From the author the editors: how to build a career in your favorite magazine?

At the end of November St. Petersburg hosted the 3D journalism forum in which editors of well known magazines and Internet portals shared their secrets and tips with budding writers and young journalists. Julia Sonnova called for the speech of the chief editor "TimeOut Petersburg", Collezioni Russia, Psychologies and Apparat and prepared the report specifically for the Schools of the authors of the gloss.

photo — George Gusarov

  • How to get into glamour?
  • What you need to pay attention to?
  • What to write about and can I work in glossy magazines without special education?

The world of glossy magazines — what is it in reality?

Glossy magazines is the journals of our lives. What do you love the gloss? For a dive in a perfect world, reflections about life, about yourself and relationships, with real stories and good humor were reading time. We may think that the work in the gloss – dream, glamorous luxury, creative and a real self-realization!

However, the success is waiting for not everyone, but those who are willing to go through difficulties. After all, you have to work, primarily in the format of the selected publications in cooperation with advertisers and impartially. Remember that the editor is responsible for a specific section of the magazine and therefore will have to focus on a specific theme.

According to Tatyana Maximova, chief editor of Collezioni Russia, some employees come with a desire to work in the same Department, but then change their decision. Is the only true way to find out what suits you is to try, start small.

How to get into the editor of a glossy magazine?

Many believe that in order to become an editor, you need specialized education in journalism. Editors of renowned publications answer in one voice that the world of glossy magazines open and get to the editor can anyone with a strong desire and perseverance to achieve the goal!

To know what this mysterious world of gloss from within, and understand what your place in it, can only be experienced through. Read magazines, analyze the work of other authors, take note of what you like. And, of course, don't forget about books, develop yourself, be curious and ambitious!

"This is not a closed world, we have to go and knock on all doors", — Tatyana Maksimova (center), chief editor of Collezioni Russia. Photo — George Gusarov

Every glossy magazine your language to communicate with the audience of readers. In order to get noticed and your articles published, you need to do a lot of work.

  • Look through it, examine the format of a glossy magazine.
  • Select the material and consider it from different perspectives.
  • As he prepared the text editor?
  • What's interesting here may take the reader?
  • How does it fit into the overall theme of the room?

The world of glossy magazines depend on advertising. The more the number, the cheaper the magazine. This applies not only to full-fledged advertising, but also articles.

This does not mean that the texts are paid for, just to cover the events and news advertisers will be allocated, for example, four lanes of the magazine, and for the remaining one or two. Keep in mind that many parts are closely in contact with advertisers so you'll have to learn to establish useful communication with the advertising Department and partners of the magazine, if you want to build a career in the gloss.

And of course the easiest option to get to the log – in pass it an internship. But make no mistake, the internship is not paid.

You will have some time to work for free, sometimes to implement completely different orders, and this will need to come to the office. So this is not an option for non-resident authors, but if you plan to live in Moscow, then you should not scare. Because, as you know, the main offices of popular publications are concentrated here.

For those who wish to try their luck, but do not want to risk, there is another option – try to regularly write on the same topic for the online portal of your favorite magazine. For example, in the edition of Psychologies have regular freelancers who write articles for their website. If it really is yours to decide on a move to Moscow is not difficult.

What to catch editor-in-chief?

Editor-in-chief will attract the articles written for his magazine. This means that you need to write about sex in a publication highlighting fashion and art.

  • Looking for ideas for articles that fit its format.
  • Study overseas resources and adapt materials for Russian readers.
  • Make relevant synopses, keep in mind the changing world and modern trends.
  • Predict what might be interesting to the readers of this magazine in the new season.

Remember that the material is prepared in advance, but if you feel, for example, how will the situation in Ukraine or the fall in oil prices for most Russian families in psychological and material terms, make sure you have a few synapses with these events.

Learn the format and try to find gaps that you can fill with your articles. What else could be told in this magazine? Maybe lacks some headings or some subject is poorly lit? For example, in city magazine "TimeOut Petersburg" write about interesting events, activities, exhibitions, screenings, news of the fashion world, but there is no column "Sport", but here too is about what to tell the sports events in the city abound.

Chief editor of Psychologies Ksenia Kiseleva told that they cooperate with many experts, however, the category "Womanhood and sexuality" is given to them with great difficulty. Not yet managed to find such a specialist who is able to analyze and provide information on the subject, so the texts of the rubric is taken from the French experts.

Ksenia Kiseleva (left), chief editor of Psychologies. Photo — Dmitry Seleznev

How and what to write in a journal?

Remember, the editor is not a free artist. Do not think that the texts that reflect your personal attitude and assessment of what is happening will be appreciated by the editor. Yes, you can offer new ideas, but try to be objective. Express personal views for a blog.

