Scandals in the Russian gloss

Scandals around domestic glossy magazines often breaks out not for the articles or causing the photos, and due to the peculiar manner of doing business and building relations between editors and publishers.

What problems faced the Western publications that you can read here.

L'officiel: the consequences of one dismissal

Evelina Khromtchenko

In may 2010, from the magazine L'officiel was dismissed Evelina Khromchenko, who led it for 13 years. One day it simply was not allowed in the editor by putting before the fact that she is no longer here. The reason for such action publisher Eugene Zmievets called "...excessive Evelina build your personal career at the expense of development of the magazine L'officiel".

The seamy side of history was more prosaic – Evelina "left" to transfer its place of Mary Neva, wife of Zmeica, the former model, who worked in the magazine the Director of the fashion Department. Khromchenko says that Mary worked at L'officiel only six months, and that of her post never was — only the editors of the departments, and this post of Director was established specially for her, although from experience she could in the best case, to perform the duties of assistant editor. According to rumors, Eugene "gave" the wife as editor in chief in gratitude for the birth of the second child.

The battle for the license

When L'officiel has published...

The personal insults did not stop. After a few months ID Les Editions Jalou, the owner of the brand L'officiel has issued a press release that prematurely revokes the license to publish the magazine at publishing house "Parlan", led by Seicom. The document also stated that the rights are transferred to the AST, and Evelina Khromchenko invited to become editor-in-chief. They explained this by the fact that they were forced to "take steps to protect their interests in Russia."

In "Parlan" said that to take away their license prematurely against the law, and filed for AST and brand owners to court. The proceedings in court was a year and a half. "Parlan" has continued to publish the magazine, but the rooms are appearing on the market regularly and disappeared from the newsstands for a few months, the publication was losing reputation and advertisers. 31 Dec 2011 the period of their license expired, and now nepotverzhdennoy information from the L'officiel Russia the new owner.

R. S. ID Les Editions Jalou not just stood up for Khromchenko. As it turned out, the contract for the transfer of L'officiel was signed with AST before her dismissal scandal was the only reason for the early rupture of relations with "Parlan".

Ekaterina Sazanova for School authors gloss

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