The winners of the "Words that changed your life"

The results of the contest “the Words that changed your life.”

It is unlikely that you will be surprised if we say that it was really hard to choose three stories from 57. All you authors, very different, with unique experience and approach to the text. Compare strange. But we still did it, based on few objective criteria – adherence to the requirements, logic, thought, language, and subjective experience.
Why they will tell you at the webinar on March 9 (link to webinknow room will be posted in this group).

But many authors take a reader and without following such rules. So if you do not win in this contest, you just have not won in this competition, not more. Your main win – especially over a ahead!

? third place was taken by Olesya Garanina with the story of Mary Kay "Until".
She gets a 30% discount on package "Listener" or "Participant" training "Write for a women's gloss".

? second place we gave Evelyn Najmiddinova, who wrote about his wise grandmother, the story of "straighten up!".
Her prize – 50% discount on the package "Listener" or "Participant" training "Write for a women's gloss"

? and-and-and-and -- the Grand prize, a free place of “Listener” in training “Write for a women's gloss,” is Tasha Sun with text on sad technologist with a confectionery factory.


All the rest is our appreciation for creativity, openness and fearlessness. Very nice to work with authors who exhibit these qualities, and we will be happy to give you my experience. Waiting for the training! Beginning March 15, you can register at the link —

Olga Sevastyanova and Natalia Zhilyakova

PS by the Way, please note that we have left winter rates until March 9!

All the stories you can read at this link — go, the conditions of the contest here.

Registration for the training "Writing a story for a women's gloss" — to enroll.

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