To turn the dream into a goal, or How to become the author of the famous gloss

As the author to establish cooperation with well-known publications? Is it real? The young author and beauty editor Les Symonenko told the School authors gloss as she became slick journalist.

A little over a year ago, Les began writing as a freelance writer. Quickly enough she managed to establish cooperation with such publications in Kazakhstan, as Marie Claire, Harper's Bazaar, Elle, Mini, "Vintage", "Season", "Lisa", "Home". She now holds the position of beauty editor of PUBLIC magazine.

– Les, tell us a little about yourself: what you do, how did you begin to write?

– I am 25 years old, live in Almaty. Before beginning to work with glossy magazines, I worked 6 years in the field of marketing. Also worked as a model, now a scout and official representative of the international modeling Agency in Kazakhstan.

I always wrote, from age seven approximately, more for itself: prose, sketches, essays. But dreaming of the gloss! This work was presented to me by such beautiful, slowly writing, sipping coffee.

In fact, apparently, it was otherwise?)) But let's order. Share how you started to work with glossy magazines? What the editorial addressed? As soon as you answer?

– It all started with well-known beauty portal Beautylook, my friend was editor there, and I just moved to Almaty, so she offered to try their hand.

Soon I wanted more. Or maybe just the excitement — "will/will not work". At that time, my environment was composed of journalists, editors and art Directors of various publications. I went to the editorial office of the "Season." Sent the editor a brief summary (who I am, what education, what experience) and wrote the topics on which to work. She called back and immediately offered to conduct an interview with one of the famous leading. Then there were several local journals (I mean those that are not working for the franchise). Well, in the end I wrote to the editor of Elle magazine. A few days later I answered and was asked to write a test article. And spun.

– Can do a little bit to tell how prepared your first material? What was it about and what were the difficulties?

– As I said, the first was a simple test task, step-by-step eye makeup, but I'm sooo worried! If to speak about serious magazine, it was for Elle magazine about women who wear men's things. In fact, I had to make an excursion into the past, view all the shots where women dressed as men, for me it was really hard. But material took.

The article Lesja Symonenko in Elle magazine Kazakhstan

– From my own experience, tell us how best to approach the editor I write in the first letter, in the future? How often should I remind myself?

– The most important rule and the most important tip – do not be afraid! Everything is much easier than it seems. Open your favorite magazine, find the email address of the editor and write him a letter with the offer on cooperation from and verbalize topics with which want and ready to work. And here is an important point, it is necessary to write only those topics that you really CAN work!

Second suggestion is to carefully study the publication for which you want to write. In Cosmo, the material flow is quite different than, for example, in Marie Claire. If I write about makeup for "Lisa", I am guided by the brand of the mass market, if Harper's Bazaar is the Suite. There are many nuances. For example, the texts for the website are almost never suitable for a magazine. For so many reasons! The most obvious – the volume of the material.

I rarely remind myself to editors, I always do, it is important to communicate with those who order you article. The important role played by efficiency, initiative and delivery of material in time.

– Now you continue to search for new publications? Or at this point enough – there is, to give everything? And what are your plans for the next 2-3 years?

– I have a specific goal – a place of beauty editor at American VOGUE, I gave myself 10 years. If we talk about present tense, I would rather try to swallow now and all major Russian Newspapers. Already sent 2 articles in Marie Claire, and now my resume considering the Allure magazine.

The plans now after all not only to write the texts and to consider concepts for filming, work on the content of the magazine, because I want to be an editor. Me a little easier – very few good journalists who write about beauty topics, who really understand this.

My job gloss is the gloss! 80% of articles on cosmetics, fashion, reviews from the catwalks, etc., and the remaining 20% interviews and articles on third party themes. In addition, I do photography for their articles. One of the latest was for Marie Claire to articles on trends in the lips. I developed the concept and organized the shooting from beginning to end.

Plans for the next 2-3 years? Soon I'm off to China, where I have a six-month internship in the beauty Department of Vogue China, at the end of the internship we will see what's next.

– Where to find inspiration and strength, "to do" schedule?

– I will tell you a terrible thing!) If you want to work as a journalist, to work successfully and to write a lot, forget about inspiration. It is a utopia. There it is... no it... you Have to write and that's all! Power source of coffee! )))

– We know that you look on the School website authors gloss and attended webinars Natalia Zhilyakova. How much for you informative materials and lectures, given that you are already an author with experience?

Yes, I repeatedly visited webinars Natalia. Some for fun, to make sure I do everything right, some for educational purposes. For example, about errors in the writing and design of articles. Or about the search topic. Really enjoyed the webinar about the humor in gloss!

I would love to have a master group, but yet so much different, and I'm always traveling, that is not possible. But as soon as I find some time, will definitely be recorded!

Her webinars and trainings will be helpful to novice authors, to understand how and what to write, how to contact the editor, and those who already writes. Let me explain why. Glossy journalism is a separate branch of journalism, in principle, although it was not studied in universities, but it is. There are some rules, and here about them, Natalie says. Everything else, you need to constantly improve the quality of their texts to you and continued to operate magazines. All this will help the training of Natalia. If it is not possible to go through training, you listen to webinars!

– What else would you recommend beginning authors gloss?

– Perhaps, to decide in what field they will work. There's the beauty Department, the fashion Department, culture Department etc. Chosen? Great! Now you need to study, study and study again.

Will explain on your example. I have to be constantly "on", so my day starts with looking through different sites dedicated to the beauty industry. I read many different magazines, exploring in more depth some of the textbooks of the Russian language, it is necessary to better writing. Now I'm trying to master critical thinking and learn to write based on it. Texts that use this kind of thinking that loves VOGUE.

Well, the last tip is to act, to pursue their dream. To keep the dream remained just a dream but a goal!

Irina Golubeva School authors gloss

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