In any glossy magazines you can publish stories?

Sometimes, reading someone's real story, the author of the gloss and I want to finish it in their own way, to come up with the final or add new heroes. Imaginations lead us farther and farther, and the light appears a story or miniature, or maybe even a small story. In some logs there are rubrics for such works, and we will tell you where you can attach the result of his work.

On taste and color

If the heroine of your stories – Schoolgirls or students, they can come to life on the pages of the magazine "YES!". There is a heading "Tales", the volume of work – from 8 to 10 thousand characters, not so much. Some stories to the delight of the readers appear on the magazine's website, others in the release.

Of course, in addition to the formal requirements, it is important to get into the concept of publication. "YES!" — a bold, modern magazine, its audience is high school girls of all ages and students. So will not go here for stories about the midlife crisis, the difficulties with the mortgage or her husband's betrayal.

Another section of the magazine "YES!" — "Diaries". It is assumed that this is a true story from the life of the readers, in the form of diary entries. But you can try to compose such a text. Stories and diaries sent Anastasia Bream e-mail: [email protected] with the title of the name column in the subject line.

Similar in theme option for publication – the magazine "Lisa Girl". Your story can be placed in the category "History". Specific requirements the publication does not show, but the publication volume is about the same – 8-10 thousand characters. Send mail [email protected].

Novice or veteran writers, you can also try to publish in the magazine Cosmopolitan. Unfortunately, the category "testing" has sunk into oblivion, but there is a category "Cosmo-reading", where we can get stories to readers. Mail [email protected] expect a lively, bright text with capacity from 12 to 25 thousand characters. The mass audience of Cosmo is women from 20 to 34 years, therefore, the problem becomes more serious.

Their creative impulses can be directed to the creation of various small stories, incidents. For such short texts fit "Your letters" magazine "Lisa Girl" ([email protected]), "life Stories" of the magazine "Lisa" ([email protected]) and the heading "Your story" and "Personal experience" of the magazine "Oops!" ([email protected]). Clear requirements for stories there, but they should be concise and interesting. In the "Personal experience" approach that special occasion, from which heroine is made an important life lesson.

In addition, stories from life (or invented) you can publish in several related magazines. Magazine "My story" offers its readers to tell unusual cases, interesting fate. Send mail [email protected]. The journals "History of life", "Successes and failures", "Stories about love" include the category "History readers". These magazines are owned by publishing house "the Popular press", so all the works are on common e-mail [email protected] or [email protected].

Play by the rules

The "glossy" stories have their own distinctive features. Of course, first and foremost, is the characters and themes.

Readers are waiting with one hand – the usual stories about the same girls as they are. On the other hand, the story must be special. Happy meeting, an unusual turn, the new life – in a good story this is happening right before our eyes. Make the text interesting will help details, unusual expressions, the features of the characters. What catches the eye, is remembered for a long time.

Do not forget about the standard requirements of the work: the plot, the climax, the denouement. Look interesting texts, in which beginning and end coincide. For example, if a story begins with a scene in which the heroine falls in a pool, great if the text ends with the moment in which the heroine proudly steps over a puddle. This is just an example 😉

Special attention should be paid title. About the importance of magic words, which are above the text that has already been said not once, not twice. If anything sensible in a head does not climb, you can try to write on a piece of paper all the associations with the theme of your story. Maybe the words will come by themselves.

And the last one. Do not despair. If in the Sent items folder of your email box. there are 3-4 letters from a cherished address and the heading in the line, but in the Inbox no new messages – not a problem. The main thing is to keep trying, someday this day would come.

But whether our readers to already published stories? Share your experience.

Tamara ermoshkina for School authors gloss

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  1. Also, if you know the magazines Your work is not yet published, first try to become more popular in the less well-known Internet magazines, they are unlikely to give up good authors...

  2. To publish on the websites is nonsense, especially if on a free basis will offer, with his hands torn off. But to get published in an offline publication — this is the aerobatics. Thanks for the list of electronic, I will try.

  3. I have published an article about variegated plants in the magazine "Flowers in the House." It is certainly not a gloss(( now I'm Waiting for the promised fee))