12 reasons why I want to become an author of the periodical

Why do people want to become sponsors of the gloss? Read the reasons for Mary Race.

I always wanted to find a Real Case that would help me to grow in all areas of life. Then it hit me — Eureka, that's it! The author of the gloss is a true "magic" profession that will contribute to my success in everything!

So if I'm the author of the gloss, you will be able to:
1. To learn something new, for example, unhackneyed to think, to structure ideas, to obtain information to fulfill the assignment and release yourself to be creative.

2. Grow economically. Writing articles for gloss – it is a direct way to convert talent into money. I love to tell stories in the faces of her friends, and to do it for a fee, probably even nicer!

3. To make a prestigious career. Of course, being the author of the gloss is a serious chance to become, for example, the editor of Cosmo. Examples for inspiration enough!

4. To do good. To write articles is to help other people. Perhaps my article will get someone at the right time of life.

5. The family will be proud of me. Spouse casually (but with secret pride) will drop buddies: "Wife published in cosmopolitan" and the children tell that "mom-avtol!"

6. To be a creative person. After some time I notice that the words listen, as never before, and it was filled with imaginative metaphors.

7. To improve health. Explorer fitness rubric show me an exercise to pump the oblique muscles of the thigh, and soon I will start to take shape the figure of the Princess!

8. Get a chance to fall in love with the hero of the article or a pretty expert... if my heart would be free. Then let the partner in life each day falls more in me, successful and independent!

9. To update the image. Be the author of the gloss — it's an incentive to seriously work on their image! Moreover, the beauty editor now practically a colleague. Beauty is inevitable!

10. Learn new sex techniques, making a list of original POS. The true experimenter is testing all by yourself.

11. To make new interesting friends. Drinking coffee with Jana Lacovou soon for me it will become a reality.

12. To increase the spiritual level. Suddenly happens to me a sudden enlightenment, when I'll collect comments for the article from the nuns in a Buddhist monastery?

Mary Russ, Argentina

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