And I can be the author of the gloss?

Frank, tough and sometimes cruel, but... it is very important and acutely-important. Read the opinion of the psychologist Olesia Haradinaj on how to gain confidence and become a sought-after author of the periodical.

I remember on a course at Natalia Zhilyakova in the "School authors gloss" wrote his first serious article. Trial. For Cosmo (!). I confess, I thought it would be much easier.

No, not so. I had no idea that it would be so hard. I cried.

Crying, because it is impossible to write, because I can't do so that was nice, because Natalia in every letter, in every line finds something to complain about, but nothing good writing. I completely incompetence!!??

I was unbearably hard. It seemed to me that this is not an article, and a stone block in front of me. And I can neither circumvent nor to lift on either side.

Now, when time passed and I worked with a psychologist, it is much easier to learn something new, because the issue is "the ity" or the "mediocrity" in front of me is not worth it.

I feel much better. And pay less))

But I'm not the only one who decided to master the art of writing in the gloss asks the teacher: is it working? and I can?

And people don't just ask this question — he with fear and trepidation waiting for a response, which is perceived as the right thing, immutable, that is certainly. As a guarantee of your future success on a journalist assignment.

Moreover, such questions are asked not only in courses for glossy journalism. I met them on forums, in business, in job search, classes in sewing and needlework.

Often behind this question is fear of making a mistake and make the wrong choice. As if after that the person becomes wrong. What happens if you go to study, and you do not get? Or you'll realize it's not yours? What to embroider ribbons or dance salsa you are much nicer than to look for a suitable idiom or a synonym for the 15th on account of the word "pasties"?

And I know that this question – can I? – is it difficult to learn, make mistakes and move on. Because when I'm doing something wrong when I fail, I questioned not something out there, and yourself!!! Himself as a man who can not write and be a journalist!

And it's painful, it's painful and unpleasant. And then, of course, very much tempted to give up everything if only not to meet with feeling of worthlessness and bad luck.

And if you take the remark of the teacher as an attack on the person, and how the comments to a specific text, or drawing, or sewing line, then it is much easier to learn and acquire new skills.

Where do people even have such thoughts – if I can? Although, or rather to ask why the answer to this question they are looking for outside – from friends, teachers, acquaintances? Why not ask him yourself?

All from childhood
. A child believes unconditionally to their parents, hearing from them: you can't, not work, do not do, will break, as they always mess it up. And to believe in yourself, trust yourself it is not taught.

And then, growing up, man perceives the world as mom and dad, and that they, their domestic parents, he addresses the issue – and if I can? Is it working?

And in this moment of great "power" has precisely the teacher. Of course! After all, he ALREADY knows, ALREADY knows! Who, if not he will tell you probably going to have me or not?

But then the onus is not on me, and on it, the other person. And this is also "salute from childhood". When the baby everything was decided, determined, or when too much was blamed for the error. Then I realize that suffering is no more. So, decisions are made by someone else. Because if not, then he is guilty. And if all fails, then well done me.

What should I do? To work. To work on yourself. To go to a psychologist. Decide what you really want to learn how to live your life that you are ready to go through some mental anguish to make efforts, but to acquire the right to execute and pardon themselves. Without the help of others. Only you will be able to know if you do or not. And if not, then it's just experience. Good quality experience.

I wanted to become a great tailor (before I decided to learn how to write in gloss). Learned to sew, cut, spoil the fabric, cut out again and no it could not grasp – why is it so hard? Why sewing is increasingly becoming a stone around the neck? Tried to convince himself that this happens at all.

But then honestly admitted to myself that I don't want to be a great tailor. Here I do not want it. I want to be just a humble seamstress that sometimes, the pleasures of sewing for yourself and your loved ones. And it became easier.

But for the fabrics and patterns I left graduate school, paid a lot of money for tuition, had a fight with my mom ... so everything is as it should be.

I'm not the least bit sorry that the world never will get in my face the great masters of scissors and a sewing machine. I'm very glad I stopped to spend forces, nerves, time and remaining money on something I don't need.

I began to write. Left entirely to the teaching profession and fun to sew son and nieces when my soul wants creativity and when there is no way to search for synonyms to the word "pasties".

Olesya Garanina, psychologist, teacher, author of glossy magazines,
specially for School authors gloss

PS by the Way, in Cosmo that my article was not accepted. But I have learned to write about preschoolers and nearly 1.5 years worked with the portal "Home", having written the first time scoring article.

Do I now what is good writing? Of course. I even in spoken language I use much less repetitive. Do I think that we must continue to learn to write better? Of course.

The difference is that now all comments I perceive only as tips and recommendations that are specific to my text. Not to me personally.

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10 thoughts on “And I can be the author of the gloss?

  1. How cool, I think that these parting words are not enough to many who are just trying or just wants to write in gloss. ))
    Very often it is fear, not the inability to do something, prevent us to move from a dead point.

    • Svetlana, when Olesya so just put me fears, I immediately realized that it is necessary to write!

      • Natalia, thank you for the opportunity to meet so many interesting people and useful information! )

  2. Olesya, how exactly would you describe our emotions! Completing tasks, especially the first time, we're really trying to subtract in the comments, the answer to the question: is it working? After reviewing the first comments to my work I didn't cry, but it wasn't the computer for three days!)) And then "very much tempted to give up everything if only not to meet with feeling of worthlessness and bad luck".
    And I tried to answer these important questions for you: first, I get a real pleasure, choosing the appropriate idiom for the 15th on account of the word "pasties", and secondly I wanted to learn beloved, which just can't give it up, just met with difficulties.
    I absolutely agree that we need to learn to understand that comments on the text is just comments on the text, it is valuable for learning — the ability to get good advice and to acquire the necessary experience. And the experience one gets from successes and from mistakes!
    Very useful article, thank you!

  3. Svetlana and Alyona! Thank you very much for your feedback. This is one of my most prized articles!
    Come to the webinar, let's talk))).

  4. And I must confess – I'm a coward. Writing for your website, get a lot of positive feedback. The negative was the only one not in content or style. Just a man scared that I'd leak "around the world" on the beautiful parts of the Crimea a couple of years and is a picturesque and secluded places, there to be trampled and littered by the ashes.
    My articles are gladly reprint on other sites. Sometimes called orders. I would like to move on into the real journalism. But I'm afraid. Yes, really scared. Can't cope with the fear that the editors I politely rejected, and ridiculed , going to shout and disgrace put up there. It's probably true that shy in journalism is not the place!

    • Tanya, and where such a fear could take? I don't always feel confident in inspirational shops — too afraid that going to shout and make fun of. But I understand where this fear came from — when we had just become expensive boutiques, the staff thought he was cool enough once he took such a place, so can afford it rude to communicate with visitors.
      But to have fun in the office... honestly, have not seen such nor in his journalistic life, no friends.
      Where do you think this fear came from?
      And another question — what would be bad, if you are really going to shout?

      • I don't know. Understand the irrationality of their fears, but still afraid.
        And it makes sense to try? I have a journalism diploma. I on a speciality — the ecologist.

    • I'll tell you that brave is not one who is not afraid, but he who does, in spite of the fear.
      (I think that you have a lot of similar claims know)) )
      No, I don't know, if shy in journalism. I think that Natalia doesn't know either. If you take ALL the journalists who do you think among them there is at least a couple of shy?
      Journalism is not exactly a place that does not want this journalism to do. Definitely.

      • I absolutely agree with You. There are two ways: 1.To sit at home and cherish their fears
        2. To try, even if will be very difficult.