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What will happen in April 2017, the year?

Someone wakes up in the standard 7:00 popletutsya to "favorite" work. Someone will make another Plan or List-Most-Urgent-Cases, which, most likely, will remain only on paper. Someone tries to do something, but will postpone attempt, because will not know where to go.

But there will be those for whom this past April, will change EVERYTHING: job, schedule, life, goals, dreams. They will try their hand, they realize that they need to fix, what skills to develop, what to practice and how to proceed. They will be on the path of a man who will one day be able to call myself the author of a gloss.

This training is designed for those who want to see your name on the pages of popular glossy magazines who want to convey their thoughts to millions of people, to make journalism his life who have something to say to the world who are willing to Express themselves... In April 2017, your dream can become a reality!

Why we so confidently say this?

Because we have personal experience and understanding of how the “internal kitchen”.

We are Natalia Zhilyakova, leading trainings on glossy journalism with seven years of experience, and Olga Sevastyanova, editor of the magazine “cosmopolitan”.

Student Natalia published in popular magazines in the country – “Cosmo”, “My baby”, “Good advice”, “Biography”, etc.
Olga for almost three years working as editor of the most authoritative women's magazine in Russia.

We have the experience, knowledge and practice.

And this knowledge we are ready to share with you!

From 15 March to 17 April we are holding a training on "Writing a story for a women's gloss".

You will learn:

  • how to come up with an original idea for an article
  • how to attract the attention of the editor
  • how to bypass authors-competitors,
  • how to come up with headlines that the editor wanted to publish them,
  • how to write leads that will attract the attention of the reader,
  • how to make interesting connections to their texts
  • and finally, how to write quality texts for glossy magazines.

“Ready to fulfill the dream?” – could we ask you.

But we do not ask because we know that each of even the strongest aspirations are knowledge, labour, error and perseverance. And the gloss is hard work!

So we ask you this:

“Ready to learn, to train, to experiment and to try harder?”

If so, see you at the training!

To apply or ask a question, please email Natalia Zhilyakova:

The main issues on the training

Training "Writing a story for a women's gloss" will be held in a closed educational block of the school of the authors of the gloss.

You will have to register on the site and access to all training materials. Yes, you can view them at any time, but we recommend you to study the lessons and complete assignments as they are received.

For convenience and quick communication of basic information will be posted in a closed Facebook group.

We decided to add to the training prefix "workshop" to emphasize that it's a marathon, not a lecture unilaterally, not "party", and full training, in which special importance is given to feedback from students.

We'll tell you what to do and how you do, we check, you fix it. The last two points are repeated until, until you do not get the text to be suitable for publication in a glossy publication.

New material will appear several times a week. For each lesson included mandatory assignments. Also every morning in our group in the VC will be a creative warm-up — mini-exercise on development of creative abilities.

The format of the materials — lectures, video tutorials, webinars (60-90 min. at 20.00 GMT), Skype consultation, a written test (depending on the selected participation package).

The lesson plan of the training "Writing a story for a women's gloss"

Lesson 1. The choice of publication

  • How to choose a publication for collaboration.
  • What is the format of the publication.
  • How to determine where to write.

Every month on the market gloss changes. Where and in what edition changes happened? Who cut the budget for freelancers? A publication may soon be closed?

Very few people want to waste time on unpromising cooperation, so we pay special attention to the choice of the edition.

Lesson 2. Ideas for articles
  • How to develop creativity?
  • How to come up with an idea for an article?
  • How to make lists of the ideas of "proactive"?

The ability to come up with ideas and to propose relevant topics — a mandatory feature of the author's professional. We will tell and show you how to get ideas "out of thin air" and to provide themselves with topics in the months ahead.

Lesson 3. Synopsis
  • What is the synopsis?
  • Why is the author important to be able to correctly present the idea?
  • How to learn to describe the topic appealingly?
  • What are the synopses of interested editors? (Parse successful examples School students the authors gloss)
  • A bad synopsis. What is the error and how to fix them?

In this lesson we'll dedicate a separate week. Each of you will write a great synopsis and will learn to create a new convenient algorithm.

Lesson 4. The collection of information

  • Where to look for heroes? How and what to negotiate with them?
  • What stories to collect? What pictures are suitable for gloss?
  • Where and how to find experts? (The hottest topic!)
  • How to collect citations and insert them into the text?
  • Facts and figures — what will fit? How to serve so they don't doubt?

It often happens that the expert is found, the comments received, but he... to put it mildly, weak. What to do? This situation it is possible to fix it! To learn more about the training!

Lesson 5. The genre and structure of the article

  • A detailed analysis of popular genres of gloss.
  • The main elements of the text.
  • The plan of the article is how to make?
  • What to insert in podverstku.
Each editor of gloss (and Olga Sevastyanova including) confirms that a daily edition of attack prolific authors, who propose to publish in the women's magazine poems, reflections on life, excerpts of novels, interview with the Director of the dairy or your opinion about any product. Graduates of the authors gloss this error just will not do!

Lesson 6. Write the text

  • Where to start? (Solve a headache for every author)
  • That, according to the editors, is a banality?
  • How to construct sentences to be read.
  • Words and expressions that should be avoided.
  • The author's style.
  • How to make the material alive? (Examples and techniques)
  • How to find the mood? (Life hacks that will help you start writing).
Another lesson is the monster of our training. Reread, please, the contents again. Still have questions on writing lyrics? We will answer them during the training!
By the way, by the third week someone from participants may be ready ideal-text-to-gloss!

Lesson 7. Grinding

  • How to come up with a title in the style of gloss?
  • Write a catchy lead.
  • Proofreading, coordinating and other important stuff before sending.

After this lesson, you will know exactly what to look for in the text before you attach it to the letter to the editor.

Lesson 8. How to write with humor
The curtain will examine the stylistic means of creating the comic (for scientific). And simply, we learn to make jokes!

Variants of participation in the training "Writing a story for a women's gloss"


— access to the lessons
— participation in webinars,
Cost — 7 900 rubles.


— access to the lessons
— participation in webinars,
— exercises on the website and getting feedback on them,
— two hour consultation via Skype (one with each coach),
Price — 12 900 rubles.
Number of seats — 10,
free — 5.


— access to the lessons
— participation in webinars,
— exercises on the website and getting feedback on them,
— 6 (six) hour consultation on Skype (three on each coach),
— access to training on "Humor in the glossy" + more jobs in the elaboration of the style
— preparation of synopses in two editions (print and online),
— preparing articles for selected publications
The cost — 29 900 RUB
Number of seats — 4,
free — 3.


Payment can be divided into 2 parts: to secure the discounted price, can make an advance of 50% before March 15. The remaining amount should be paid until March 27.
Consider, please, whether you go for training to the teacher, who had already released dozens of authors of gloss, and to the editor, who for several years these authors works. If you really want to build a career in glossy magazines? If you want to have your text read by millions of readers?
If you answer "Yes!" we will be glad to work with you and teach you all we know!

Sign up for training through Natalia Zhilyakova. Here are the contacts:

How your life will change this spring?

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