:
    1. Angelina, in my youth you was firmly entrenched image of the "rebels", and now you are a Paragon of virtue and role model for millions. What events that span most strongly influenced the formation of the current Angelina?

    2. You and Brad obviously claim to be not only the most beautiful but very large star pair. Where did you get this desire to have a large family and so many children?

    2. 3. Family, kids, your charity work – why in such a life rhythm you continue to be in a movie? Is there any role you haven't played?

    4. In your filmography there are many roles of strong and successful women. However, some images are quite aggressive – your character in the movie "salt" famously shoots and kills without flinching enemies. Violence in movies does not contradict your mission of goodwill Ambassador?

    5. Give advice to our readers: what a little can easily make everyone, not even a wealthy person, make the world a kinder?

  21. Agelina Jolly — probably the most popular character here, I won't be original.
    2.Agellin, you have 6 children. Tell me, now, if you know what should die soon, what you must have been to teach their children before that moment comes?
    1. Tell me, do you have a child the desire that you have still not been able to realize?
    3. But tell me in your opinion, how important is for the person to realize your calling in this life.
    4. Your job an actress — she's calling for you, earnings or something else?
    5. Tell me what moments you feel happy?

  22. Svetlana Khorkina
    1. Work in the state Duma, what's in it for You? A new challenge, desire to help, to make a political career or something else?
    2. What distinguishes a female politician from the politician man?
    3. How do You think the President of Russia to become a woman? Why?
    4. How has Svetlana Khorkina after the birth of his son?
    5. As You combine an active business life and family? Men rarely get it. And You?

  23. Dunya Smirnova

    1. You, as the writer carefully prescribe the appearance of their heroines. What do you consider to be paramount – a veneer, behind which there is nothing or naturalness with her deep inner world?

    2. Do you think that is the beauty of Russian women?

    3. In Russia, many women cannot combine career and personal life, and you do it?

    4. You have the image of a strong, purposeful and independent woman. And what is Dunya Smirnova really?

    5. What is the place men occupy in your life?

  24. Ticklish questions for Nicholas. Not for the fact that Basque=)

    1. Fast forward to now, in Your childhood. You were a perky fellow-storm his and neighboring yards, or a sweet, shy little girl? Plunge into the atmosphere of their school years. What are You doing, what you doing?Rubbing a bruised shoulder or loudly read verses from the scene?

    2. Well, let's talk about Your current environment. It's not about the elite and about partying, but about those who faithfully and silently walks next to here is not the first year.Or the first...Who are your friends? Are men or women?

    3.Oh, and now for a moment imagine that fourteen minutes. Have the opportunity to repent only one great sin. Not necessarily in the classical sense, before God. I don't know what You believe. What You will regret? What will repent?

    4. Without what, in your opinion, a woman ceases to be, in fact, a woman?

    5. And finally, again let's talk about fairy tales. To You was a fairy. Offers free one of his gifts what we want. What would you choose -the ability to read minds, ability to fly, pass through walls, a gift of Providence? Or you proudly refuse the gift, preferring all to himself?

    to the second question, the addition -With whom it's easier to get along?=))Missed it)

  25. Hello!
    Here are my options:

    Nicholas, 26 years, male stripper.
    1. Nicholas, You are a beautiful flower. That You for a flower?
    2. Where do you grow (please describe the place)?
    3. You rip off a woman's hand. What are they?
    4. The woman leaned close to You to inhale Your fragrance. Looks like her face?
    5. A woman carries you into the house (please describe what it looks like)?

  26. Interview with hamlet

    1. Hello, dear hamlet. You came here, and I settled a modest touch of awe and worship before the genius of Shakespeare. Tell me, as You have in 2012? Tolerable Ali stinking sins of men scared?
    2. Now in 2012, we stand on the threshold of change. As you know, in Russia there was a bit grim situation – the Russian government desperately pretends to be the reincarnation of the monarchy the Kingdom of Denmark and king Claudius in particular. They say people can live well, and can live honestly. So is it worth the rebellion against the system by the system? Is it worth the life of Claudius revenge for the death of his father, the Claudius and his entourage?
    3. Well, Russia's 2012 we don't know, but speaking of Denmark, "one of the worst prisons". There is information that a strange Russians do not think so and actively hunt for a residence permit in Denmark. Do you think this the main problem of mankind – the chase of the external, not knowing the way internal?
    4. And yet, one question. Our readers of literary institutions and groups taking the exam, very concerned. What was your tragedy and meaning, what do you think?
    5. And in conclusion, I ask the question of the misanthrope. Does not hurt You because You entered the current consciousness of the masses not as the accuser of souls, and as the eternal Prince, talking with the remains of the corpse? Do you regret that You had to Be?