According to Ksenia Kiseleva, you need to understand and translate information from experts in plain language readers, surprise them, set the mood of the text, but do not show their interest in the subject and be disqualified. The bulk of the work of the editors of the magazine Psychologies – communication with experts. It is therefore important to be able to simplify the texts, presenting scientific data in simple language.

For magazines the always topical issue of the support of advertisers, so the editor can and should create new topics and write articles with their involvement, but not necessarily useful for the reader information. The article should be primarily informative for the reader and interesting to promote the product or services of the advertiser.

For example, theme – delivery. You write articles that can be ordered with home delivery, on the delivery of clothing, food, furniture, household appliances, problems and difficulties, about the pros and the cons. During the preparation of the plan article mention any of the advertisers you can attract.

If there are no ideas for articles view, you see the problem that is causing you displeasure, than constantly having to face your friends and relatives. Formulate the problem and examine it from all sides, find interesting ways to solve and characters who solved this situation in an unusual way.

Have an idea for an article? Be sure to consider under what sauce it can apply, whose view of the guest newsmakers and experts will be the most interesting. Write interesting, and not boring. For example, exploring a woody Allen movie, watch geography, where the Director shot his movies. If you write about the restaurant – ask the waiter, who is a guest of this institution and what are the habits of visitors he likes or doesn't like. Consider the topic from different angles.

In city publications people want "something new". Write articles about popular events, billboards and so it is throughout the city, and about the interesting events that are not actively advertised and promoted.

Discover new names in fashion, film, design, culture. Write about the old heroes, who decided to return to the stage. Look for something that surprises, engages. On foreign celebrities, it is best to look for information in foreign sources, do not reinvent the wheel.

Chief editor of the magazine "TimeOut Petersburg" Vadim Chernov told about the requirements that it imposes on journalists:

  • the text must be thought of, not a set of words
  • texts should be short, the editors must be hard
  • the article should be at least 3 interesting thoughts.

Be sure to keep in mind a plan for each article and each paragraph will discuss a few thoughts. Your article should be clear about what you want to say, but the key ideas need to concentrate in the first 200 characters of the chapeau of material.

Vadim Chernov, chief editor of the magazine "TimeOut Petersburg". Photo — George Gusarov

How to make boring material interesting?

Chief editor Apparat Michael Levin spoke about the new trends in journalism, which for some reason is not using the Federal publication, having great opportunities and serious relations. This is explanatory journalism. Here, by the way, you can include one of the formats of writing lists.

The trend in explanatory journalism have appeared in the beginning of this year in America. Her mission is not just to report the news faster than anyone, and explain them to readers. This format has become popular in the Internet age when we are so overloaded with information that by the end of the day, tired of endless infopotok, and my head is empty, like nothing new is learned. Due to the large overload of information people are no longer interested in important things and try to protect themselves from some topics, but somehow remain involved in the situation, viewing mail, social networks or during the discussion of the main events over lunch in the office.

What you need to do to reporters now is not just to give news, but to analyze, interpret and explain to the reader who is not an expert in this subject. Collect all unclear on the subject and explain in simple language. Why you have no interest in the topic of global warming? Because the important stuff is explained too complicated and boring for you. And people are too lazy to understand the issue, if they don't understand its importance.

The journalist should be the position of a readerwho knows nothing about Ebola or about why the falling price of oil and how it can affect anyone. Go from reverse – search for interesting context on the topic, explain and add to it stories, facts and stuff. Use in the texts of short, simple sentences, understandable analogies, jokes, and humor to convey complex information in simple language.

Michael Levin, managing editor, Apparat. Photo — Dmitry Seleznev

Explanatory journalism looks, analyzes and explains what is happening in the world. Use this technique in order to tell simply about difficult or consider a banal topic from a new angle.

Freelance or editorial — which is better?

This question can be rephrased to work "uncle" or for themselves? To be a freelance author is to have the ability to write in a few publications to cover any topic, be aware of different events. In freelancing more variety, freedom of choice and freedom of speech, and will have to adapt and write only on one theme.

If you don't like rigid and routine – you will approach a freelance. If you are well versed in any particular direction, not afraid of difficulties, and you want to learn all new and new on this subject, then interesting to write about it – you will be able to build a career in your favorite publication.

If at first you don't succeed to get into the editorial team – write, show editor-in-chief his interest in permanence. Editors are not against freelancers, but appreciate the consistency and trust material tested authors who regularly offer ideas and write articles. Doors are open to all who are interested in journalism and mastery of words.

Julia Sgonov,
one of the trainees, "the author of the gloss 2.0. The perfect article"
in School, the authors of the gloss

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