The promotion is in honor of the birthday

Today is my birthday, and by tradition, this feast I offer you special conditions for training of glossy journalism!

In the spring, our school held the new training "Write for a women's gloss". This training we conducted together with the editor of the magazine "cosmopolitan" Olga Sevastianova.

For those who also wish to become an author of a popular newspaper or magazine – special promotion.

From the 2nd to 10th of June with the purchase of the option "Listener" training "Write for a women's gloss" you will receive two consultations on Skype – one from Olga Sevastianova and one from me.

At the consultation you can:

  • to check homework assignments, which are in training
  • to discuss ideas for articles, or synopses of the article
  • advice
  • to create a personal development plan in gloss, etc.

Want to two consultations from experts of gloss and undergo powerful training? Send e-mail to [email protected] or me in personal messages Vkontakte

Description of training here go.

Training takes place in a closed training block. You get access to the materials for 2 (two!) year.
Consultations can take now, in summer, in autumn or in December (offer valid until the end of 2017, the year).

To pay for training on this action is possible until 18 June.

But! Especially for those who want faster and more private offer – when you pay for the training until June 10, inclusive you also receive a free access to the knowledge Database for 3 months (and there has accumulated a lot of useful materials! list here) and access for a year for training "the Hunt for ideas is open!" (will help you to come up with a hundred ideas for content).

So, consider:

  • The cost of the package "Listener" – 7 900 RUB.
  • Cost hour consultation – 2 500 RUB. (total 5 000 RUB. for 2 — me and Olga).
  • The cost of the training "the Hunt for ideas is open!" – 1 500 RUB.
  • The cost of access to knowledge Base – 1500 RUB. per month (4 500 RUB. for 3 months.)

Total: 18 900 RUB.
or – 7 900 rubles. for the action "birthday"!

What you need to do:

  1. From 2nd to 10th June, send a message with the text "I Want the training in action" in the mail [email protected] in VK or WhatsApp +79192437645.
  2. Will receive payment instructions.
  3. Make the transfer before June 10 and in addition to the course material "Writing an article for a women's gloss" and two consultations will get access to training to find ideas and useful knowledge Base.
    Or make the transfer up to 18 of June and get access to training "doing a story" and two consultation as a gift.
  4. Study material, sign up to consult and write your article for women's gloss!

Natalia Zhilyakova,
expert gloss

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