Happy New year!

I congratulate you on knowledge Day and... happy new year!

Even though I graduated high school it's scary to remember how many years ago)), but the Sep I is still associated with the beginning of a new season, new school, and now a career year.

Usually in the fall I changed jobs or found a new hobby. So in my life occurred when casino, the Voronezh Association "Gallery Chizhov" (where I was almost dissuaded from journalism), and in September appeared first courses of German and then acting school.

By the way, 10 of September I got married)) is Also the beginning of a new life.

4.5 years ago I bluntly broke it off with office life and a settled home. All this time the mother tactfully hinted "not a time for me in the people", and the husband was advised to open courses in real life. But no, I'm firmly sat in the kitchen and tried to convince himself that it's convenient, cozy and practical. I cooked soups, discussing layouts and texts, washing the dishes, glancing at the next webinar, do chores, to stretch your bones and change, this...

And finally I'm ready. Yes, today I'm going back to the people!

Now I have an office (already removed, it is necessary to make a few minor changes), with kettle, laptops, tables and boards. All grown-up))

It remains to find the employee (by the way, if this is you, then immediately write on [email protected] will send details) and start advertising the courses. Yes, for offline training, I, too, ripe))

How you start the season?
For you Sep has some value? Share in the comments what you do in work and study.

Natalia Zhilyakova, updated office lady

By the way, if you haven't booked a place for training "the author of the gloss. 10 steps to publication", it's time to do it!
Official launch — Sept 10, but today began the preparatory week. Couple places still have. Hurry up to take their!

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14 thoughts on “happy New year!

  1. I, like Pavlov's dogs, the reflex: 1 September — early rises, we urgently need to do something, in a hurry, not spending the day in the shuffle.
    Because I have 2 student probably explains everything. A couple of days ago there was a slight nervousness and anxiety. I said to my husband: "the Feeling that is I go to school...", To which he naturally replied, "Well, isn't it? You go :)"
    As for my life-existence, the beginning of the school year, I have to adjust to a new schedule, which has the morning run to school, evening trips to clubs and homework (!!! ooooh, who invented them) :))) And in between time creating a home of comfort and reach (here somewhere watch for freelancing...)

    • Irina in such a whirl still manage the clock and on my own to find out great! We yesterday still swimming started... Now two nights a week outside the home))

  2. And today is my first day on the new job. Finally came to work after the birth of two children. Now working in a glossy publication (though it is our local thing, but this is a new interesting work and I am very happy with) And in General, I also have all changes always happen in the autumn. My both sons were born in September, married in October, always in the fall changed jobs. But what to say, and the day of my birthday is also in autumn. So autumn is for me a time of renewal and new possibilities, the real New year! I wish you luck in all your endeavors. Sure the fall is no worse for the renewal of life than any other time of the year. Me safely!

    • Nina, with a new work of you! Let her everything will be promising!

  3. Natalia, congrats on your new office and new format!)

    I have a September, work at least this, too, is marked by the beginning of the year — a bunch of new projects — treningov, webinars and workshops + first conference where I'm not only a speaker but an organizer, and this is new for me.
    And learning something I never — in the near time it is numerology.

    I wish you all a productive "new year" and the implementation of the plans!)

    • Numerology... wow! Interesting direction. I'm still thinking about it as something transcendental and incredibly complex))

  4. Hello, Natalia. My autumn is also a time of change. But most real change happens in October. Now I'm after maternity leave going offline. Scary. But there are also interesting 🙂 You And me, and anyone who starts a "new life" — good luck !

    • Natalia, believe it or not, me too "scary" and sometimes even very)) In such moments I think "Well, it's just an obstacle, it is necessary to step over. I will make it quick and then I'll get to do more enjoyable things." And it also helps the mood for the future — are, for example, I'm working in a new project and how it all develops.

  5. I also love autumn! With its endless rain, low grey skies, the foggy boredom, and crochet inspiration. Something light, subtle but very noticeable starts to blow in the air for me in the fall. I relax and become whole again — spiritually and psychologically. And so every year!
    I love autumn! Today, going outside and smelling this heavenly scent coming from somewhere in heaven, I imagined myself the fairy and thought again about what a child wanted to be a writer ;)))
    Good luck to you, Natalie, your work =) good luck!

    • Love, read your answer... In my opinion, your childhood dream is making headway))

  6. Natasha! Congrats to You! The new office — a new stage in life. Tried to summarize my thoughts about this in the comic poem, which I give you as a wish for good luck:
    The office is nice:
    You are most important to him!
    You are the founder and caretaker:
    It's all there (that you brought).
    The office collects, makes to think:
    1. That is to create
    That rent to pay?
    This idea mobilizes
    Even those who mustache is not blowing!
    2. To write,
    Want everyone to read,
    And editors — pay
    And still write to ask?
    3. So how to Express thoughts,
    enough style to impress
    to inspire, to teach, to dream
    And hope not to lose?
    The office is cool:
    It is like a minute:
    Flies like a shadow
    Lo and behold — coming already a new day.
    The office inspires many
    And to fly encourages.
    The office is? Then go for it!
    So the command "Rise!"

    As for September 1, for me it is also always a new beginning. I spent many years as a teacher and lecturer. Now doing more copywriting. I want to expand the boundaries of their capabilities and beyond.

    • Tamara, did you write this? What a cool poem! You direct my thoughts read))
      You the best of luck in expanding the boundaries!

  7. The end of the summer for me autumn is also the time of changes) is not always good, but always new. I learned to swim, moved again to live with their hellish cats, and at work changes — I have to remove the administrative duties, is now going to do more PR and project development, I hope to write will also be more opportunities)

    Autumn can be a slight sadness to let go of everything and plunge into a new world.