  27. 5 questions Dunya Smirnova:

    1. Avdotya, you are undoubtedly a rare type of female celebrities (don't really want to use the word "star", because it clearly sounds like something went) – intellectual. How do you feel about the fact that people perceive you more as a woman... intelligent (than beautiful — it is implied)?
    2. What are you doing to become "the Lady pleasant in all respects", as you once called a dream about myself?
    3. A few years ago in an interview you regret to say that you at the moment have not managed to become such a Director, what he wanted. What will you say now when you got out of your film "Two days"?
    4. Avdotya, it's impossible not to draw Parallels between the plot of your film "Two days," where there is love between a senior official and simple but not the usual heroine Ksenia Rappoport, and subsequent to the release of the film event – your wedding Anatoly Borisovich Chubais. What is it? The film is an autobiographical sketches, or the magic of cinema, where the image miraculously projected in life?
    5. What adjustments the status of the wife of the man, so to speak, on a national scale will bring in your creative plans?

  28. Marina, 28 years old, housewife, three children
    1)Marina, firstly, please accept my admiration for Your courage to have children of their own! Tell us what prompted You to take on such a huge responsibility, I think, to many readers it will be very interesting and informative.
    2)I Hope Your children love their mother, and how they get along with each other, and are You able to find harmony in the family?
    3)Maybe You don't want to talk about it, but this is a very important topic that preoccupies our readers:"How has Your relationship with your husband supports You in everything?"
    4)now I want to ask You a pleasant question: "How does Your family like to relax? Where You spend a joint vacation? Share it with your readers!"
    5)Tell me, Marina, sad as it may sound, when Your children will fly away from the parental nest, what will You do, have You thought about this?

  29. Questions to Miley Cyrus:
    1. Miley, we know You have many brothers and sisters, do you think, why exactly did You become popular? You are more gifted child of all?
    2. How Your parents and friends react to the fact that You have changed your name given You at birth at the children's nickname?
    3. What You owe to Hannah Montana? Not do You sometimes zealous feelings towards this name, because many people know and love it Hannah, not Miley Cyrus?
    4. How do You feel about the statements that only the former popularity of Your father helped You to achieve such success today? And what is a valid contribution to Billy ray in Your career?
    5. You are quite young, but already achieved a lot, not afraid to exhaust myself, become uninteresting to his admirers and stay gone at such a young age? Than others You could do then?

    I hope my questions are provocative but not arrogant!

  30. Nicholas, 26 years, male stripper
    1. Nicholas, it is unlikely that any school you wanted to become a stripper. Tell us a little about your childhood and what brought you into the world of Striptease.
    2. For the older generation strip shameful occupation. Tell me, how did your family react to your profession parents? If they saw your performances?
    3. Striptease not simply the exposure of the body to the music, this story, game, mini-play. Tell us what inspires you, how do you choose the image? What "character" is the most popular?
    4. Not every woman like it if her favorite is the night lost on the job to bring pleasure to other women. For whom you would be able to leave the world of Stripping? What qualities should possess a woman?
    5. What do you think, what's missing from the women who come to your performances, why Striptease is so popular?

  31. Questions Dunya Smirnova. 1. You, the writer's daughter, a product of the father you most closely? 2.If you write, the very books and on what topics? 3.How long are the transfer of "School for scandal" and easy to work with Tatyana Tolstoy? 4.Who of your friends left a deep
    the impression in the transfer of "School for scandal". 5.Do you have many , friends?What subject, donated by friends dear to you?

  32. Questions Angelina Jolie.

    Hello, Angelina.

    1. You daughter is quite the actors. Tell me the desire to become an actress were You always a a child You had other dreams? At what age did you realize that the movie is exactly what will be your vocation.

    2. Angelina, has your film career role, about which you do not want to remember? And the role that you feel has been the most successful and interesting?

    3. Angelina, You are a talented actress, but other than that, You mother of many children. Please tell us whether your family has any special traditions that help you to unite more?

    4. And what opinions do you have in childcare? Are there any moments that you think are unacceptable and forbid children (in behavior, in food, in toys, or something else). About learning: do you agree that at the moment, early child development — the teaching of reading, language arts, mathematics from an early age (2-3 years), it is not only a fashion statement, but also the need(as you teach your children).

    5.Angelina, known to all your humanitarian work, we know that the leadership of the Commission on Affairs of refugees has declared you a goodwill Ambassador high Commissioner for refugees of the UN, in addition you have been invited to report to the world economic forum in Davos and held a number of presentations and talks at major political meetings in the US and Europe. In connection with this question, have you ever thought about a political career? (if the answer is "no", then the question: "for what reason? You are not attracted to a career politician or you are not confident in their abilities?" if the answer is "Yes", then the question: "how far to stretch Your plans a political career"?

  33. Hello, Nikolai. I imagine the glossy magazine, "Cat&Mouse" and I would like you to answer the questions for our readers.

    1) How did you get the idea to master this profession?
    2) There is a prevailing opinion, that man loves his eyes. What do you think, who loves to show himself: men or women?
    3) What is the most difficult in the profession of stripper?
    4) Describe a typical client to a strip bar.
    5) is it Possible to be a stripper and have a strong relationship with a girl, or Tarzan and the Queen to deceive us?