Spring style gloss — a raffle and gifts!

Meet the spring together with the School of the authors of the gloss! And in honor of March 8 to announce a raffle!

Spring, nature forces us to change, to act, to set new goals and achieve them. I hope that our gifts are your plans for cooperation with major glossy magazines and websites will come much faster.

First about gifts)) In honor of March 8, we decided to give you some of our products and services. And I'm not about discounts, but about the opportunity to win them for free.

In the drawing "Spring style gloss" you can win the following prizes:

1. Consultation on Skype with Natalia Zhilyakova
duration 1 hour, cost = 2 500 rubles.
The number of prizes — 1.

2. Record of training "Quick start for the author of the gloss"
duration — more than 5 hours, cost = 1800 rubles.
Number of awards — 2.

3. The recording of the Master class "How to write a story in the gloss"
duration — 2 hours cost = 1 000.
Number of awards — 2.

4. A surprise prize.

Conditions of participation in the drawing "Spring style gloss"

1. To place on the page in social networks (Vkontakte, Facebook, Twitter, LiveJournal) or on his blog one of the messages:

How to become the author of the gloss? Get the answer in the manual "10 steps to publish"! Download here = >> http://nzhil.ru/wppage/posobie/

Go to School the authors of the gloss, and know all the secrets of glossy journalism. Clicking on the link! — http://nzhil.ru/wppage/posobie/

Glossy journalism — fashion trend for a stable income! Find out the details here — http://nzhil.ru/wppage/posobie/

Important conditions:
* the page on which you place the message needs to be "alive" with the attendance and friends of more than 10 persons;
* link in your post should be working — so that it was possible to make the transition.

2. Post in the comments to this post the link to your post/message in the social network (so we can verify and include you in the list of participants).

3. March 18, come to the webinar, during which we will raffle prizes. Sign up for the webinar, you can at this LINK.

4. The drawing is held from 8 to 17 March inclusive.

upd. Raffle extended to 19.00 on March 19.

How will the draw take place?

During the webinar we online go to the site of generation of random numbers and will choose five winners + the lucky winner, who will receive a surprise Prize.

As will be distributed prizes among the winners? Select the first participant. If it is present online in the webinar, he writes in the chat that gift, who would like to have. If the winner does not respond, he will receive a prize which will remain after parsing. Want to get a specific course? Come to the webinar!)


These gifts you can win by participating in the raffle. But we have another gift for everyone, and you can download it right now.

Especially for the holiday we have prepared a check-list of the perfect text for the gloss. With the help of this scheme you can check how your work meets the criteria for exemplary glossy material.

Look at this map:

A checklist is an ideal text for the gloss

Download the diagram to your computer with the Yandex-disk. Click HERE.

Read more about how to work with this scheme, we will talk on the webinar "checklist of the ideal text," which will be held March 18 at 20.00 GMT.

upd. In connection with the failures of email, a webinar rescheduled for 19th March, 19.00.

During the webinar you will learn:

  • What should be the ideal text for the gloss?
  • Things to check BEFORE and AFTER preparation of the material?
  • Like your article and readers will be surprised if she the editor?

Sign up for the webinar here — Go to the webinar!
Participation is free of charge.

Congratulations with beautiful spring holiday on March 8, with the beginning of the new season of beauty and creativity! Let your dreams come true! And we will help in this as we can))

Natalia Zhilyakova, an expert on the gloss

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20 thoughts on “Spring style gloss — a raffle and gifts!

  1. http://vk.com/bazhannica
    The last entry on the wall! 🙂

    Natalia, I would like to be on the webinar. but when I fill out the fields in the subscription, the window opens, I have already signed ( I understand due to the fact that you receive your mailings), but then follow the link for the webinar?

    • Veronica, you have 20 th issue!

      About the webinar — I've checked you in the group of subscribers of the event, your address there and you will get a link to webinknow room an hour before the start (link at 19.00, at 20.00 start)